More Kudos To Dave the Crafty Craft Blogger!

Hopefully you all recall that when DUMBFUCK filed his most recent lawsuit, our pal Dave Alexander at the The Artisan Craft Blog wrote a post that gave mild praise to the filing.

It was all a ruse, as Dave warned here beforehand, and many of us participated in taking Dave behind the woodshed for DUMBFUCK’S viewing pleasure.

Well, last night, DUMBFUCK published a post (safe link to archive) wherein he tries to argue that WJJ Hoge is a cult leader responsible for his wife’s death.  As proof of the cult existence and influence, he offers up DAVE’S POST! and the immediate smackdown that came from the Cult of Lickspittles.


Our patience and faith in the long game is once again rewarded!

Dave Alexander, you have achieved Troll level: ELEVENTY BRAZILIAN – the Ayatollah of The Slow Roll Trollah.

Well done, sir!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

27 thoughts on “More Kudos To Dave the Crafty Craft Blogger!”

    1. DUMBFUCK still doesn't understand that eventually he always does precisely what we want him to. And he'll never understand that, which is why I love him.

    2. Sometimes a boot in the ass makes the monkey dance. Other times, a pat on its dick-dented head will do.

      1. And his latest blog post is nothing short of a goldmine for the named defendants. Not being a DUMBFUCK myself, I won't explain how or why, because litigating on the Internet is a sucker's game.

    1. "Didn’t he agree not to lift things from Hoge’s site anymore?"

      Does it count if one's not still in MD?

      Asking for a friend....

  1. Wouldn't a "savage hatred" imply that somebody, somewhere actually takes a DUMBFUCK seriously?

  2. Just as planned...

    The really amusing thing is, WE CAN TELL HIM WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS, and, five minutes later, he takes the hook, line, and sinker...AGAIN!

    Cousin Bill, you are very, very gullible. Do not put your tongue on the metal pole, the stove remains hot for quite a while, and no, girls do not like it when you pinch their bottoms!

    Ah, the monkey dance, it never gets old...

    In a similar note, I put some very easy to find breadcrumbs out there, this week. Be vewy, vewy careful with the doxxing, Cuz - some of them lead over non-obvious cliffs, into rocky pits just jam-packed with litigious tigers!

    1. It's like Billy has the same deficit as Lenny in "Memento"

  3. "I’m a heavy drinker, I’m a rape enthusiast especially in the area of anal rape, I lied about my military service, and I am a deranged cyber stalker who just won’t leave people alone." - Bill Schmalfeldt, January 15, 2016, on his blog, The Pontificator

    Digital images captured, blog source-scraped and archived, all cooperating investigators alerted, and independent online archives notified. Check, check, check, and check!

    Nice work, Cuz. You can memory-hole that one, we have what we need.

    1. Oh, and I showed that posting, without comment, to a local police officer of my acquaintance. One who had never heard of Bill Schmalfeldt.

      He had two questions:

      1) "Does he live near here?"
      2) "Has he threatened you?"

      That's a response from someone totally unaware of Cousin Bill's history, based on that single posting.

      Take the clue, Cuz. You are not right. Double entendre intended.

    2. “I’m a heavy drinker, I’m a rape enthusiast especially in the area of anal rape, I lied about my military service, and I am a deranged cyber stalker who just won’t leave people alone.” – Bill Schmalfeldt

      Hmmm...wonder what the Canticle and Juniper Courts nuns will make of that, not to mention the bubs at Cardinal Management

      1. it's amazing that he has forgotten how much of that is actually backed up by his OWN DAMN WORDS

  4. Bill really is the gift that keeps giving. Too bad that every time he gives he does it by stepping on his own crank and handing people very useful legal bats in which to beat his frivolous lawsuits.

      1. Only for Biwwy. I assume that TOLF is suggesting that wouldn't it be wonderful for everyone involved if Biwwy could figure out how to give in the first place without requiring others to take legal action in response.

        But indeed, if he insists on requiring others to take legal actions, his current method of giving is a good one. For others that is. Not for Biwwy.


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