DUMBFUCK Definitions

tenement – noun |  ten·e·ment ˈte-nə-mənt

Simple Definition of tenement

: a large building that has apartments or rooms for rent and that is usually in a poorer part of a city 

Full Definition of tenement

1: any of various forms of corporeal property (as land) or incorporeal property that is held by one person from another

2: dwelling


  • a : a house used as a dwelling : residence
  • b : apartment, flat
  • c : tenement house

Examples of TENEMENT

<an exhibit of pictures showing the tenements of the New York City neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen during the 1920s>

Apparently some DUMBFUCK thinks gmhowell defamed a building or something…


There’s a little bell going off in the back of my zombie brain…

Hell’s Kitchen…DUMBFUCK knows someone from Hell’s Kitchen, I think.  From right about the time when das Uhrwerk Seelenverwandten kicked it to the curb and went off to buy the showplace tincasa?

Karen? Kimberly? Kyla? Kendra? Khloe?



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “DUMBFUCK Definitions”

  1. So, did SGotCU, the absolute love of happy its wife died themerrywidower's miserable, wasted, FAIL of a life, that the freak continues to love with ever fiber of its thoroughly revolting being, kick it out before it cheated because it cheated on her?

    Or is this one of those 'and' situations?

  2. If I'm not mistaken, there's a message board out there where the Bobber commends Kate for "taking care" of William.

    Poor woman.

    1. I seem to remember a story about how William and Kate first met. Or was that Bill Parvocampus? I keep getting the two mixed up.

      1. And wasn't Parvocampus really Krendler?


  3. Ah memories. So sweet aren't they? I wonder what it's like to get your big shot. A satellite radio show beamed to the entire northern hemisphere. Show tunes that attract at least dozens of listeners and then...............you get the boot. Again. THIS time it was going to different. THIS time it was the real deal. That must have stung. Especially when you go on the fan forum and brag about how you were leaving because someone offered you a nationally syndicated show. Cause you know, satellite radio is only small market local. Then nothing. No national show. Just the inky blackness of you lies catching up with you. You beg the satellite guys to take you back but they won't even answer your call or return your messages or emails. Is that where all the rage comes from? Oh sure there is a TON of evidence od

    1. (damn small keyboard and fat fingers!)

      Oh sure there is a TON of evidence on why Bill left but I'm not sure that needs to be dragged out into the sunlight at this point.

  4. Paul,

    I regret having to point out a small detail you missed.

    Witless Willie is a stickler for using a word that has a legal definition only in its strict legal sense. You may remember that Willie has severely rebuked those who find some of his spewings pornographic because, in Willie's opinion, nothing he has written meets the strict legal definition of pornography.

    Thus there is no need to consider any informal definition of "tenement."

    As for the building suing for defamation, I believe it is still too young to have standing to sue.


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