7 thoughts on “Craft Blog Is Crafty”

  1. Boy, it seems like just yesterday that HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! was an insignificant little pipsqueak, unworthy of The Blob's demented attentions. Time sure does fly...


    Someone really needs to file that form.

      1. he needs to be reminded that Hoge STILL doesn't want any contact from him and that just because he has deleted/memory holed HIS OWN POSTS telling a very different story than what he is now spewing doesn't mean they are gone, after all, the internet is FOREVER.

      2. Hey, DUMBFUCK!

        Don't make hate blogs.

        You look stupid and foolish, and we all laugh at you.

        But that has nothing to do with you making hate blogs - you look stupid and foolish anyway, and THAT'S why we all laugh at you.

        Is that the kind of counseling you mean?


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