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  1. Helpfully, he confirms where his interests lay:


      1. Billy would know a lot about ass-licking (especially involving trannies and cub scouts)

  2. Gawwd... how much more projection does this guy need for people to accept he's gay? Who doesn't openly accept this poor man's coming out of the closet?

    We're proud you've left the closet, Bill! I realize you're old, but hopefully, you can be the best Packer fan in world!

    1. Unfortunately to him, its an affront to his manhood to suggest that. Even though its really what he wants. I've seen all the symptoms before. It will end badly for him if he keeps denying it.

      1. He offered to snuggle the package guy in his building. Slowly, but surely, all will be revealed about his desire to "touch" the neighborly men.

  3. Powers and principalities of the air defend us: a supposedly grown man saying "poopiepants." How pathetic.

      1. Are we SURE this guy was a GS-13? I know government standards are low, but good grief.

  4. We're RICH!
    Blob is like Honey Boo Boo Mother.

    Convince Blubber to come out of the closet (He just posted today that he want's to snuggle with the octogenarian deliveryman) (did someone cache that?) and we can sell the whole thing to TMZ! NETFLIX!

    The script is already written! Years of backstory; Tincasa living, lots of latent homosexual clues (he was in the Navy/scouts), restraining orders, copyright infringements, defamation, internet expert journalist, etc. He's our next Caitlyn Jenner! (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    Get Bill set up with some amenable same-sex senior for a reality TV date!
    It's a GOLD MINE!

    Octogenarian Gay/Brony litigious coming out story!

    He'd totally be up for it considering he's thinking he can get rich from the courts.
    He'd lap it up like rum-soaked custard.

    Be Free Bill, be Free!

    I claim intellectual property copyrights pro se.
    Have we got some writers here?

  5. Wait just a minute, is this the same guy (using that loosely) who is suing a bunch of people because they hurt his feelings? Man, what a pathetic dumbfuck.

  6. Cardinal Management has been forwarded these tweets - I'm sure they are approving of this horrid use of their name and images for his pornographic tweets

      1. they cannot be pleased with his latest forays, but of course its our fault cause he once wrote he had PD but some insurance doc said differently

  7. So, he managed to present a reasonably adult face to the internet for what, 12 hours? He left lickspittles and zombies alone for 12 hours, and we left him alone and he was so desperate after just that short period of time, that he had to start attacking again.




    If I lived in the apartment next to a creature who posted tweets like that, I'd be concerned about having grandchildren visit.

  8. Speaking of people who have sadz...

    "This information needs to be recanted at once. I am the individual mentioned here. I have no criminal record, no access to firearms. The management of this complex did a thorough background check on me. This is a blatant attempt by [REDACTED] of Paris, TN, to have me killed. I am not a pedophile. I do not deal in child porn and have nothing but revulsion for those who do.

    Do you people check these things before you print them? Do you realize that you are putting my life and the life of everyone in this residence in danger?

    Remove this at once, and notify me as to who placed it so I can seek criminal charges."


    1. When I saw that, I looked very hard for the part of the complaint that could POSSIBLY be interpreted as "a blatant attempt to have me killed..."

      I couldn't find that anywhere.

      Then I looked out the window of my spacious, rent free home, and I saw it sprayed about everywhere like bloodstains in an abattoir.

      1. The creepy side of it is that Blob, as usual, is projecting....Which means that his defamation and libel are actually efforts to get his "enemies" killed. (Though, if Billy really wants to kill the "enemy," well...I'll leave the advising to Howard D. Earl here)

      2. That's the fantasy; that happy its wife died themerrywidower is an important entity; so important that many would like to see it killed. Dementia in an already diseased brain is quite humiliating, but not as much as the stooooopid, and the narcissism.

        This is like that ridiculous 'bloodonthemike' delusion, wherein some on the right were determined to 'shut up' an 'influential' dementia-addled blogger who would destroy their electoral chances. You know, with less than ten followers on twitter, rarely getting a reply to a multi-tagged tweet, and not making Alexa rankings, you can bet that freak is all the GOP talks about in strategy sessions.

        Stooopid that deep should be painful. Sadly, the dementia prevents it from grasping how much of a FOOL it makes of itself; all we do is point it out.

      3. Deb Frisch used to have the exact same fantasy delusion and narcissism. How'd that work out for her?

      4. Exactly, BillyProjecting - the freak always, always tells on itself. No wonder it's so paranoid around nuns.

    2. As a rule, I don't approve of making irl contacts over internet behavior, other than LE if the behavior actually warrants it. That being said, does anyone have a ballpark idea of how many times happy its wife died themerrywidower contacted employers, family members, or made other irl contacts wrt whomever the freak was targeting at that moment?

      Links were included to support every accusation made by the anonymous complainant. That complaint wasn't just the paranoid, delusional, ravings of a diseased and demented mind. It didn't appear to be narcissistic attention seeking.

      And the whiny demand to remove the comment didn't include any proof to the contrary.

      Funny, that. And quite hypocritical.

      1. He's called me and spoke to me at least twice, left several msg, once sent a profanity laced email, wrote that he called the police, the newspaper, the mayor, possibly called Tory's athletic department at her university, possibly contacted my neighbors, made websites about my children, wrote several times I was raping my youngest daughter. He forged a sick twisted perverted review on one of his book jackets in my name to smear me and create false evidence which is a crime in Tennessee.

        If someone kills him over his child porn rape fantasies of boyscouts that would be a terrible crime.

        Making rape fantasies to urge sick perverts to injure precious children and try to sell them worldwide can bring all sorts of angry responses from people who might do anything to protect children. Not something someone should do under any circumstances.

        I don't know what he is talking about and have nothing to retract

        1. And you're just one person. The freak has done the same type of thing again, and again, to no one knows how many people, some who never even heard of happy its wife died themerrywidower before it began harassing them irl.

          As I've mentioned many times, the malignant monster also chose to endanger innocent children by making a bogus complaint to protective services. If they'd taken the freak seriously enough to yank the children before investigating, they'd have at least been scarred for life. Why? Because their parents chose not to share the intimate details of their daughter's stillbirth with a complete, and creeptastic, stranger.

          Oh, but how it whines when someone even hints at contacting anyone in the malignant monster's misbegotten, miserable 'real' life. How it howls at a complaint on the internet backed up with links to support every assertion.

          It really hates it when people tell the truth about it, and when there's a risk the truth may impact it irl. Guess it should have thought of that before it went on its rampages against so many others, huh? Of course, it really didn't have the capacity, I suppose, because that diseased, dementia-addled brain is pretty full with rage, envy, hate, perversion, and twisted 'revenge' fantasies.

          Will it stop? Nope - after alienating virtually all who've had the misfortune to become aware of its sick existence, including its own children, this is all it has left.

      2. But it does appear that you have the Mother of All Counterclaims!

        William should really think these things through before he gets all litigious, but then he wouldn't be William.

      3. Jane, your thoughtful comment provokes me to be a little more serious than is the wonted behavior at this site, which was after all founded in the spirit of parody.

        It is unfortunately true that what is moral is not necessarily legal and what is immoral is not necessarily illegal. Witless Willie has done an unusually large number of immoral acts, and many are perfectly and indisputably legal. (I am assuming what should be obvious to anyone, namely that the Wisconsin law Willie blathers about is unconstitutional. If it is a crime to say on the Internet things that might be considered abusive, Willie is looking at life in prison.)

        But Willie cannot accept that the constitutional provision protecting his immoral acts from legal reprisal simultaneously permits others to have and express opinions on his despicable behavior. BPO has the constitutional right to express his opinion that some of Willie's writings are pornographic, an adjective with multiple though related meanings. (I say this even though I disagree with BPO's opinion: Willie's writings manage to make even sex unappealing, a literary failure of amazing degree.)

        The line in Willie's LOLsuit denying people the legal right even to hold unfavorable opinions of him reflects his inner thoughts. (I refuse to believe that a GS-13 writer could mis-express his thoughts in something as important as a federal lawsuit.)


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