Cluebats For Sale

I like to think of myself as part of, if not the vanguard of the DUMBFUCK Exposure Squad.  It doesn’t pay well (in fact it doesn’t PAY at all – donations only, wink, wink), but it’s easy work.

But when someone beats me to the punch, even if he doesn’t have the same…flair…that I have, kudos must be distributed.

High praise, O great Foreseer of All Things Proceeding.

My hat is off and my brain exposed to you.

Well done.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “Cluebats For Sale”

    1. "Yeah, um, even though I 'accidentally' washed all the blood and fingerprints off of that knife before I catalogued it into evidence, it's TOTALLY the murder weapon and the defendant did it because I've seen those fingerprints before and I recognized them."

      1. I saw a LOT of dumbass jailhouse lawyers working in corrections but he is absolutely by far the worst wannabe lawyer I have ever seen.

        I know Bill doesn't want to involve John Hoge because:
        Every other occassion Bill went against HOOOOOOOOOOOOGE , he has come away rejected and a failure (sort of like his love life I guess except for that incident in Japan );
        -His specialest friend, the World's Tiniest Pro-Se has been regularly getting his diminuative little ass handed to him by HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE; and he's filed "hundreds of lawsuits";

        He ran away from David Edgren so fast I thought he was on his scooter (It's red -VROOM VROOM)

        So Bill tried picking on what he thought was the "B" team; and promptly found out they can play as well in the big leagues and recently scored big hots with multiple RO and No Stalking Orders.

        Hell, Bill went one on one with a three year and got schooled - by someone who doesn't start school for 2 more years.

        This is one of the largest piles of steaming horseshit known to man (Slovenian or otherwise).
        There are so many fatal flaws in this filing, it may burst into flames as a way of suicide due to the embarrassment.

        I am glad the clerks get to read it though. Against the normally dry, ordinary, (and coherent) filings they normally have to read, this rambling gut-buster will have them roaring with laughter. This is Acme Law taken to the Nth degree.

        Bravo, #Pretendgren


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