4 thoughts on “Stolen Valor Vet, Accused Rapist Abandoned TWO Separate Families”

  1. Why that sounds like the Lyin' of Lebanon, Bill Schmalfeldt! Pathetic, helpless, disabled victim except for when the freak is the last one standing in a bar fight.*

    *Likely because after starting it, the recreant hid until it was all over.

  2. Bill isn't disabled. He doesn't have Parkinson's Disease. He just thinks he does and uses it as a weapon to gain sympathy from any passer by that will notice.

    That's not working out well for him.

    1. I've often wondered if those "Parkinson's" Shakes are more connected with booze than any other malady. F. Lee Bailey's hands shook like leaves; no Parkinson's there...


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