11 thoughts on “Your Thirty Minutes Are Up”

  1. Oh, the freak's probably busy entertaining a large group of friends and fami --- bwahahaha Nope, couldn't do it.

    If it has any sense instinct for self-preservation, it's too busy looking up defense attorneys.

  2. He seems to have been listening to polka music...


    The JWR is flowing through him...

  3. I'm going to go pop some corn as we all wait for Gail's Former Abuser to (forge) come up with some proof that he hasn't completely committed fraud and criminal impersonation.

  4. https://twitter.com/YouGetNoQuarter/status/690045294076100609

    Just like you had nothing to do with Confessions of an Internet Troll, Dumbfuck?

  5. https://twitter.com/YouGetNoQuarter/status/690062520246243329

    You published your bullshit before the ink had time to dry on the actual posts, Dumbfuck.



    And you wonder why we call you Dumbfuck, Dumbfuck?


    You really need to just turn your computer off before you hurt yourself.

    1. The only way DUMBFUCK will remove his fatty f5ing fingers from the keyboard is when it's taken from him: either 1) when his computer is seized when Billy is successfully countersued in civil court, or else 2) when Billy is seized and locked up by law enforcement / mental hygiene experts.

      Oh, yeah, there's also the power of AND (let's hope!)


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