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Total FUCKS given by the entire populace of Paris, TN (estimated) – Zero

Total FUCKS given by Paul Krendler (actual) – Zero

Total FUCKS given by everyone else on the planet except DUMBFUCKS – Zero


No.  Don’t wanna know.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “Hmm….”

  1. Are you saying BPO = PK??!!??


    I haven't looked at the malignant monster's twitter, and don't have time to, so please let me know when (not if) it makes that leap of stooooopid.

  2. Willy, if I may be so bold. If you really want hits to your "blog", consider recording your calls to law enforcement and their visits to your hovel and make them available for viewing/listening.

    Hell, you could charge a membership fee. I'd pay.

    1. Yeah, but you'd have to have a throwaway account with PayPal or he'd try to dox you.
      Emphasis on TRY.

      1. One could probably write a check, put it in the mail with a complete return address on the envelope, and it would still faildox at least two people, and maybe never make the connection to the real target.

  3. As I've said multiple times over the last couple of years, don't discount the fact Dumbfuck was cuckold by two different wives. What are the odds that he just happened to marry two women who would end up being in to that? I gotta think the vast majority of women would be disgusted by the idea and would never want such a weak and pathetic man for a husband. Don't get me wrong, as long as no one gets hurt, I've got no problem with anything that consenting adults do behind closed doors. I just don't understand any man wanting to go through something so humiliating, much less geting off on it. I have to believe (because of his actions) that Dumbfuck loves to be humiliated, and much like he did with his first two wives seeks out those who will "put him in his place".

      1. According to the freak, that's what SGotCU did, mocked it when it cried. Hmmm... maybe that explains happy its wife died "themerrywidower"...


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