5 thoughts on “14 Degrees”

  1. I guess that'll depend on how much JWR is on hand, and whether a shaky and drunken hand can hold a bottle without dropping and breaking it, now won't it? hahaha How is it supposed to get going on the SAC without that co-counsel's input? *hic*

  2. There might also be some dim, dim girls out there, which makes it even scarier!

    1. Us "dim girls" aren't so dim that, "knowing" that going out in the cold of a Maryland winter is likely to kill us, we move to Wisconsin for the invigorating weather.

      1. Were I in your position, I'd be doing victory laps around Ye Olde Catholic Flophouse right now, having vanquished a DUMBFUCK without doing much of anything at all.

        But i'm not a very nice person.

      2. With a bullhorn!

        Reading from NINE different ROs/POs!

        All day long...

        Then, the next day, we could start in with Cousin's scribblings, from over the years, his VERY OWN WORDS.

        The day after that, his marital and employment history...

        No, wait, let's just direct everyone to "google Bill Schmalfeldt". Cheaper, and just as effective, if not more so.


        Maybe someone should just hire a filthy, diseased, alcoholic bum to walk in the area with a sandwich board. Minimum wage, three squares, and a bottle of something better than JWR at the end of the day, plus a chit for a room at the Y.

        Tell me, are the "Billy Sez" posters available in a resolution that can be blown up to 3'x5'?

        I have spare cash...

        And I think that's perfectly legal, protected expression.


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