16 thoughts on “#SelfAwarenessFail, Part 46,722”

  1. I can hear the cries of rage when Willie gets charged for service of process on all the sock puppets. We shall see then what he has to say about pretendy land. The sock puppets all live in pretendy land, and the marshals don't go there, at least not while on duty.

    He can try to serve me, but it is going to be tough because I am just a figment of Krendler's imagination, and he hasn't even served Krendler with a summons yet, or anybody else for that matter.

  2. when I create phrases like "pretendy land".....

    Pretendy Land written by Percy French 1907.

    DUMBFUCK even has to lie about that.

    There is a stanza in there that does describe the DUMBFUCK pretty well though.

    " Where you need not think before you speak, But gabble and chatter and yell and shriek,"

    Yep, sounds like the DUMBFUCK

  3. bwahahahaha

    It really wants credit for "fear pee" and "pretendy land"??

    bwahahahahaha I - - can't - - breathe - - bwahahahaha

    Depth of STOOOOOOPID lowered yet again. bwahahahaha

    We use those phrases to mock the freak for using those phrases and happy its wife died themerrywidower demands credit!?!


  4. Cowards? Cowards send grotesque photos to someone's wife in an effort to get that someone to modify their behavior. Cowards send a motion to a court to drop their lawsuit with prejudice, and then in email attempt to still use the lawsuit to intimidate someone. Cowards delete their blogs. Cowards delete their twitter comments. Cowards refuse to show up in courtrooms to defend their harassing behavior saying they are too poor and disabled to travel, but offer to travel to show up in courtrooms to pursue their harassing behavior just a few weeks later.

    Cowards? The only coward around here is Mark in MD Bill Schamlfeldt.

  5. This, from a guy who constantly steals the clever and ORIGINAL things John and Paul write about him to try and use back against them. If Dumbfuck ever writes something and it doesn't sound like it came from an elementary school playground, you can be certain he's stolen it from a real writer.

      1. Howard, I think his mom always told him he was very special and his dad always told him he was very stupid. Huh, come to think of it, I guess they were both telling him the same thing.

  6. The best line I have seen on the Internet this year.

    "Despite all my rage I’m still just a land whale on Twitter!"



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