This Needs A Fisking

So, I Was Wrong. Evidence of Innocence Doesn’t Matter.

January 5, 2016 Featured by The Editor

So, what have we learned today.

Apparently, we former GS-13 THREE DECADES OF EXPERIENCE WRITER EDITORS are still unsure of the rule about putting question marks at the end of, you know, QUESTIONS.

Also, we have NOT LEARNED that when we stalk and harass people online, they will go to court and lay out your own acts as evidence against you, and they will get restraining orders against you, because THE INTERNET IS FOREVER.

We’ve learned that all you have to do if you want to terrorize and harass a disabled person who can’t travel is pretend as if you sent a “cease and desist” notice,

Like this one?

1-5-2016 4-29-34 PM

then schedule a hearing someplace the disabled person cannot get to unassisted.

Unless, of course, there is some benefit in it for HIM, like when he offered to travel back to Maryland to “testify” in the nonexistent prosecution of a nonexistent “forged” letter that he wrote himself.

It’s even better if you have a judge who refuses to even look at your evidence that you have not harassed the individual seeking the order, and you ignore the evidence that the petitioner has called at least a dozen people “stalkers” over the past years.

Because none of that information is relevant to the simple question of “Did YOU, Mr. Respondent William Schmalfeldt, multiply contact the petitioner after a Cease and Desist notice that you included in your answer yet claim you never saw?”

Hold your hearing in a heavily Republican county, get your Republican “justice.”

A heavily Republican county like Cook County, where the first Illinois Stalking No Contact Order against you was granted? That kind of heavily Republican county?

And what effect does this have on me?

Not one iota.

Of course not. You’re a stalker and harasser. Nothing is going to stop you! Certainly not the inability to travel or even walk across the room unassisted.

Lynn Thomas was only of interest to me when I considered the possibility that she might be “Paul Krendler.”

And why WAS that, anyway, you lying asswipe?

Now that Sarah Palmer has spilled the beans and identified Patrick Grady (who, I am assuming, fed Hoge with from the scene coverage — unless Hoge popped for a Trailways ticket or something) as “Krendler,” my lawsuit will proceed.

And it’s going to go so WELL for you, I just KNOW it! Considering you are wrong FIVE TIMES just in the previous sentence. You know what happens when you ASSUME, don’t you, you tremulous turd burglar?

Lynn will continue to suffer the effects of “poisoned weenie juice,” and sink deeper and deeper into her madness.

Well, it beats drymouth from licking the inside of a Ziploc baggie and climbing to new heights of DUMBFUCKERY.

I am all out of shits to give.

Is it colonoscopy day again ALREADY?   Where are you blogging it this time?

Meh. Right Wing Justice. Whatchagonnado?

Follow it, or go to jail and wind up homeless. Just like Deb Frisch.

Anybody heard anything from Eric Johnson lately?

Nothing but pointage, mockification and laughery. DEEP, THROATY, HYSTERICAL LAUGHERY. At you.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “This Needs A Fisking”

  1. It's been claiming that Ash spilled the beans in June.

    He didn't start harassing Lynn until what, November?

    So why was she of interest?

    It lies so much it cannot remember all its lies.

    1. And why does he keep emailing me, telling me that I "know what he wants" and that if I give it to him it will all go away?

      According to him, I already gave him what he wants. Seems that I actually didn't. Which I told him back in June. But of course he didn't believe me.

  2. He only bothered Lynn Thomas because Brett Kimberlin was hoping to get attention drawn away from him. That didn't work either.

    The walls are closing in.

  3. So all Willy has to hang his hat on is a fake comment to his alleged "blog" and shouting like the 6 year old he really is "MOM! JOHNNY SAID HE'S GONNA PUNCH ME IN THE FACE!!!"

    Just damn.

  4. Poor Dumbfuck shouldn't have mentioned how ULTRA-RIGHT WING his mean old Republican victim is. Poor, poor Dumbfuck.

  5. As a substantive matter, does it make any difference if a disabled person is travelling to Illinois or to the federal courthouse in downtown Milwaukee?

    And since William was so helpful in bringing up doctors, the defendants will be needing the name of his. He made a number of assertions regarding his health and medications that I would very much like to test.

    Just wait until I start asking about finances! That's where the FUN really starts!

    1. Would you looka that! Someone's up to travelling alone!

      Seems like ice and snow isn't that much of a problem, after all!


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