Angry DUMBFUCK Has Returned!

@YoungestOldDude is now @YouGetNoQuarter.

Given the voice behind it, and its dynamite record of legal accomplishments, it should more appropriately be named @IGetNoPennies.

“@YouGetNoQuarter” sounds an awful lot like another weak-sauce DECLARATION OF WAR!!

And we’ve talk about that before…

If it is a war DUMBFUCK wants, then DUMBFUCK shall have it.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

55 thoughts on “Angry DUMBFUCK Has Returned!”

    Either way, you lose, Patty. You loveless marriage, your wiping shit for the rest of your life from your son's ass, the email coming soon outlining your online harassment to the managers at Office... Oops.

    1. William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr. really should have thought this through.

  2. I just LOVE angry voice Bill. Just when you think he can't say anything worse, he goes and says something that is even stupider, or that proves how wrong he is.

    Evil AND stupid.

    1. ...preferably lithium fashioned into a bullet shape and, um, "injected" with a captive bolt pistol...

  3. HappyItsWifeDied TheMerryWidower has been at war with logic, reason, common sense, human decency, and BOUNDARIES its entire miserable, rage-filled, impotent existence.

  4. No quarter, no dime, no nickel, no penny.

    However, he has filed suit in a Federal Court and that somehow makes him think he's the big guy.

    Bill, the only thing you're big at is being a fatass.

    The rest.. not so much.

    1. It's hilarious watching DUMBFUCK realize he's a moron at legal watching a retard chimp handle a chainsaw.

    2. "No quarter, no dime, no nickel, no penny."

      And definitely no sense, common or legal!

      1. Also, I hear that Dumbfuck's dead wife had her own nickname for him: Softdick

  5. Do y'all think he's researching senior housing in Iowa yet? I mean, the same declaration of #WAR is going to be followed by one of the same excuses for #RETREAT, right? So, will his new doctor tell DUMBFUCK that the stress will be fatal? Will a special cloud convey forgiveness for our hijinks? Or will his hometown begin to clamor for his prodigal return? Is the power of AND in play?

    I don't know, but I just bought another big box of popcorn.

    1. This one>

  6. He has a serious perspective and assessment disability.

    He is under the impression that he will be capable of dispensing or withholding quarter, instead of receiving or being denied it.

    Sometimes reality stings and leaves a nasty mark.

    1. He thinks war is like checkers, and he can flip the board and run away when he's losing.

      And frankly, that's a somewhat reasonable position to take, given events to this point.

      He doesn't know what he doesn't know, which reinforces his delusions of grandeur and should be exploited when the time is right.

      One of the things he doesn't know is that war isn't like checkers. I once tried explaining to him that it's not like anything but itself. War should be avoided right up until it cannot be avoided, and then it should be won decisively.

      I don't want quarter.

      I want quarts. Five of them. Fertilizing my tomatoes.

      1. That would ruin your entire garden. That freak is so toxic, your website could get infected without extreme biohazard protocals in place.

      2. Is #WAR supposed to be as predictable and boring as what William has been waging for the last two years?

  7. Bill does the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. There's a word for that.....

  8. Quarts! Daddy wantses quartses!

    1. Do you ever get the feeling that William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr. really doesn't think things through before pulling a stunt like this?

  9. Calm down guys. He has just been talking to Sister Mary Terminator and got a bit riled up.

    I can't wait to ask for a subpoena to serve on his residence facility to determine who is hiding behind the pseudonym of Sister Mary Terminator.

  10. He doesn't want war, he just wants to destroy you.

    1. Sitting here at home, all I can say is that it would be hard to find anything libelous anyone has said about him.

      We can, however, all find many, many examples of vile, disgusting, uncalled-for and frankly scurrilous attacks on many, many people over the years. It doesn't matter how many blogs and twitter accounts he's memory holed, it's all saved somewhere.

      He might want to keep that in mind.

      Yes, I'm still stuck at home, sneezing and coughing. Ugh.

      1. At this point in his mental deterioration, he cannot keep anything in mind, he cannot remember anything that he wrote 2 minutes ago.

        And he is filled with manic hatred.


        BTW, where is the list of the 5 stages of the Schmalcycle?

      2. Four:
        1) You're Killing me Bill (the oh shit moment where, in a fit of clarity, he realizes his errors)
        b) Silent Bill (also known as spoliation of evidence phase)
        iii) Above It All Bill (the rebranding phase)
        last) Angry Bill or Triumphal Bill (where he launches another stupid attack at the world)

        subject to editing

      3. Gus, except for Silent Bill, I had many more. After adding that one, I count fifteen:

        Bill Schmalfeldt's Schmycle

        1. Bad Ass Bill
        2. Blustering and Threatening Bill
        3. Bargaining Bill
        "If you’ve lawyered up, have your lawyer get in touch with me and I will be glad to discuss how we can make this whole thing go away for you. Well, for some of you. First responses get most generous terms."
        4. Focus Bill
        "Anybody who thinks this lawsuit will go away by ignoring it is living in a Fool’s Paradise. I’ve paid the filing fee so I will pursue this to the end."
        5. I Have a Turncoat Bill
        Someone has flipped and is just about ready to blow the whole scheme wide open, so you better flip too.
        6. Begging For Settlements Bill
        If you take down your web site and leave the internet, AND TELL ME WHO KRENDLER IS AND ALL THE OTHERS, I'll drop you from the suit.
        7. Above It All Bill
        AKA Master of All He Surveys Bill / “Why should I waste my precious time on these awful people? They must live with the knowledge that I am a better man than they!”
        8. You're Killing Me Bill
        AKA They’re Trying to Kill Me Bill / I'm dying of stage eleventy billion Parkinsons
        9. Goodbye Cruel World Bill
        10. I'm Dropping the LOLsuit Bill
        11. Head Fake Bill
        I WAS going to drop the LOLsuit but something that somebody wrote who is NOT in the LOLsuit made me change my mind so BLAME THAT GUY!
        12. I'm Really Really Really Dropping the LOLsuit This Time Bill
        13. Cowardly, Run Away Bill
        14. Silent Bill
        Deletion and spoliation of evidence.
        15. Manic Bill
        "I tried to walk away but XXXXX XXXXXXX wouldn’t let me so you can thank THEM for the doomed doominess of doomosity that I shall bring down upon ALL who mock me!”

      4. Sub-phases, Popcorn, sub-phases.
        Like the Kübler-Ross model, the four baseline phases of the Schmycle are semi-independent of one another and can exhibit one or more of the subphases described.

      5. Gus, we'll have to agree to disagree. Some of the phases in my list do not fit in yours. For example, I Have a Turncoat Bill does not occur in any of yours. And there are others.

    2. You know, I'd think the Lion/Lyin' of Lebanon would be far more familiar with "Murphy's Laws Of Combat."

      "If the enemy is in range, so are you."

      1. Unless you are a lying sack of dogshit that has never even SNIFFED combat... then it is completely understandable.

        Fucking Fatass POGUE!


    for father's day!!

    1. Somehow I suspect that this was not what William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr. bargained for when he decided to leave cowardly anonymous comments here.

  12. This is Shoeless William's sixth time at bat, and I noticed a decided paucity of ruination.

    On the other hand, i might have missed something.

  13. Keep releasing 'em from moderation. The nastier, the better. He can't delete them or memory hole them. They're here - his products - for all the world to see.

    You know what's really sad about this?

    He was just hugging himself, totally gleeful, as he dumped each of these into the queu - "Oh, how much pain I'm causing! How it must burn him to have to see these! What can I say that's nastier?" - and now, here they are. For a little while, until he realizes how foul these are, he'll be thrilled.

    Then the screaming and threats will start.

    So. Who's doing all this terrible harassing, again?

    Oh, btw, still writing from home.

    1. The idea of appending a snippet of the Gail zombiepic with each one is particularly inspired. I hope Billy keeps up his anonymous shitcomments...then I can collect the whole set of Zombie Gail snippets!


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