3 thoughts on “Yathinks?”

  1. A jackanapes (correct spelling) is a trained monkey.


  2. No, it clearly doesn't thinks, or is it thinkst?

    If it did, it wouldn't name itself things like HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower, and would at least try to avoid making such a spectacular display of how disgusting it is, wouldn't broadcast its ignorance and downright stoooopidity to the world, and would by now have figured out why the freak was cuckolded by multiple wives, why its own children want nothing to do with it, why a national charity demanded it stop promoting and collecting donations for the charity, and why it has been so thoroughly rejected its entire miserable, FAILed existence, leaving it all alone in the years remaining for it to disgrace its family name.

    Clue is in the mirror. Ok, the answer is in the mirror.


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