Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

In Which I Inaccurately Speculate About Court Proceedings or, A Day Ending In ‘Y’

Here’s what I think will happen tomorrow in the third re-scheduled hearing of Sarah Palmer (Dread Pirate Zombie) v. me (OZ the Great and Terrible Smelling) requesting a Restraining Order on behalf of her grandson, and another one on her own behalf.

I spoke to the Carla Crawford, the County Clerk of Courts this morning. Lovely woman – African tinge in her voice.  Probably an EEO case.

There are two case numbers. 15-CVD-2054 (Sarah’s RO) and 15-CVD-2055 (to protect her grandbaby from the creeping horror that is me).

They first tried to hold this hearing on January 6. But there was some question as to whether or not I had been served properly, because blue states like Wisconsin are so bureaucracy-laden and they can never get their shit together, so they moved the hearing to January 13. That day arrived — same problem, even though I had responded with a motion to dismiss, which is apparently not enough to prove service even in a Right Wing Nut Job Red State Run By The Koch Brothers. So the hearing was moved to January 27.

Here’s the problem. I only have one summons. It is for Sarah’s RO for her grandson. I do not have a summons for Sarah’s RO. The county clerk told me that the court had received notification of service of Sarah’s RO, but not the one for her grandson.

So, I have a summons for 15-CVD-2055.

I do NOT have a summons for 15-CVD-2054.  But I do have Parkinson’s dementia.  (and there was that one day when I ran out of toilet paper…)

The court says the sheriff indicated they had served 15-CVD-2054.

The clerk said she had no record in the file that showed I had been served 15-CVD-2055.  But I have it.  I scratched out the ‘4’ and write in a ‘5’ and that’s perfectly legal according to my colleagues at ACME.

So, I believe tomorrow will bear the same result as the last two times Poor Scared Sarah tried to protect herself and her grandson from my terrifying e-mails, which I just admitted to sending because I am a DUMBFUCK.

Or, I might be wrong. After all, I AM A DUMBFUCK.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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    Ever so much better when translated from the original DUMBF**Kish.

  2. I'm just leaving this here for Krendler...

    1. Good thing its grandchildren have been kept safe by their parents. Grandpa Baby Stalker might want to play glass bottom coffee table boat commander.

  3. Any bets that he's going to come up with a shit excuse and say "Well since I wasn't properly served for Sarah's grandbaby, I will continue to stalk that child."?


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