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  1. We've pointed out where the Diminished Capacity kid has been mistaken in his previous lulzsuit. He responded with his adorable brand of arrogance and pretended that he knew better than we did, until he didn't.

    I say let him find out on his own, when it's too late for him to do anything about it. But Lulzsuit VI had the plug pulled on it on Friday. It's author is just to self-absorbed, dumb and delusional about "contempt" to notice that it's stopped breathing.

    1. I agree with this sentiment. The upcoming fail is going to be the greatest of all epic fails and it will be amazing to watch. Let's don't spoil it for him.

      1. https://twitter.com/hotcheeseshot/status/696844586065518592

        Queer: That's the word for William's reading skills. I didn't say that Lulzsuit VI "has been dropped." I said that its author's astonishing ignorance about everything has killed it. The FAC has made it little more than a fantasy.

      2. And one of the legal mistakes is so profoundly humiliating for Oliver Wendell Jones that he'll wish that he had dropped it when he finds out what it is. Nothing could more clearly demonstrate that he has no idea what he's doing or talking about than what he included.

      3. Oh, the rending of garments and endless tearful declarations that "there's no justice for me" will feed my soul for months to come!

        I still look back on William's pout about not understanding a simple concept like diversity of citizenship equaled a denial of justice and smile.

      4. https://twitter.com/hotcheeseshot/status/696865304190840832

        I like to dream out loud sometimes, it's true.

        How many times has William predicted that he'd conquer all comers in court and would own our homes and wives? How often did he predict that someone, anyone, would give up Krendler? What about everybody else going to jail?

        As our favorite Dumptruck of DUMBFUCK likes to constantly scream, SCOREBOARD!

    1. Exactly. It's not like there's not plenty of examples for both groups... but maybe save most, including the biggest and best, for any TFS pleadings, or for when self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower inevitably drops it with prejudice - with any luck, mid to late March. #Prentendgren

      Of course, the judge may bounce it instead; wouldn't be the first time. Or the second, if memory serves. In that case, the order may come with a bonus 5150. Yay!

      I don't know which to root for, as much as I enjoy the weeping, shrieking, and fear pee, a 5150 would also be very lulzy. Probably even more FUN than when the freak tried to plead diminished capacity!

      1. Jane, are you suggesting that William "beware the Ides of March?" Because that would be really funny!

      2. I wish I'd thought of it, our nonpareil Neal, but instead, was hoping to nudge a win in the pool for the latest FAILsuit. I haven't won on any of the many other pools guessing the date #Pretendgren sobers up enough to realize its best course of action is to drop the latest FAILsuit and run away shrieking and trailing fear pee take the high road. My pick in the latest pool is March 19th.

    1. Oh, but I've always believed self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower is constantly at war - with its dementia addled, loathsome self, of course. And the voices. And hallucinations.

      IF not, then the dementia addled freak really should be, because it really is its own worst enemy, and does more damage to itself than all of us ever could.

  2. I vote both, subject to a caveat.

    Errors that are ineradicable can be pointed out in public.

    Errors that are rectifiable ought not.

  3. Not drowning Bill in the tub as an infant probably made a couple of wives, children, a rape victim, and a Japanese tranny want to slap his mama.

  4. Speaking of idiots ....


    William doesn't seem to understand that in a trial where he has made his reputation and character an issue, his reputation and character are an issue. Therefore, the defendants will indeed be able to present evidence regarding both.

    This is why everyone should be sued by a retard at least once. It looks really entertaining!

    1. Bill needs to be careful here. If this was a French Tribunal, he'd have a date with the guillotine. Fortunately, in today's world, it's just a Motion to Dismiss or Summary Judgment for the Defendants.

    2. As a said above, even a motion to dismiss with more spelling and grammatical errors than the lulzsuit itself has a 95% of putting it to sleep forever.

      Not only did William not correct the crippling mistakes in his original filing, he made several of them worse.

      Don't drink and sue, folks!

      1. https://twitter.com/hotcheeseshot/status/696900805849391104

        Yet another example of William's stellar incompetence. Somebody's going to build a monument some day, probably the American Bar Association.

        The defendants are under no duty to do any such thing, Dumptruck. It's your lulzsuit, remember? It is your obligation to ensure that service is executed. Let me re-iterate that, DUMBFUCK. IT'S. YOUR. OBLIGATION.

        I expect that you'll learn that in about a month.

      2. There might just be a market opportunity here.

        Make a USB breathalyzer that will only allow legal documents to be edited if the BAC is under .05 ...

      3. He should be counting his blessings that no other defendant has accepted or waived service.

        I mean, look what happened when I waived service. Four named defendants were dismissed.

        I'm watching the sunrise from my window seat on the train. So it's Reverend Green in the garden with a rake.

      4. Your experience, from what I gather, is the most instructive of all in dealing with a DUMBFUCK.

        I haven't heard anything about a settlement between those named defendants and the Diminished Capacity Kid. So far as I'm aware, you accepted service, handed it off to your attorney, and in about a week, *POOF*, brave Sir William hopped atop the scooty puff (it's red. Vroom, VROOM) and got the fuck out of Dodge just as quickly as he could!

        Obviously, I haven't discussed the particulars with you, but I can extrapolate a few things from the last couple of weeks.

        If there was a settlement, Oliver Wendell Jones's dumb pride would almost force him to scream the particulars of it from the rooftops. You're still here and commenting, so there can't be a non-disparagement agreement. I haven't heard anything about a back-up scooty puff, so there probably wasn't a financial agreement.

        I imagine that Dumptruck went from screaming for vengeance to begging for mercy in no time at all. Shithead almost certainly initiated action with the dim, dim girls and as soon as they responded, he negotiated the terms of his own humiliating surrender. I'd put money on his getting absolutely fucking nothing other than the right to run away.

        But he still wants to "get in the ring" with the remaining defendants. Sure he does.

      5. Maybe this threat will eventually pay off, Shakes.


        Eat a bullet, ya fat fuck, enjoy the elevator ride down and say hello to Gail from the Hoard.

    3. And here is where the Johnny Walker, aka liquid courage, has affected his PD addled brain..


      No, BILL, you will NEVER own ANYTHING in your court actions. Ever!

      1. Yeah, the guy who couldn't dismiss the dim, dim girls fast enough, lest his stain his grey track packs again, couldn't be more of a badass.

        And i think I'll leave this here to remind #Pretendgren why he really ran and hid from Lulzsuit V. Spoiler, it had nothing to do with fleeing Maryland.


      2. Is William going to own all of Krendler's possessions just like he owns all of Dianna's and LG's? Or are the dim girls going to share their new sweet, sweet bitch with him?


      3. Roy, here's what I love most about last night's Feldtdown about "nutting up" and accepting service. Thus far in Lulzsuit VI, one defendant accepted service. And what came of that, you ask? Four defendants ended up stomping all over the plaintiff's fat ass on their way to the door.

        Anyone who knows anything about #WAR can tell you that's probably not what a DUMBFUCK envisioned happening.


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