Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

1-6-2016 1-45-26 PM

Actually, I knew this.  The New York Times and The Washington Post, for instance, those bastions of liberal bias, have two of the more active and populous CORRECTIONS pages in all of American journalism.

But even they don’t get as much stuff wrong as a DUMBFUCK does.  This may be a result of the several things they have that DUMBFUCK PRETENDY LAND FAKE journalists don’t have…things like fact checkers, proofreaders, editors, and legal departments, all of whom, oddly enough, exercise their particular job functions BEFORE publishing a story.

Those peculiar folks are among the many professionals who create the wide canyon of separation between ACTUAL professional journalists and DUMBFUCK PRETENDY LAND FAKE journalists, whose daily self-immolations are sooooo entertaining.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

5 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Luckily, DUMBFUCK has chosen the ultimate arbiter of what is true and false, the courts.

    I suspect that he'll come to regret that choice.

  2. The bloggers I know don't have all of those layers of support staff, yet they still manage to check their facts before publishing. In fact, I've noticed the horde does more fact-checking on their off-the-cuff comments than the freak appears to use on anything. We all try to get things right, instead of emoting our fee-fees and hallucinations, then calling it 'reporting.'

    1. I'm not quite that careful. Case in point: sometimes I inadvertently say "Bill Schmalfeldt is a rapist" rather than the correct statement "Bill Schmalfeldt is an accused rapist".

      1. I choose to embrace the power of "and" on that one, gmhowell. Bill Schmalfeldt is beyond any possibility of doubt an accused rapist. Bill Schmalfeldt has done nothing of which I'm aware to prove the accuser wrong, nor even really denied the charge. Iirc, Bill Schmalfeldt just spewed some nonsense about not being convicted in a criminal court of raping anyone.

        Well, first of all, this isn't court. This is a zombie blog. We're allowed to use common definitions to words, and zombie colloquialisms, as we see fit. We don't have to pull out a legal dictionary every time we want to point and laugh at Bill Schmalfeldt or anyone else.

        Next, that one didn't get caught, or managed to get off on a technicality, or be part of several other possible sets of circumstances that could lead to no conviction, does not mean one didn't commit the crime charged, in this instance, rape by Bill Schmalfeldt.

        And then there's the current progressive talking point that Bill Schmalfeldt most likely heartily endorses: Believe accusations of rape until there's proof to the contrary; or words to that effect. Again, so far as I know, Bill Schmalfeldt hasn't offered anything to contradict the accuser. And since I believe the accuser, this isn't court, I'm very comfortable with the statement, "Bill Schmalfeldt is a rapist."

        Finally, as you likely know, I have a long standing rule of thumb that has served me well over the last few years: Assume any assertion by Bill Schmalfeldt is a lie, whether a deliberate lie, or caused by dementia.

        quod erat demonstrandum


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