14 thoughts on “Counteroffer”

  1. Bill, there's really no easy way to tell you this, so I'll just come right out and say it, the dumbfuckery is no longer just isolated in your poor tiny brain. It has grown very quickly and is aggressively spreading throughout your entire body. I can now say, with absolute certainty, that your case of dumbfuckery is terminal and you don't have much longer before it completely overtakes you. The severity of the case of dumbfuckery you have is extremely rare, leaving very few known options for treatment. In my expert opinion, the only chance you have to prevent the dumbfuckery from worsening, is a somewhat new and controversial treatment developed by the brilliant Dr. Howard that he has named "The Cure". Its very important that do it now while you still have the chance.

  2. Come on. This is getting dumb now. This is the latest fake-Hoge post on the Threeper website and do you guys notice it now?
    There's a dead giveaway here.

  3. In order to kick off the BRAND NEW blogs coming soon, we should schedule another Everybody Blog About Bill Schmalfeld Day. There is a ton of new material that the general public needs to be aware of regarding our Bill. At the pace he is harassing new victims our oppo blogs could number over 10 by the end of this year. I can't wait till the new sites go live so we can learn of recent "investigations" into our friend.

    Someone should ask him how his reputation management strategy is working out!! Lol

    1. New blogs? lol, that reputation management strategy of Billy's is working just fine!

      2012-2014: Hoge, McCain et al spread the word about Billy's psychotic stalking and harassment habits

      2012-2014: Billy RRRRRRRRRRRAGES!!! Tries to bully people into shutting up

      April 2014: ThinkingMansZombie opens, devoted to mocking DUMBFUCK

      2014: Billy RRRRRRRRRRRAGES!!! Tries to bully people into shutting up

      April 2015: BillySez opens, devoted to mocking DUMBFUCK

      2015: Billy RRRRRRRRRRRAGES!!! Tries to bully people into shutting up

      January 2016: NEW BLOGS open, devoted to mocking DUMBFUCK


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