Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


I wonder why? Do they also have a vested interest in NOT seeing Bill Schmalfeldt’s pathetic and transparent lies exposed before God?

Perhaps I shall call and ask later.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

      1. So the guy Bill says is Grady shouldn't even think about the church Bill says Grady attends?

        Has Bill been tested for brain function lately?

  1. Of course he didn't. William can't even open his eyes in the morning without telling at least three demonstrable untruths.

  2. Of course this church is going to cut all ties with a family who has been attending for years, due to contact from an out-of-state lunatic, a dementia-addled freak subject to at least SEVEN restraining orders, aka the stolen valor Lyin' of Lebanon... makes more sense than a lot of what the malignant monster writes.

    1. Billy has what psychologists would call in "impoverished Theory of Mind." Translation: Billy thinks we're as dumb as he is!

  3. So, if I read this right, he managed to get Grady thrown out of his church.

    Can someone with more law-talking experience explain how this isn't black-letter law stalking?

    1. because he's lying about it maybe?

      i'm sure that defense will stand him in good stead when he has to explain it to a judge,
      "no sir I did not violate that order, I was lying the whole time!!"

      Dumbfucks gotta dumbfuck after all.

      1. Yet again with the sterling character!

        I don't want to go all Christine McVie on everybody, but William makes lulzsuits fun! They'd be more fun if he was smart enough to write one that could actually make it to trial at some point.

      2. I suppose there's that, but who wants to live forever?

        William's five-eights retarded procedural arguments are such a mess that fact-finding is almost entirely beside the point, And fact-finding is where the real FUN would start.

        Maybe we should hire a lawyer for him.

      3. As always, Billy confuses his revenge-rage fantasies with his impotent-rage reality.


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