So yesterday, Bill Schmalfeldt helped to perpetrate a fraud/forgery/identity theft at http://threepercenter.org.  I thought I’d do a little amateur gumshoeing and see what that was all about.  I’m going to retrace the timeline of events below the jump:

I clicked on that link and WHOOSH! the magic of Intertoobz technology took me here:


And right there in front of my eyes is a forum called “Introduce Yourself.” How convenient and friendly! Let’s click that link and check the place out, lurk a little bit, and get the lay of the land.


Wait, what?

“Sorry, only registered users may read this forum?”

Huh. So much for convenient and friendly…now I have to decide if I want to register and log in.

Dig, dig dig…ah! My lucky Wisconsin state quarter! Heads or tails? Tails. Never fails. Flip spinspinspinspinspinspinspinspin catch, and it’s tails! See?

A short registration and login later, and what do I see?


Topics in the Introduce Yourself forum! Cool beans!

But before I do that, I think I’ll check out some user profiles and get acquainted. Shall I go alphabetically? Oh, why not?


Here’s another new user, arizonafree. He or she registered on January 19, 2016 at 2:11 PM, and has posted all of two times in three hours. Okay. Let’s keep looking…


Ah! Here’s a familiar name!


wjjhogeiii! MY PAL! I didn’t know he was a member here! Since January 19, 2016 (same day as arizonafree, what a COINCIDENCE! SHOCKED FACE!), but he registered at 12:34 PM, about 90 minutes before arizonafree. And like the friendly and considerate fellow my friend wjjhogeiii is, he immediately (and by immediately I mean TWO MINUTES LATER at 12:36 PM) Introduced Himself! He started a new thread called Maryland Salutes You.

Here’s his first post:


You know, I’m a regular reader of Hogewash! and I have read a lot of WJJ Hoge III’s writing. This is a different writing style. I don’t think this is my friend. In fact, it seems an awful lot (and when I say “awful lot” I mean EXACTLY) like the particular retired, disabled, widowed, PDD and JWR-addled GS-13 writing style of a certain DUMBFUCK of my acquaintance.

Four minutes later, at 12:40 PM, an established member named Pastor Mike (1436 posts) welcomes wjjhogeiii.


A half hour later at 1:10 PM, another longtime poster, badday (10,962 posts) chimes in.


Five minutes after that at 1:15 PM, wjjhogeiii makes his second post, in which for no particular reason I can see, he offers up his ham radio call sign, which I think could be reasonably construed to be personal identifying information. Just my opinion.


One minute later, his third post notes that his son also has a license.


I don’t know why my friend would do that. Generally speaking, he doesn’t share much more information than he is obligated to share. What difference does it make if his son has a ham radio license?

It’s the sort of thing a projecting, drunken narcissistic sociopath would say. If there were a projecting, drunken narcissistic sociopath involved here. I’m not saying there is, but…well, sometimes you just have to draw your own conclusions.

At 1:24 PM, Pastor Mike asks an interesting question:


Ten minutes later at 1:34 PM (now, I know WJJ Hoge III – the real one – has a day job. But this response turnaround time seems a lot more like there’s an obsessed, retired cyberstalker F5ing this site like a crazy man running a false flag operation!  I wonder if we could find out if WJJ Hoge III is really posting this stuff from his office? I understand he has a very good relationship with the IG at Goddard, thanks to a lot of stupidity of this sort by an army of stupid people led by an idiot in Wisconsin who keeps saying he wants nothing to do with WJJ Hoge III but somehow always winds up in the middle of this sort of chicanery), suddenly wjjhogeiii is playing cagey in post number 4:


Share information about family? Sure, why not! Note that he fights every parking ticket in court, even though he’s never gotten one? ABSOLUTELY! Does he know how to build siege weapons? Shhhhhhh….

Someone’s trying too hard.

At 1:42 PM, another new-ish member named Redfox (48 posts…I’m comin’ Elizabeth!) posts something, but edits it away three minutes later.


At 2:04 PM Pastor Mike responds with a compliment for wjjhogeiii’s apparent discretion.


Fourteen minutes after that, at 2:18 PM, our friend arizonafree pops up. Just seven minutes after signing up, he notes that on WJJ Hoge III’s blog, the real WJJ Hoge III is claiming that user wjjhogeiii is a forged account.


And that gem is arizonafree’s first post on the forum. Pretty fucking bold.

Or stupidly transparent.  Your call.

About a half an hour later at 2:45 PM, wjjhogeiii, who must have had some work to do or some fresh footlongs to boil in Johnnie Walker and suck down with some creamy, gooey mayonnaise, makes this fifth post his response:


Sounds quite reasonable, if you’re not used to reading the smooth tones of a practiced liar like your friendly creepy neighborhood sociopathic DUMBFUCK.

At 2:51 PM, arizonafree (who, you will recall, registered on the site just 40 short minutes before) seems placated:


“Just a longtime lurker,” he says, in his second of TWO career forum posts.

If you consider 40 minutes on a forum site that you can’t view until you register A LONG TIME…

“The whole thing smelt kind of stinky,” he says.

You mean like your adult diaper pail, Bill? That kind of stinky?

And “smelt?” That’s the kind of vocabulary you would expect from a guy who uses the word “methinks.”

Four short minutes later (about the time it takes to log out of one account and into another, you might say.  I wouldn’t…but you might) at 2:55 PM wjjjhogeiii is again…oh, what’s the right word to use here? How about…OVERSHARING:


And DUMBFUCK? Try looking up the difference between the words “judicious” and “judicial.” You idiot. The WJJ Hoge III I know would never make that mistake.  But you would.

Say, how about a break for a totally unrelated trivia question? GREAT!

If you, no matter where you are on Earth, go to Twitter and click on a random Tweet, like this one:


does the date/timestamp of the Tweet show the time zone of the author’s computer or the time zone of the viewer’s computer?

(cue Jeopardy! theme, fast forward 30 seconds)

What is the author’s computer, Alex?


Now, back to our post.

Okay, I’m a liar. The trivia question is TOTALLY RELATED.

Let’s review our timeline. It’s 2:55 PM. By the way, that’s Central Standard Time. In Greenwich Mean Time (which is 6 hours ahead of CST) it’s 8:55 PM. In military format, it’s 20:55.

Twelve minutes ago, at 20:43 GMT, according to twdocs.com, the following Tweet was published.

That tweet, from a certain retired, disabled, widowed, PDD and JWR-addled DUMBFUCK of my acquaintance, is timestamped 11:43 AM. According to twdocs.com guess whose computer is set to the Pacific time zone, even though it’s located St. Francis, Wisconsin?

Now, let’s not always see the same hands…
3per twdocs 1
That’s right. Bill Schmalfeldt.

And it’s got a link to a blog post (safe archive link, of course) in it.

That blog post has a couple of screen caps embedded. Here’s one:

http:// i2.wp.com/ thepontificator.com/ wp-content/ uploads/ 2016/ 01/ Screen-Shot-2016-01-19-at-10.38.06-AM.png?resize=1024%2C595

And here’s the other:

http:// i2.wp.com/ thepontificator.com/ wp-content/ uploads/ 2016/ 01/ Screen-Shot-2016-01-19-at-1.39.51-PM.png?resize=820%2C1024

If you look at the first one, you’ll notice a difference between Bill Schmalfeldt’s version and the version I collected Tuesday night.

The post count.

I captured that post when wjjhogeiii’s post count was 6. Bill Schmalfeldt claims to have received an email from an “anonymous source” containing a capture that COULD ONLY HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY THE PERSON LOGGED IN AS wjjhogeiii, when wjjhogeiii’s post count was 1.

And that had to have occurred in the 39 minute window between 12:36 PM CST when the first post was published, and 1:15 PM CST, when the second post was published.

But I’m sure our intrepid jerkmalist friend has an alternate universe explanation involving a TARDIS, a pony, and a tub of shit. Can’t wait to hear it.

In the meantime, there’s this Tweet, published at 21:25 GMT or 3:25 PM CST, where Bill notes that “at least one member on the forum has already called that into question.”

That “one member” is arizonafree. That post calling the question is his very first on the forum, published at 2:18 PM.


Say, aren’t journalists supposed to be naturally skeptical?  Or is that just the ones whose daddies didn’t throw them against the wall for sport when they were babies?

It’s worth noting again that arizonafree’s post count at the time of the screen cap that Bill put in the tweet is…1.

Proving beyond any doubt that this capture was taken sometime between arizonafree’s first post at 2:18 PM CST and his second at 2:51 PM CST. Thirty three minutes. It’s also worth noting that Bill published the tweet with these screen caps within 67 minutes of the post being made.

That’s not a lot of time for an intrepid internet journalist to check his sources…

And then there’s this Tweet, published at 21:29 GMT, or 3:29 PM CST. 3perDFtweet5
It contains an image of an email received by Bill (hey do you know what that “Block or report abuse” link does? I do…heh heh heh.) at 12:45 PM CST.

Post count?  1.  AGAIN!  Wow, Bill’s got good sources.  So did Stephen Glass, Jayson Blair and Janet Cooke. (Look ’em up) Nine minutes after post 1 by wjjhogeiii, and thirty minutes before post 2.

Fits like a glove.

And I notice in the post above at his blog, he made this comment:


He just checked on the forum!  The forum that you must register in order to see!


Here, in numerical order, are all the users who joined the threepercenter forums on January 19th:


I blacked out my own user name and that of the first person to join today because we’re private citizens and not interested in publicity the way an intrepid internet journalist is.

But after arizonafree joined at 2:11 PM CST, and before Rob joined at 4:20 PM CST (which is 2:20 PM PST, the time zone where Bill Schmalfeldt has set his blog)  – 3perprofile

there are only three users who joined.

One is me, and the other two are BillyBlob and SimonDermott.

Remembering again that you MUST REGISTER if you want to “check[] on the forum,” in Bill’s FAT FUCKING LYING WORDS, he must be either Billy Blob or SimonDermott. Or it could be (don’t laugh) that he was ALREADY SIGNED UP AT THREEPERCENTER.ORG! 

But it’s far more likely that he’s once again a FAT FUCKING DUMBFUCK LIAR WHO HAS JUST BEEN CAUGHT OUT YET AGAIN.

Have we reached a million times yet?  Boy, it sure feels like it.

He wasn’t at all shy about publishing the email containing wjjhogeiii’s first post. I can’t think of a reason why he wouldn’t be able to quickly whip up a forged email containing a nice, sharp copy of arizonafree’s first post as well.

And a simple screen shot of his threepercenter homepage with his member name proudly displayed.

This post drops at 8:00 PM your time.

Shall we say 30 minutes for your proof, Bill?

Or shall we, to paraphrase you, “just stay on this story until someone disproves it’s a sham,” you godforsaken lying crusty bearded cum dumpster?

bigger shine boxIMG_3448

And a new pair of these:

dancing shoes


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. if all this pans out to be true then the St Francis Police may have some serious questions for someone who is so disabled that he can barely threaten people on the web anymore...

    1. That's some fine investigating there.

      So good in fact, it's almost like you could drop it on the desk of your local constabulary as evidence of a crime.

      If you were inclined to pursue such things...

    2. Isn't this a federal offense? Interstate wire fraud? Shouldn't the FBI be investigating?

  2. The slippers will be particularly important, I suspect.

    Is anything greater than the incompetence of William?

    No. There is nothing greater than that!

  3. Willy's had some monstrous fuckups in the past, but this has got them all beat. He did a perfect job of incriminating himself. How does he bail himself out of this?

    I said this before but, God, what a trainwreck he is.

  4. If I may, oh, HZIC, I would like to add a couple of precursor items to your timeline.

    A 12:01 am ET on the 19th, I posted a TKPOTD that outlined a number of the Cabin Boy's™ previous failed attempts at forgery.

    From 7:28 to 7:35 am ET that same morning, the Cabin Boy™ connected a half-dozen times to various pages at Hogewash!.

      1. The one drawback to this post is the length. There are so many words, it'll keep Willy's lips moving all nite. He won't get to his Feldtdown till tomorrow.

  5. It's as if there is a signature on this that is almost exactly like an original.

    I'm almost surprised the Maryland Salutes You post didn't sign off with the familiar "Be Well."

  6. Ah, Shakes. You never disappoint. You are as feckless and inept as that first night in 2011 that I handed you your own ass on Facebook. You have learned nothing.

    I do believe it is time to pay the man and put one in your temple. Do it for all those journalism majors.

  7. Here I was thinking that this was the explanation:


  8. By the way, catching the failure to distinguish between "judicious" and "judicial" was a very nice example of source criticism, but it merely marks the writer as a pretentious semi-literate, of which there are millions, rather than Hoge. But the utterly weird phrase "it is simply a choice of commerce to put on a face" greatly restricts the number of potential authors.

  9. I really have to recalibrate the measure for stupid I use. Everytime Bill hits the top of the scale I think he can't possibly do anything stupider. Then he proves me wrong again. World's Stupidest Man ™

    1. Bill forged everything himself and was stupid enough to think he did a good job.

    2. Someone (probably Matt "The child porn wasn't that bad" Osborn or William " I'd fuck a 14 year old" Ferguson) sent it to the fail whale and he was too stupid to pick up on the painfully obvious clues that it was fake. Bet he wishes he'd paid more attention in those short months he spent being minimally trained by the Navy to show movies to the crew.

  10. Every once in a while someone mentions DF's work history and the comments are usually of the sort "worked a short while and then got went to something else". This episode gives us a live real time view of the sort of thing that happened on all those jobs:
    -got a stupid idea
    -didn't think it through and jumped into executing it
    -fucked up righteously
    -rolled out multiple lame excuses to try and shift the blame off his own ass (and apparently believed every one of them)
    -employer concluded that this lump needs to go.

    All those previous positions he had not been in long enough to be experience or invaluable and the easiest way to deal with him was scoot him out the door, probably even the Navy did this to him. His problem now is he's treading into activities that are criminal and will eventually bump into someon who doesn't want to handle it quick and quiet.

  11. There's something about that list of "all the users who joined the threepercenter forums" you may want to consider, though....

  12. I enjoyed the post the other day wherein it was opined that the abydocomist, Bill Schmalfeldt, should leave the internet before HE hurts...himself!

  13. Just saw something new.

    Purported to be John Hoge.

    "I am named in so many state and federal lawsuits."


    As though John would not have said "I have been named in so many failed lawsuits by a convicted bomber and a leftwing kook" or words to that effect. As it is worded, it implies or at least leaves open the possibility, that the suits might have merit. John is simply a much better writer than that. Moreover, he would not dignify Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt with the at least respectful appellation of "enemies," but would characterize them in much more telling words.

    And actually John is not named in multiple suits. Notice the present tense. If I am not mistaken, he is a defendant in just one current lawsuit, and it is not federal. The real author just can't bring himself (or herself: let's not be sexist here) to acknowledge the total failure of the lawfare against Hoge and somehow imagines or pretends that the suits still exist.

    1. It might be that the author sometimes confuses his lulzsuits with those of his most excellent friend. Litigious birds of afeather, and whatnot.

      1. I'd be greatly amused if they were both feathered after being liberally coated with tar. I am not advocating or advising doing so because, sadly, it is illegal. There is much to be said for jury nullification.

    2. I have been informed by a knowledgable source that John Hogs is still engaged in two suits at the trial court level so my final paragraph is incorrect.

      I stand by the penumtimate paragraph.

    3. Actually, there is an active federal suit. The Diddler vs. Team THEMIS and The Federal Government aka RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo.

  14. you know every time Stinky F5's this site, seeing this one post himself and KNOWING anyone else who comes looking, that proof of his utter and possibly criminal failure is front and center and THERE IS NOTHING HE CAN DO ABOUT IT, must be terrible.


  15. https://cyberstalkerarchive.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/image3.jpeg


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