…is being discussed ELSEWHERE.

You can’t read it if you can’t find it. 

If you can’t find it, you have to ask nicely.

If you can’t ask nicely, then we’re probably talking about YOU.

But you’ll never know. 

Because you’re a DUMBFUCK.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “#DUMBFUCK Logic”

  1. This was interesting, Paul.

    Or Pat.
    Or Lynn.
    Or John.
    Or Mathew (with one 't')
    Or Vinnie.
    Or Eric.
    Or Howard.
    Or Kyle.
    Or whoever I might have left out.


      1. No.

        But I could be a good Krendler, really I could, just give me a chance huh? that's all I need, just a chance and I'll be the best darn Krendler you ever saw, the monkey'll dance real good and everybody will have lots of FUN and lulz and everything. Cuz I'm smart not dumb, and I deserve to be Krendler.

    1. Willie merely "thinks" that Bill Parvocampus is really someone else? The rest of humanity knows it.

  2. Somebody pull up his picture from Dec 18 2010 of him receiving his Acrylic Shingle award from NIH.
    Now check out that jacket. It's a black velvet blazer with a neon orange design tie. Totes flamboyant.
    I'm not calling him Cabin Boy anymore. From now on, it's Closet Boy.

    1. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. (NSFW)


  3. More Dumbfuck logic: Your writing is physical violence, ie. slapping, arson, rape, etc.

    My writing, no matter how vile or intrusive is just writing. Because Dumbfuck.

    1. He does love himself some boy rape fantasies as well, know I see he's thinking those might not have been a good idea, maybe not - he like's to play the vic, to avoid the consequences

      1. And then the real Schmycle begins:

        1. Write rape fantasy, death threat, post pics of flyeaten corpse wife, etc.
        2. Consequences result
        3. Attempt "damage control" to stamp out the Consequences
        4. Worse Consequences result
        5. Repeat Step 3

  4. Not only does Billy spread 'em wide and hungrily...he paints a big-ass TARGET on that big ass


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