19 thoughts on “But For Some It's A 50-50 Split”

  1. All you zombies listed in LULZsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler, please note:


    All you need is a spouse who "pays the bills" and who has never harmed DUMBFUCK, and he has to drop you from the lawsuit. Either that, or he is a lying sack of shit, a coward, and a hypocrite. So if your spouse does the online banking or writes the checks for the mortgage/rent, electric, etc., and has never commented about Bill, you're off the hook. I think Patrick Grady's wife should write a few checks to pay some bills, if she isn't doing so already.

    1. I'm going to go with prodigious liar.

      He still went after your wife. However, he has chosen not to go after you not because of your wife's status, but because you have valid claims against him that haven't been adjudicated and are still open. He would be stupid to try since he can't deny any of the charges of harassment.

      In other words, he's just a big pussy. He can't man up to his own sins, but want you to believe you sin against him and answer for it. Silly man.

  2. Self-awareness FAILURE!

    No Quarter ‏@YouGetNoQuarter 3:25 PM - 12 Jan 2016
    "Wait... Wait... my credentials dissed by a partisan hack has-been??? @BreitbartUnmask @rsmccain @wjjhoge @Patterico @RonColeman @BomberSues"

    This being said by Bill Schmalfeldt, a partisan hack NEVER has-been.

    1. Oh, but he is a has-very-briefly-been! He was on xmradio with an audience of at least dozens for at least a year before they got tired of his politicizing the showtunes! Pinnacle of his "career" in broadcasting! That's at least as good as mere decades in print media, editing pissant local papers like The Washington Times. The BM's had a million blogs and twitter handles, which is just as big an achievement as getting millions of hits per year on a blog!

  3. The horde... RSM... its handlers... any are perfectly capable because it doesn't take much. Honestly, I believe most of the dancing is initiated by the voices in its ugly, fat, head.

  4. Bill "Most of my kids aren't mine" Schmalfeldt? That Schmalfeldt? Drunken, latent welfare queen that tweets at eight followers like Grandpa Simpson arguing with clouds? Runs with terrorist bombers, but isn't inner circle enough get close to that guy's step...Oops.

  5. https://twitter.com/YouGetNoQuarter/status/687057983369515009

    Wait, are you saying that Stacy McCain ruined your life, Dumbfuck? Because I'm pretty sure it was you that did that.

    If anyone provided stress that hastened Gail's dusty sainthood, that was you too. You're just not right. You should learn, while you still can, to shut the fuck up now and then.

  6. https://twitter.com/YouGetNoQuarter/status/687059022093107200

    See? It was all of that F5 induced stress that prevented it from accessing all of those oh-so-important-and-life-saving NIH contacts for poor SGotCU, or even taking her to a doctor when she suddenly and inexplicably lost half of her body weight.

  7. I hear tell that others may have hastened Twat's death?

    I'm sure the lack of timely medical care, using her as a pack mule and multiple pairs of Irish sunglasses had nothing to do with it.

    Shut yer fucking sausage wallet and take your humiliation like the fucking garbage everyone knows you are.

  8. People who never contacted her -- or him -- who never met her, who had nothing to do with her medical care or daily life hastened her death, but the Dumbfuck broadcasting her slow death didn't.

    How many pics did you take of her corpse, Shakes?

    1. I've wondered about that. He took so many disturbing pictures of her when she was alive. I think he took a number of them after she passed. He did offer to send pictures of her corpse to others. The question is when will they get released "into the wild"?


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