So, When I Called

…the Palatine Presbyterian Church this morning and was put through to Rev. Teri Peterson, I told her who I was and that I was checking out a personal reference. I asked her if she could tell me anything about the character of one of the parishioners by the name of Patrick Grady.

She told me that she had not been informed by Patrick Grady that he had listed her as a reference, and that the church by-laws, as well as her own personal code of conduct, prohibited her from discussing church members without the member’s prior consent.

She told me to have Mr. Grady reach out to her and give consent, and then took my number so she could call me back.

So you can understand why a wise man would be skeptical of Beelzebubill Schmalfeldt’s bullshit story.

Of course DUMBFUCK could publish the emails it claims to have sent.  It has not been shy about that when it has email to share in the past. Or it could call them back and get their consent to share everything they talked about.

That’s what a REAL reporter would lie and say it did, right, Beelzebubill?

So #transparent and so #fullofshit, how can #BeelzebubillBeSoWhite?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

40 thoughts on “So, When I Called”

  1. OH I'm sure he'll hop right on that as soon as he figures out how to forge copy/paste one so there is no meta data to prove it's fake show more info than he wants it to.

    but first he'll refuse claiming he doesn't have to proof shit, cause why wouldn't people take a lying liar who lies word for something?

    1. Hopefully he will log out before taking the screen shot this time....

      I also see that Derpasaurous Maximus Rectumus went dark on twitter again.


  2. Bill faking things - book reviews, reporters from the MSJ, Federal powers at XmFan, the Rolodex, the Doctors that still remember him at Vanderbilt, All those Book sales, the money he raised for Parkinsons, more book reviews, being an investigative reporter, being a war hero

    eh why not be calling and pretending to have convo's with police departments like Dallas, Virginia, Maryland, Henry, and now St Francis.

    what a pathetic sick loser joke this guy is

    1. With all of Billy's fakery, no wonder the Army dumped his arse! I wonder if there's paperwork out there documenting this...

  3. But surely she recognized your voice? And wondered why you wanted a reference on yourself? She didn't? Does this prove that PK is not = PG?

  4. I can't wait for the police surveillance video to show him being booked in jail...


    *peeing uncontrollably in his pants..

    Desk sergeant: "What's that smell?"
    Officer: "He fucking shit his pants.. AGAIN!!"
    Desk sergeant: "Take him out back and use the fire hose."

    1. If Billy's arrest happens on a Wednesday, may I recommend an Earworm?

      1. Really...

        Krendler tells you to stop switching screen names, so you name yourself after Bill's toilet?

        1. Thanks very much, folks! That'll be it for the night, we're all done here!!

  5. The truly amazing part of Bill's stupidity yesterday was the double dumbfuckery of it. Not only does everyone know that no pastor/minister/priest/rabbi/imam would talk to a complete stranger about one of their "flock" and that we all know he is outright lying, but the fact that he was committing libel of said pastor by saying the pastor had violated any confidentiality was a double bonus. Just how would it look on your "resume" to have a restraining order and a defamation claim against you from a pastor?

    Stupid AND evil.

    1. Good points - especially the self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower's efforts to add a pastor to its collection of restraining orders. As if SEVEN isn't quite bad enough!

      1. Much like when I ratted out Krendler, they told me what to say!

        They said that you'd me mine if I said

        "Oh, Eeh, ooh aah aah, ting, tang, walla walla bing bang!"

        Are your loins stirring yet? (seriously, dude, 14+ hours at 225 F under smoke. And that ain't lons...)

  6. We need a young priest and an old priest and a servall truck, 4 hazmats suits and some tongs

    1. Mass quantities of anhydrous ammonia followed by chlorine gas to be sure any organic residue is completely reduced to its carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen components.

      Heaven forfend we allow any DNA to escape intact.

    2. I'm just one state East and possess the ritual of Exorcism, Holy Water, Holy Oil and Chrism and am an old Priest, I own tongs, self lighting charcoal, a censer and incense ...

    1. amazing how much the last two comments by the fake hoge read like something Stinky would say (and has I might add) innit?

      wjjhogeiii January 21, 2016 02:59PM #

      Obviously my enemies are out to once again tarnish my good name. I suggest Pastor Mike and the rest think for themselves. I am under no obligation to provide you with anything other than my word of honor.

      If that is not enough for you, then I pity you.

      I know someone who posts there,and who pointed that out to me once I filled them in Stinky's scam.

      And I won't be sharing their handle in public.

  7. The turd roller is hiding from twitter again...what a liar! He just can't help himself!

    1. That's fairly typical of our boy. He fucks himself into a corner and thinks that hiding for 18 hours is enough for everybody to forget it.

      I don't know of an example of that ever having worked for him before, but William's not widely celebrated for his ability to learn from negative experience. Any reading of his six lulzsuits (they are many, for they are legion) shows that better than I ever could.

  8. Let me see. I think there are only two options here.

    (1) Witless Willie says he contacted the pastor of a church to discuss a member of the congregation who happens to have a no-contact order against Willie, but Willie lied because he is too cowardly to risk violating the order.

    (2) Witless Willie says he contacted the pastor of a church to discuss a member of the congregation who happens to have a no-contact order against Willie, and Willie was actually witless enough to have actually done so.

    This is a super tough question. "And" is not an option because these are mutually exclusive options. Yet both are highly plausible.

    I don't know. I give up Alex.

    1. Here's why William's the dazzling star of stupidity that fills me with joy every time he shines his light on us.

      On one hand, he's blatantly violating the third-party contact provision of Grady's restraining order, but only if he's telling truth. On the other hand, if he's not, he's lying about someone that he's currently suing for not telling the truth. Has he considered how that's going to look to a judge or a jury in either eventuality? Why, no. Of fucking course he hasn't!

      The best part is that our drunken lunatic friend doesn't seem to recognize the position that he's put himself in, either way. He consistently puts himself in no-win situations and complains that we ruined his life.

      You really can't make this up.

      1. He's also blatantly violating the "do not write about" provision of Grady's restraining order. Repeatedly. I appreciate society's need for laws and gentlemanly behavior. When faced with a problem like our friend, Bill Schmalfeldt, however, it should be perfectly legal to punch him square in his throat until he either learns or dies. XD


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