Bad Liars Are Always Fun To Watch

On Tuesday, Bill Schmalfeldt lied in his podcast.

I know. Close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.

He did an entire segment on a blog post written by our Morgana at Billy Sez.  His dulcet tones are on full display in this 14 minute segment, where he apparently tries to make Sarah Palmer sound as shrewish as his late wife:

That’s only there for CONTEXT, because we are all so very familiar with how much DUMBFUCK hates being taken out of context.  I think it’s NECESSARY – as a matter of reporting – to include the whole segment so the idiot doesn’t claim that I put words in his mouth.

But the portions that really matter are a pair of drops contained in the segment.  Each clip is followed by a transcript of the clip itself.

“And the piece you’re talking about, I wrote, I thought it over for about an hour, and I took it down because I…didn’t…like it.  It was on the internet for all of perhaps a bit more than an hour.”

“K…all right, so it’s all my fault for a column I wrote, and took down after an hour because I was ashamed of it, while Krendler’s much more raunchy, filthy parody of what I wrote stays online. M’kay.”

Three times in those clips Schmalfeldt admits that he wrote the column that was once found at NOT A LINK —> <— NOT A LINK.  He also said three times in the same span that the post was up for a) about an hour, b)perhaps a bit more than an hour, and c) an hour.

It’s not there anymore, of course.

Coward Tweet

Mr. “I stand by the things I’ve written” deleted it after about an hour.

So he says.

But what does the evidence say?  The stuff he can’t get at and memory hole?

Well, there is an archive site I found that shows a timestamp for the post of 3/26/2014 at 17:34.

Earliest Stamp


I was unable to determine what Time Zone that time represents, but it seems more than reasonable to conclude that it is local time where it was posted.  That was Elkridge, MD at the time, and the time was Eastern Daylight Time.  That would have been GMT–5 hours.  So the earliest known time of existence for that post, based on available certified evidence, was 3/26/2014 at 22:34 GMT.

Now, according to known and proven lying shitsniffer Bill Schmalfeldt, he left that post “on the internet for all of perhaps a bit more than an hour.”

Giving a generous benefit of the doubt to a DUMBFUCK who has repeated the same thing three times in less than five minutes in his podcast, let’s say he left it up for two whole hours.  That means that BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, and allowing for a 100% margin of error, he took it down no later than by 3/27/2014 at 00:34 GMT.

Did he?

Of course not!

How do we know this, other than the historical fact that Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar, and a really terrible liar at that?

Evidence, obviously.

ARCHIVE.ORG, otherwise known as The Wayback Machine, renders its realtime website captures in GMT.  There is only one successful capture for the post in question, and the timestamp on that capture is 03/27/2014 at 04:20:48.  You can even see it in the URL.

Last Capture

You can click that image and go straight to the post on the Wayback Machine.  And if someday, somehow, that doesn’t work you can also go here:

So what you are looking at is a window from 3/26/2014 at 22:34 to 3/27/2014 at 04:20 when the post in question was available to be captured by the Wayback Machine.

For those of you who were told there would be no math, that window is six hours and forty six minutes long.

“A little more” than an hour.

If you think a bottle of Johnnie Walker is “a little more” than a shot of Johnnie Walker.

If you think a walk across Milwaukee is “a little more” than a walk down to the mailbox.

As if that weren’t enough, I have another source who I could name, but I won’t because I refuse to be responsible for the sudden flood of blood bursting from Bill Schmalfeldt’s eyes at the sight of it. Not to mention liquids from other places.

He says he took a backup of the site in question on March 25th 2014, and the post was not there.  He says the whole site came down for some reason (probably mass memory-holing, but let’s be generous and call it “site maintenance”) on the 27th and when it was restored on the 28th, the post was no longer available.  So at an absolute minimum, the post was available for nearly seven hours, and likely more than that.  At a maximum it may have been up for as long as a 36 hours.

Either way…it’s a lot more than an hour.

I wonder if Bill Schmalfeldt would like a chance to give his side of the story.

UPDATE – 3 hours prior to the publication of this story, I tweeted the following:


In response, I received the following:

Are you serious?

  1. You’re a stalker – it’s what you do,
  2. Google Alert on your name
  3. You answered, didn’t you?

Right.  I’ll just put: “Flustered, Mr. Schmalfeldt shouted ‘get the hell off my porch!’and slammed the door.”

So he denies nothing, is the get here.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

39 thoughts on “Bad Liars Are Always Fun To Watch”

  1. Oh, and look! William used a copyrighted picture in the original post. Go figure.

    Schizophrenia means never having to say that you're sorry.

  2. "Cheddar Injection ‏@hotcheeseshot 2m2 minutes ago
    Copyright violators on notice. DMCA takedowns filed. Let's see who wants to be sued for infringement."

    Billy on notice: FUCK YOU. We all know how dickless your lolsuit threats are now.

  3. You know what else is funny? Bill, aka "Paul Krendler," admitting that he has filed fraudulent DMCA takedown notices!

    1. How many copyrighted photos has he used over the last few years without permission and refused to take them down, claiming that because the photos had been posted online someplace that essentially put them in public domain and therefore the original owners couldn't complain if he took them?

      1. Or a copyright suit settlement that he was ferociously violating until about two weeks ago.

        It turns out that drunks aren't particularly good at legal nuance.

      1. What if....

        If that was linked to the closed outlook address(s), there could *be no reply*, and the site would go offline....

    2. He doesn't have the balls or funds to engage in a copyright suit in multiple states with multiple subjects. Just imagine how much of his time "Bill" will waste on these suits!! On second thought, time spent on LulzSuits means time not spent on harassment victims. But the most important thing [REDACTED DON'T EDUCATE THE MONKEY]

  4. Of course, that all assumes it was archived within moments of origination. Lying liars lie, and the Lyin' of Lebanon is a stolen-valor liar. Hmmm... stealing valor... why, that's lying too!

    To anyone who's paid any attention over the last few years, that self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower asserted something establishes a prima facie case of falsehood, whether the freak deliberately lied, or is too dementia addled to know the truth.


    It appears that William has adopted a new theme song for himself.

    "It's fun to play with the D-M-C-A!"

    Was there a corpulent lunatic in the Village People?

      1. how does one claim using 25% of a podcast which is itself 80% of someone's blogs (used without permission) is copyright infringement??

        asking for a friend.

    1. It's fun to stay at the D-M-C-A, It's fun to stay at the D-M-C-Ayayyy...

      I wonder if Billy emailed the DMCA or whether he called the DMCA on the phone...


    Excuse me.


    1. How much do you think you it would cost Twitter Attorney at Law, William D. F. Schmalfeldt to successfully file such a suit(successful means past the MTD stage)? Maybe one of our dozens of attorneys could provide some insight. In reality, we all understand that Fat Willie is just spouting bullshit and will NOT file anything.

  7. For someone who was too "disabled" to lose in court to a toddler in person last week, William sure seems eager to run around the United States filing frivolous copyright claims, doesn't he?

    I guess he feels better.

    1. Well, it stopped raining in Milwaukee, don't ya know?

      That extra special sugar-hearted snowflake will melt if he gets wet.
      This photo is copyrighted. Used with permission of FUBill Productions.

      1. I guess this means we won't be seeing "You're Killing Me Bill" for awhile.

        On the other hand, "Above It All Bill" only stuck around for a few hours yesterday before seeing his shadow. Six more weeks of winter.


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