Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

And good morning to the fine officers of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department as well! Don’t be shy, comments are free of charge.

If you members of the general public ever wondered how generally stupid the criminal mind is, and how transparent its lies are, well…here’s a lesson.

Yesterday, after our friend the DUMBFUCK collected its SEVENTH career restraining order across four states (and for you law enforcement observers keeping track, it’s looking at number EIGHT in state number FIVE this morning), it commenced its SOP “I didn’t do nuthin’/there’s no justice for a poor disabled widower…*snif*” shtickle. This rapidly advanced into a normal hyperactive meltdown, which was punctuated by this blog post obliquely mentioning one of those SEVEN restraining order holders.


The point of the whole blog post is that someone in Scottsdale, Arizona posted a comment on a prior post wherein DUMBFUCK expressed an unhealthy interest in the genitalia of that restraining order holder. DUMBFUCK maintains that someone is pretending to be said restraining order holder.

That picture may be difficult to see.  You can go here to see it more clearly.  It’s archived because DUMBFUCK will eventually delete it in a flurry of shame and evidence spoliation; it does that rather frequently…it’s a hallmark of DUMBFUCKERY.  There’s something interesting there that will become important in very short order.  Be patient with me, your humble Zombie Host.

I love surprises, don’t you?

Well, back to our tale.  As it happened yesterday, the standard issue meltdown took a truly bizarro turn and headed straight off a cliff, where it picked up terminal velocity and burst into flames.  A little later on, another comment appeared on DUMBFUCK’S blog.


And it didn’t need to be moderated or ANYTHING!  Slid right in there clean!  Amazing is what it is.

Later on, after EVEN MORE MELTING DOWN AND HYSTERICS, DUMBFUCK had still another blog post detailing how it just knew for goddamn sure to a certainty how that comment couldn’t possibly have come from anyone other than who it says!  That post looks like this:


(click to enlarge)

Now, here’s the important bit, which you missed if you didn’t follow the blog post pictured just above…

What can you see in the first post, that you can’t see in this one?  And the more important question to ask is this: why did DUMBFUCK choose not to include it?

If it had included it, as it ALMOST did in this soon-to-be-deleted tweet,


it would have a slam dunk, open and shut case.  But it chose not to, and therein lies the doubt.

It probably just forged it forgot.  Because this, too, is a hallmark of DUMBFUCK behavior.

Yeah…I’m sure that’s it.

And officers?


Stay safe.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

37 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. And, officers, Bill's concept of a "lie" is someone making a conditional statement -- "stop harassing me and I won't go forward with the complaint" -- and abiding by the condition. Namely, Bill didn't stop harassing them, so they went ahead with the complaint, and Bill has ever after declared that a "lie".

    1. Good morning, Officers! Don't you hate it when that happens? People saying they're not going to show up at court, and so you don't bother to show up either and lose your case by default?

      Wait, what? Huh. You're right. That would be incredibly stupid and now that I think about it, I guess you fine men and women would know better than you engage in such dumbassery.

      Thank you for your time, and you have a fine day!

  2. It really is time for a wellness check on Mr. Schmalfeldt, officers. He ran the full gambit of a bipolar disorder last night - manic, frenzied, lashing out, all the way to maudlin, depressive, and introspective. He even says he was hearing his late wife. He has stated in the past, in Federal court documents, that he has some cognitive impairment and impulse control issues - he may finally be a danger to himself.

    In addition, his two blog posts last night that dealt with my genitalia (a subject he has speculated on in the past) indicate that his repressed homosexuality is finally surfacing, and he is struggling mightily with it. Mental health professional will tell you that a person in such a crisis is at their most vulnerable - it is time to get him the mental help he so badly needs.

    1. Well written, agiledog; totally agree. I've been concerned for a while about Scmalfeldt's potential for violence to self or others.

      Schmalfeldt's condition has gone sharply downhill since writing this a few years ago.

    2. Is this fellow using the Internet facilities via Canticle and Juniper Courts in Wisconsin? If so, Cardinal Capital Management might also want a heads-up...

      1. So you're saying his one remaining tether to the rest of the world has vanished into thin air? LOL!

  3. He said he could hear his dead wife, no in his head, but in his "heart". Now honestly, who has ears in their heart? Obviously he has become grossly anatomically disorganized and needs some heavy sedation and quiet time to get the pieces back together.

    1. Perhaps I'm hallucinating the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure that Gail wasn't "OK" with the lulzsuits when she was still a respirating mammal. In fact, I recall her thinking - along with William's doctor - that the stress of it might "kill him."

      On the other hand, I cannot discount the possibility that death can change your perspective on things in any number of ways.

      1. Maybe she was OK with him pursuing the suits AND thought it would kill him.

  4. Frendo claims to be in Maryland? He's not in Maryland. If his computer thinks he's in Maryland, or Twitter thinks he's in Westminster, or he has an account set to Westminster Maryland, he's be in a perfect position to pretend to be John Hoge.

    There's no way Bill Schmalfeldt is creating evidence against John Hoge? Right?

  5. You should make this blog a part of the shift change brief and include Shakey's Twitter TL, officers.

    I wish we would've had something like this for comedic relief.

  6. It seems my cowardly anon cyber-harasser is trying to get dumb as a post Thomas Mix of Vero beach to sue Lynn. I'm sure this identification is as good as her claim I am @TradWifey @DarnFacts


    Hey, everybody. Don't become monsters, okay? Thanks.

      1. The lack of insight into his own behavior is stunning. When I worked at Metropolitan State hospital in SoCal it was the patients who owned up to their bad behavior that got well. The one who didn’t remained mentally ill (as a side note the ones without personal insight were usually intellectually impaired as well).

    1. I have formally sworn a "He-Man Non-Monster Conversion Oath" upon the very soul of my moderately sized coffee maker which I bought so that I would not make too much coffee and everyone understands how critically important not too much coffee is in getting through times of personal crisis because it is very easy to become unhinged and lose touch with the world around you when there is too much coffee in a time of personal challenges. Now excuse me I have to go to the cemetery and see what time it is..

    1. That's a superb idea, especially after [REDACTED - PLEASE DON'T EDUCATE THE MONKEY - PK]


        There is nothing! NOTHING! *pounds table* NOOOOTHING in the record that demonstrates that the monkey *can* be educated!
        Furthermore, to quote the famous Johnny Cochrane in _People v Chef_ "If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit!"

    2. Wait... he posted information on the wrong person, one of his targets duplicated it, and he says he's blameless because he deleted it?

      And that the backup is a "fail dox", but his isn't?

      That boy ain't right.

      1. I was told that William doesn't delete tweets. I was also under the impression that "reporting" specifically required confirmation before publication.

  8. I am significantly confused, and the only path out of this confusion, as far as I can see, is to go back to the bar where I was. The Doctor will go back to his other office now, located in The Admiral Theatre just down the street from the main office. Look for me there...

    1. From my misspent youth I know of an "Admiral Theatre" that is either DEFINITELY NOT a bar or is a HIGHLY SPECIALIZED sorta kinda bar, IYKWIMAITYD.

      Could this be a GMTA situation, Dr Dan?


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