Good Night, DUMBFUCK! 

Does it really stand by every word?  I wonder if that includes the 99.9999999998% of its lifetime output, which, like all the turds it chose not to pick up, roll into a ball and sniff, have long since been flushed down the memory hole.

I feel reasonably certain that this assertion could be tested by the reproduction of some of those pieces that have been saved from its efforts to scrub them from the internet like vomit from a Tilt-A-Whirl.

Something to look forward to, perhaps…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

47 thoughts on “Good Night, DUMBFUCK! ”

  1. Dumbfuck files a response to court saying he incapable of traveling.

    Now he says this.

    So much disabled, PD addled widower.

    Fucking liar.

      1. How many sites have ad after ad on the television? I haven't watched cable for about two years now,and I still remember Travelocity. We've used them a few times with good results. I think there's a, and I'm sure there are more.

      2. Or... does this tell us all the major travel websites have banned/blocked him?

    1. Yeah. Like you are really going to show. You are a pussy, Schmalfeldt. You lack the testicles to follow through. You are not only NOT going to NC, you will not follow through on your most recent legal abortion.
      You know it.
      We know it.
      And your cadre of simpletons on TK know it.
      There is no one you are suing that would stand /lie there as you size them up for Irish Sunglasses as was your way with your "beloved".

      So shut your fucking dick holster. Purchase a medium caliber handgun. Load it. Then place it in your mouth and aim it toward that empty cavity where the rest of us have a brain and SQUEEZE.

      Do it for the Cub Scouts.

    2. Now he's being an idiot.

      So why do you need a hotel recommendation? Will Neil or the Pedobomber travel for you? Perhaps Osborne or Fergie? Be a good lapdog and do their work!

    1. That was negated when Hoge held each of them to their solemn word and showed up in court for the restraining order.

      Additionally, once he moved West of the Mississippi river, he was cleared from all previous legal obligations..................

      1. I know his ass is fat, but is it so immense that one part of it can actually be west of the Mississippi River if another part is close to Lake Michigan?

  2. I'm impressed. No, really. This is a level of cognitive dissonance that I think you'd have to visit a mental hospital to see. He ROUTINELY memory-holes things which don't paint him in a good light at all, and misrepresents himself to everyone he interacts with. And he claims to 'stand by the things he's written'?

    Wow. I'mma gonna have to go to IHOP for some pancakes to meditate on this one.

    1. If Hoge sent him something for him to "publish" (until such time as the ReBrandIng or purging or 2 weeks go by)...

      Less people would read it than if Hoge published it. Far less.

      What exactly is this supposed to do for Hoge? Why would he bother?

      1. He really cannot grasp the very simple concept that Mr. Hoge, the Causeys, Patrick Grady, Scott Hinkley and Lynn Thomas - to say nothing of the rest of us! - want him to leave us alone.

  3. I would say that Bill's biggest defense on these many protective orders has gone right out the window. He loves to say that he is too old, sick and weak to actually travel in person to harass someone. But he announces that he is indeed traveling to the home town of one of his most recent victims by asking for "hotel advice" from his 9 Twitter followers.

    Bill is attempting to frighten and intimidate one or more of his victims living in North Carolina. I hope Courts around the country see this for exactly what it is.....more harassment.

    1. Didn't take long for DumbFuck Schmalfeldt to block me once again on twitter. But he's not as fast at it as he used to be. I think its probably because of the liquor.

      Nice job by Mr. "I must comment everywhere and I will print what Hoge writes".

      Man, I haven't been on Twitter in months because I can read his crap when logged out.

      Its like they say at the Summers Eve bottling plant. WhaddaDouche!

  4. So he stands by what he has written, good here is my opinion:

  5. DUMBFUCK spews: "The Kennel Kleener misunderstands. Do not use my name in the title of your commercial blog. ".
    And he regurgitates: "I stand by the things I've written."

    Seems like someone does not understand the words coming out of his own mouth. They were pretty clear to me.

    1. What pray tell is a "commercial blog"? Most people would assume it is one which is either selling something, or which requires readers to pay before they can read the content. No one has ever considered that a button for voluntary donations makes it "commercial".

      On the other hand a book which is being sold through Amazon and other online book sellers is most definitely a commercial item, and he is using several of our names in them without our permission.

      How is it perfectly kosher for him to do it, but we may not? (And yes that is a rhetorical question; I know we all know the answer he would give.)

  6. Oh sad face!!! The cult posts are gone due to massive DumbFuck Fail. Guess you can't stand behind them if you can't find them huh? The bottle giveth and the bottle taketh away.

    Looks like died an early death from cirrhosis of the blog as well. Sad, sad, sad. Guess DrunkBrainRadio's days are numbered too eh?

    Gotta go, cult meeting at 9. Tonights robes are viridian, and we're piping Sulfur Hexaflouride into the cavern so we'll all have profound deeper bass chants for the leadoff "Hoge Am Law and he kicks DumbFuck Raw" Always a crowd pleaser.

      1. that would be bob, we're having curry flavor Kool-Aid and as a special tribute to Our Esteemed Dark Master we'll be noshing on quantum doughnuts. They're kind of small so bob is bringing lots extra.
        Praise the ForeSeer of All Things Proceeding!

    1. Important safety note -

      Because SF6 is much heavier than air, if you pipe in too much and someone falls over from oxygen deficiency, just dragging them into fresh air is not enough. Drag them into fresh air, grab their ankles and hold them upside down so it drains out.

      Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

  7. "I stand by the things I've written." -- Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt

    1. that is probably the most truthful he has ever been in the last few years, which explains why he'd denied it repeatedly since posting it.


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