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I know we have among the Horde a great many Second Amendment enthusiasts and defenders.  It seems like the blogs and other websites I visit on this topic regularly bounce off the topics of emergency preparedness and what can kindly be called survivalism.

I think the first thing to look at is your bug out bag.  I’m not in a position to endorse a particular model, and I know needs vary.  So, what bag (or bags) do you stow your gear in, and where can the Horde buy them?


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  1. This site is fussy about who can view it: http://www.prepperwebsite.com/

    So, I can't recommend it, but it looked interesting, and may be a start for info.

  2. I'd tell you, but I don't want my supplier to get hit with a subpoena for IP addresses.....

    1. Well, just identify the brand of bag(s) you use. That's all I'm hoping for. If you can provide an Amazon/eBay link, that keeps your guy protected. And Google might get anyone to his site independently.

      I get the OPSEC issue, but I'm primarily looking for opinions on the gear.

      1. My work emergency bug out bag is a military surplus ruck. It's well broken-in (by me), has a built-in camelback, and is pre-packed (by me). I take it home every three months and go for a serious trip, that way my supplies are always fresh.

        My home bags are from sporting goods companies, broken into BOB and INCH bags. The dog has both of his own, and we have a small wagon for the cat and some extra gear. Costco supplied the cart. Frankly, I saw one at the pet store I think would be a better choice, and I may get one.

    1. I'd also recommend Maxpedition. I own quite a few of their products and have been very happy with every single one of them. Although you can definitely find cheaper brands, Maxpedition's products are made to military specs, in the U.S., and like Rob said are highly customizable. I also like how compatible all of their products are with each other. This makes it very simple to add accessories, and other things, to turn a basic bag into something that suits all of your needs, and then some. I buy most of my stuff from http://tacticalgear.com and have always been highly satisfied with them.

  3. I have multiple bags for different purposes.

    My "go kit" bag for portable radios for emergency communication work is an old range bag that happens to fit my radios. http://www.brownells.com is a good source for well made range bags.

    My 3-day shelter away from home kit uses the backpack, tent, and sleeping bag that I use camping as a Boy Scout leader. http://www.scoutstuff.org has excellent quality camping gear at reasonable prices. So does https://www.campmor.com.

  4. Before anybody starts accusing you of being a nut case, bug-out bags are recommended by law enforecement agencies and even FEMA. You never know when a disaster is going to happen and you will need to leave your home.

    Too many people depend on the government to take care of them. That's ALWAYS a bad idea.

  5. Some people ridicule what they know nothing about:

    Other people have common sense and prepare for emergencies. Still others follow the recommendations of their beloved federal nanny, I mean government:

    The Feds tell you to be prepared. It's not paranoia to do so.

    1. That's pretty funny. The guy who wants people to think someone is going to blow his building up is calling people paranoid for being prepared for emergencies. Of course, his fat ass couldn't bug out it had to.

      Mine is an awful lot like this, though I've had it so long I can't recall where I bought it. http://www.amazon.com/Red-Rock-Outdoor-Gear-Assault/dp/B00767EKA6/ref=sr_1_4?s=hunting-fishing&ie=UTF8&qid=1452364991&sr=1-4&keywords=tactical+backpack

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      Guy has no survival capability. Society collapses, so will he. One of the unburied, uncared for and unknowns, clutching his ash filled clock.

      I bet even the worms will ignore him.

      1. If there is ever an emergency, the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt will undoubtedly be just like the pathetic, unprepared, moronic, leeching nanny-staters who were sitting on their roofs with "HALP ME! HALP ME! SAVE ME! SAVE ME! DADDY GUBMINT!" signs once Hurricane Katrina filled their homes with water and sewage.

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    3. I started "prepping" after the remnant winds from a hurricane swept through and knocked out the power all over the area -- in Ohio. And I don't just do it for myself -- by having the supplies I need to get through an emergency, I relieve the emergency services of having to move supplies for me -- other people can get help.

      I can get why some people don't want to prepare -- you have to think about bad events and it can be expensive and you can never know if you're preparing for the wrong thing or for nothing -- but I can never understand why people sneer at the idea, or treat it as if it's some sort of mental aberration. It's like having a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, or insurance, or candles in case of a power outage. I guess some people are so childish they can't abide the idea of others taking adulthood seriously.

  6. http://www.commanderzero.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/FB_IMG_1450973634654.jpg

  7. I still have my large A.L.I.C.E pack and frame. Humped and jumped it across half the world. Durable, holds what it needs to. And they can be had cheap if you go used.

  8. preppersgunshop.com and preppersdiscount.com are my goto retailers. My bugout bag of choice is made by [REDACTED]. It's well manufactured, very light and holds just about everything an undead person needs during the end-times. It can even hold a couple firearms in the vertical position.

    1. www.itstactical.com

      IMO -- ITS is a fantastic site full of invaluable information. I have been visiting and reading this site for years. Great information, and great reviews on gazillions of products. They even have a forum where commenters share personal experiences, product preferences, and recommendations.

      But, don't come back and yell at me when you realize that site has sucked hours from your life. lol!

  9. It's never a bad idea to have a number of plans, from shelter in place right up to "I'm not coming home."

    GoTH plans and practice should include the emergency, by the way.

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  11. Kim de Toit used to have a great set of pages on various bug out bags. Sadly his site is no longer up and I don't know if those pages were mirrored or archived anyplace.


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