Is It So Wrong?

I saw this image while perusing the Twitterz today, specifically the timeline of someone who is probably best left alone and referred to only as HayCrayzeeLaydy!!

I suppose it’s evil that my first though after reading that was…

Don’t forget mashed potatoes and gravy!

See you in Orlando…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “Is It So Wrong?”

  1. So far, I've had a couple of cows and a pig today. All of them were delicious. I love animals!

    1. That's certainly not my thought looking at those two poor emaciated critters. Not only have they been severely mistreated from a humane standpoint, but from a strictly practical point of view, if one is trying to raise animals for food, one doesn't underfeed them.

      1. I would take them home and feed them corn and grain and oats and anything I could to get them up to a healthy weight. That's just plain abuse. You never underfeed something you're going to eat. Ever.

    1. My sister's husband used to raise hogs, and farm the necessary beans and corn to feed them.

      These two would have "disappeared" at some point, as the other hogs would have eaten them.

      Old family dialogue:

      "Where's John?"

      "Went to shit, and the hogs ate him."

      True story, bro.


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