Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!


You know, I think DUMBFUCK has finally stated, with clarity and simplicity, the nature of the corner into which it has painted itself.

Perhaps a promotion to GS-12 is in order.

GS negative thirteen to GS negative twelve IS a step up, isn’t it?

But perhaps I misunderstand…is DUMBFUCK flummoxed by an inability to see how it could be both a coward AND a liar?

Well, we Zombies know that the answer is in the question.  DUMBFUCK just has to EMBRACE it.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. THE Cure? Perhaps prayer?

  1. Perhaps he shouldn't have talked himself into a corner.

    Every time Bill talks about how badass he is, this image springs to mind:

  2. He's been a coward and a liar since I first stumbled over his laughable "investigative reporting" about things he had no clue of. He made himself the laughingstock of Wisconsin politics and has been just digging himself a deeper hole since then.

    1. For someone who is not "newsworthy in any sense," William has certainly sent out enough press releases about himself in the third person, hasn't he?

      1. "I want people to know they are attacking a totally disabled PD addled widower!"

        "I'm a private person! You cannot use my name!"

        Yeah, this is a thoroughly consistent line of reasoning... after a bottle of Johnny Walker Red.

    2. Not newsworthy, except for the kazillion public blogs, and the stalking faildoxxes, and the multiple restraining orders for stalking/harassment (at a time when online stalkers are VERY much an issue of public interest), and the self-published plagiarized shitbooks, and...


    Excuse me.


    That's better. Carry on.

    1. Didn't he tell the world that he never showed her any of the online stuff so that she wouldn't worry? He seemed to think it highly inappropriate of me to show my daughter his disgusting accusations that I abused her.

      Of course my daughter just laughed and asked me if he was a moron.

      1. He's dumb, but not stupid.

        Even he realizes what discovery would look like for that .

    2. Is the dementia addled and self-titled HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower confessing to having a hand in its wife's death? Of course, I've long believed it, but through neglect due to narcissism and ocd; I didn't previously think it was deliberate for such a paltry amount of life insurance...

      I'll not educate the monkey further, but that is the only possible conclusion at the end of this path.

      1. I am wondering what doctor he is going to call in to support that allegation?

        And the obvious question would be, "Mr. Schmalfeldt, if she told you to walk away, and you know this was affecting both her and you, why didn't you?"

      2. Because he's really really stupid? And has a messiah complex? And delusional? Did I already mention really really stupid?

      3. I was wondering what Mrs. Schmally did to Schmally that he sought revenge for, by participating in killing her. Is he accusing her doctors? TJ? I know none of us ever communicated with her, much less actually met the woman, so there's no plausible way he's talking about us.


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