An Interesting Beer

As a general rule, I prefer my beer to taste like beer.

Fruity, nutty, chocolate, coffee flavored beers are fun to try but only that.

But this weekend I picked up a sixer of these:

Try it with three or four maraschino cherries in your glass!

It was one of those moments where Texas (the Rule 5 Zombie wife) saw them and said, “Oooooh!”

Still not something I’d buy regularly, but a very interesting winter taste.

Zombie endorsed.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

20 thoughts on “An Interesting Beer”

  1. Weird! I've wanted, for years, to try a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. I'm not much of a drinker so if i take a sip and hate wasted! I also want to try Weihenstephaner which comes out of a brewery that has been active since 1040.

  2. Look, I just bawled Chris Muir out for presuming to call Texas beef barbecue. Cherry anything, other than pie or Kirsch is nothing but pansy fodder.

      1. The former is an absolute; as far as the latter, no matter how you cook beef, it ain't BBQ; tasty certainly, but not barbecue.

        1. See, that's the problem. People who have been conditioned by the mainstream media to believe that words mean whatever they tell you. And don't start in with all that barbacoa was cooking meat over a fire using a grid of green wood nonsense. Next thing you know you'll be trying to convince me that French Fries aren't from France. 🙂

        2. Go to a Barbecue Festival, in say, Shelby NC [Tryon or Gastonia will do, If you can't make timing work for Shelby]. Tell the folks there your ideas. Actually, don't, if you're not fond of tar and feathers 🙂

  3. I was never a fan of fruit in beers. Probably because they all taste like chemicals instead of fruit. I notice the Sam Adams says real cherries and "natural flavors", which can be anything and contain chemicals.

    I did try a pomegranate one time from a small local brewery that was excellent. They used nothing but fresh pomegranates in it. Not something I could session drink but one was good.


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