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  1. My vision is not all that good, and I originally thought it was Frend of the Peepees, a name that some might think fits. In my nearsightedness, I recommended calling Dr. Freud STAT before some kind soul advised me to expand the type size.

    1. That's what I thought - more filth about cub scouts was on that diseased 'mind.' You know, like those 'comedy' skits happy its wife died themerrywidower wrote and 'performed' combining cub scouts, urine, and anal intercourse. *shudder*

  2. Actuallly, I see "FrendoDaPeeples" and I think, "I bet he talks baby talk to all his mommies." Great Scott! I wonder if he's asked Kathy to change his diapers yet!

  3. "I tried being in the Navy but my shipmates told me to get hell out or they'd finish the job the started when they kneecapped me for stealing from their lockers" - Bill Schmalfeldt
    *not an actual quote

    1. Who is being hurt? He doesn't need to read any of this, and ALL OF IT is based on HIS WRITINGS.


  4. I'm reading the name as Fredo-da-peeper.

    "I want it all Doug. All of it...I want it sooo hard"

    That's an actual Schmalfart quote.

        1. @FixatedOnDaPoopholes (especially those belonging to young men and even cub scouts)

  5. Thanks for your post. As a fellow adult, let me be clear, do what you want. As they say in the south, I don't have a dog in this hunt. My interest in purely in Grace. I don't doubt there have been harassment issues, but this ---> http://bit.ly/1JStnsN - is what takes your perhaps legitimate reasons for harassing into bigger stakes. It could simply get Bill killed. So while I hear all of you and certainly understand and sympathize, that post is what makes the nightly news and brings every one of you into the spotlight. I just think you all are playing a dangerous game, but again, do what you want. Just be careful. There are traitors among you I think with more vicious motives. But maybe I'm wrong. I admit that I am looking from the outside in, but make no mistake, that is where I intend to stay.

    1. "My interest is purely in Grace."

      Kathy Scott -- You do realize what you just admitted, right? ALL of your abuse and threats and harassment directed toward others has been solely because you want ME.

      Unreal. God, you are disgusting.

      But, how will you ever justify and excuse and atone for your unhinged, unfounded, defamatory, and harassing attacks on Stacey, Diane, Lu, Lu's husband, Jodi, Steve, JD, Rick, Sam, K98Talk, AltConRadio, Stacy McCain, Aaron Walker, John Hoge, Ali Akbar, Erik Rush, Nancy, Sarah, Grayce, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah?

      You went after ALL of those folks (and, more!) because your interest IS PURELY IN GRACE?!

      Leave EVERYONE ELSE out of your demented quest. Stop with your threats and abuse and harassment of good-and-decent people who are NOT GRACE.

      You want ME? Come at ME.

      1. Recently, in another forum, I told this commenter, "My expectations are not high. Surprise me."

        This is precisely what I was expecting. It is not surprising.

        I had another guest who used to treat people with that kind of disrespect in MY comments section. This commenter might recently have become familiar with him.

        He's not allowed to comment here anymore.

        He's a recently widowed Vietnam Era Veteran who's disabled by Parkinson's Disease. Also, he is a demented, cyberstalking, lying Stolen Valor crapsack idiot who happens to have six restraining orders against him.

        One of these is reflective of why he's not allowed to comment here. The other is just a series of excuses for his behavior.

        I don't have much patience for this sort of thing. Hot stoves are hot, sharp knives are sharp and a word to the wise is sufficient.

        It's sufficient to the unwise as well.

      2. Why does this person have commenting privileges here? Nothing can be gained from allowing her access to this forum. She is a sworn enemy & stalker of one of our most favorite voices, Grace. I would like to make a motion "that @1000Girlfriends is stripped of her access to this site until further review." And when and if she can behave like an adult, we can welcome her back.

      3. "STFU you demented bitch."

        Ah, the level-headed voice of reason and logic, I see. You may just be a perfect companion for Bill Schmalfeldt. And in only your second comment. In your first comment, you tried for that guilt-by-association routine - you have no reason or proof that anyone here put that complaint up. Because we criticize Bill, we must be behind all attacks on Bill? I don't think so. In fact, I have contacted his landlord - three times, to be precise. The first two times were notifications of the temporary and permanent Harassment Prevention orders I obtained against Bill. The third time was a Litigation Hold Notice when Bill started threatening to sue me again. These were legitimate, reasonable, and appropriate contacts. And they did not contain phrases like "STFU" or "demented bitch". Civil discourse - you should try it for a change.

      4. What? No "DIAF" like Dumbfuck likes to use?

        PS: "Dumbfuck" is local slang for Scmalfeldt, you really need to buy a program to keep up.

      5. And there you have it, Kathy Scott is freely admitting that she is cyber-stalking Grace and is pulling a Schmalfeldt by failDOXing a number of people.

      6. "And there you have it, Kathy Scott is freely admitting that she is cyber-stalking Grace and is pulling a Schmalfeldt by failDOXing a number of people."


        Kinda makes ya wonder why so many folks opt to remain anonymous on the Internet, don't it?


    2. How's this alliance working for you, Shakes?

      This one's for you, 1000Hummers.


    3. That statement is both incoherent and ridiculous.

      The only thing we want from Bill Schmalfeldt is for him to stop harassing people.

      You are on some crazed quest for vengeance upon someone who has done absolutely nothing wrong. You do not give a single damn about the creature you have spent a manic seventy-two hours introducing to a much larger and more critical audience.

      Wow, that could never have any negative consequences!

  6. Regarding Bill,
    The complaint @1000 references above was filed online regarding Bill and his apartment complex. It just reeks of a false flag op. Especially because he is the ONLY person to comment on it at the site. How did he even know about the site or the complaint made against him? I know I sure didn't see it and no other Horde members have either. Because we would have been talking about it, but no one has mentioned at all. The website it is listed on is NOT a site associated with his apartment complex or its management or owners. This wouldn't be the first time Bill has attempted a stunt like this.

    1. Remember the time Bill took a Cease and Desist email and used it to Forge a threatening email against himself? Remember when he was busted because he fucked up when he forged the email headers......twice!!!

      Yeah 1000crazyladies go defend Bill. Maybe he'll alter one of your emails and try to have you arrested when you won't do his bidding. See how that works out for you.

      1. Maybe he'll tweet all with an @ so all her followers see it telling her to go drink rat poison.

        Indeed I had never seen or heard of that website, and it reeks of the same creator as the one with the foul statements about his wife, the one that only Bill knew about. It has been quite obvious that he created it in an attempt to convince others that PK or one of the zombies did it. That he could even think to say those things about that poor woman, never mind write them in a false flag op tells you just how much he really loved her. He may have loved her as much as a person with his psychological issues can love, but I think he loved the idea of "wife" far more.

      2. http://hogewash.com/2015/11/18/prevarication-du-jour-133/

  7. Let me start again. Your favorite Grace and HER friends decided to terrorize my family because I'm working on a book about Annette Bosworth, M.D. Both I and Lee Stranahan have been working to get Dr. Bosworth exonerated. On Sept. 21 of this year, I was online discussing a story about her written by Peter Roff of U.S. News and World Report. If you remember the party given for Trump on the ship by Joel Arends, who claimed a Veteran Association that was just him, he was the host on the ship AND Annette's former lawyer. According to Annette and really the evidence, he lied on the stand.

    Annette was a Republican candidate that really was trying to make a difference, only to to attacked by media, bloggers, etc. The media wrote stories about her that weren't true or were misleading - said she was under investigation for Medicare/Medicaid fraud when actually she was attacked by the attorney general Marty Jackley for miscoding (his words) Medicaid providing the Native Americans with cures to pica issues (eating dirt) that they have. She also wrote an op-ed against the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Medicine because they refused to give a dermatologist a medical license because he had MS. Less than a week after her op-ed appeared, they tried to take her medical license. This board is politically appointed.

    There have been other issues - Lora Hubbel worn precinct captain (she's Republican) in her district by 70% of the vote and the Republicans changed the bylaws, made them retroactive and took the job away from her even though she was elected by the people. Patricia Shiery tried to run against James Bradford, whose wife was convicted last year by the FBI of selling hard drugs to his constituents - the Native Americans. The SOS posted a challenge on his Facebook and had her taken off the ballot. In my course of investigating what happened, I found that James Bradford is known by the state of South Dakota as Ralph Woody, a career criminal.

    Grace's friend, Jodi Erickson interrupted my conversation on Twitter with Roff to tell me her childhood friend, Annette deserved everything she got (the gist), she send me a DM, claimed Herman Cain and Congresswoman Noem were involved. I disputed and then told her I planned to share her claims with Annette. Jodi engaged Grace as @asideofbacon to attack me as well as others - more than 100 socks/etc. She claimed I trolled her and she made fak
    e DMs claiming that they were actually from me. Three days after, Jodi called the police and had them surround my home claiming I was making threats to kill myself. The police report is NOT a well check and it does not say it is.

    Fox News did a story on this and showed the police report with Jodi's name. Members of K98talk and Altcon send out dozens of posts that I was known to law enforcement and Jodi was the victim. When I blocked, they set up different accts., they attacked my family. They used my husband's image and posted where he worked. They filed two TROs - one by Stacey Lennox and another by her business partner Lu Esposito - all dismissed, but I think you see where I'm going with this. Grace was the most evil. She posted corrupted images of me with a bio that said, "why does my daughter keep screaming, halp me halp me." She posted pics of my home and threatened by family.

    The blogger that harassed and stalked Annette Bosworth is their ally. He was fired from his teaching job for verbally abusing a student. He posted pics of her kids and made fun of her son for a video he did asking for help with a mission trip for his mom. He used this child's real name so it is part of his social media footprint.

    BTW, Annette was charged with perjury for six nominating petitions she signed as circulator. The petitions were signed by Hutterites (an elder) all legal Republican voters. It is NOT a law that the circulator has to be present, but the paper said that she was present. The blogger posted ALL of the petitions online and asked his democratic followers to investigate each one so that he could have enough challenges to get Annette kicked off the ballot. This intimidated some and they said so.

    One of the 12 felonies she was charged with isn't even a law. - filing a false document. That was actually a law made to prosecute false liens - the original "filing a false lien." The world lien was taken out but not by the legislature.

    All because a woman ran for office against a former governor.

    Grace posted an avi of Bill's wife as a corpse as @asideofbacon - say what you want about Bill, that corpse picture says it all about Grace and THAT is how I got here.

    1. The salt monster from Star Trek is not "Bill's wife as a corpse."

      The rest of your rant....All I can say is, have you read that in the cold light of dawn? Because it's plain nuts, the sort of feverish tale created at three in the morning. Then you get some sleep, read it over, and realize it is silly, implausible, and requires lots of explosions to distract the audience from the gaping holes in the plot.

      1. Years ago I read about a guy who was convinced the soft portion of a bar of soap -- where it sits against the soap dish and doesn't dry out -- was evidence of "soap poisoning".

        Evidence and rationality will not break through a lunatic's fantasy world. They've constructed their fantasy specifically to block out evidence and rationality.

    2. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

      What it boils down to is: Someone gave me butthurt on teh Interwebz so KILL HER. (Metaphorically speaking, I hope, because if for realz? Then you gots issues sweetheart!)

      And if you think that Grace using a photoshopped avatar is just so gawdawful, then you REALLY need to see some of the avatars and photoshops that Bill has done. Because if you are giving the goose this sauce, you really need to realize that the gander is fing BURIED in it, a mile high as well.

      Go run away back to your playground. The zombie horde is bored now. Your cray is no longer amusing. Tah, tah!

      1. Do you mean BS's photoshops like the one that was placed under a court seal by a judge because it was so over-the-top and vile?

        Besides, the picture that continues to give the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt the vapors was NOT 'shopped to make his wife look like a corpse (nor a "dead corpse" as Kathy Scott so intelligently defined it in a tweet).

        She was made to look like a ZOMBIE -- using a ZOMBIE face maker app (the exact same app I used to 'shop my ZOMBIE popcorn chick avi). At the time, it was because I was entertaining the idea that if she had a choice she would have much preferred to hang with The Horde versus that neglectful, addicted-to-the-Internet hubby of hers.

        We are definitely more FUN. And, all we have is FUN!

    3. You're writing a book? You can't write paragraphs that make sense how ever are you going to assemble those into a comprehensible book. I tried reading the above gibberish three times until I gave up? Are you currying favor with Dumfuck in the hopes that he will bring his sooper GS-13 Writer/Editor skills to bear and salvage the wreck of your "book". Gor some bad news for ya. His claims about that writer/editor thing are just a valid as the yarn he spun for you about his terrible ordeal at the hands of people he has to seek out minute by minute so he can feel nicely harassed. If Annette Bosworth knew about your writting project she'd ask you to stop, just please stop, for the love of all that is good and just please stop.

      PS: Dumbfuck with his sooper doxxing skillz and total veracity credentials insists I'm a felon from Tampa. Can't even begin to tell you how wrong he is.

      For everybody else, I thought of a DF joke today: Why can't Dumbfuck drive anymore? Because when he see's a stop sign, he interprets it as information posted for his benefit that all the other cars have to stop because he has reached the intersection. At least that's the way he handles all his other legal interpretations and outcomes.

      1. Jesus you all have a lot of hate. I suggest you go back and read your own posts. Nothing matters unless it has Bill's name and that is not the salt monster. You claim all of this is about what Bill has done to you and you justify everything. But I've done absolutely nothing to any of you and you attack. Even your comments show an incredible lack of self-worth and esteem - attacking how and what I write. None of you have given me any reason to believe that you're nothing more than anonymous individuals feeding off hate and anger.

        Not one of you has shown anything to me other than a need to keep others down in order to build yourself up.

        You lose a lot of time, hating people. - Marian Anderson

        My hate for Grace has cost me many months of my life.

        There are many persons ready to do what is right because in their hearts they know it is right. But they hesitate, waiting for the other fellow to make the make the first move - and he, in turn, waits for you. - Marian Anderson

        1. That originally read "republicans turn only" but it wouldn't fit on the sign. Bill is allowed to go straight as he's not an icky republican.

        2. A friend of mine likes to say that we can't go straight ahead any more because that may be offensive to some people.

          Instead, we must move "gaily forward!"

      2. Yep, Kathy, we are all losers and not worth your time. You can walk away now knowing in your heart that we are lost causes, and you offered your reasoned and well-intentioned advice and concern, but that we rejected it. Have a nice day, and "Be Well". You don't have to ever cast your pearls before us swine ever again.

      3. Ah, yes. The old "pointing out that I can't write to save my life is all about your self-esteem" bit.

        Aside from her mad investmagative skillz, she's also an internet psychiatrist! Just like Blob! https://archive.is/prevL

        Take a hike, cuckoo.

      4. @1000 still hasn't told me why Bill posting pictures of children who aren't his, accusing their parent of abusing them, threatning people with filing false police reports if they don't tell him stuff they don't know, or posting their names and street addresses with the suggestion that people might want to have a chat with them isn't illegal, or at least highly immoral behaviour.

        This: http://imgur.com/ounBIk6 is NOT a picture of Bill's wife. He was complaining at one point that it was a picture of his mother and we had to stop using it.

      5. "My hate for Grace has cost me many months of my life."

        Physician, heal thyself. Then you can start worrying about the horde. Then again, we're just here to have FUN!

      6. “My hate for Grace has cost me many months of my life.”

        Obsessed and disturbed much?! Just damn.

        Someone seriously needs to get off of the internet and seek help.


      7. Do something good?

        We do two things that are good.

        1 - We pull Dumbfuck (and some very similar type people) off of their intended targets. We're kind of like picadors in a bullfight.

        2 - We document and archive his past activities so that there is a resource for anyone new that he contacts about his true nature. Most people new to the fray come up to speed real quick on what is the true lay of the land. Some take a little longer. Some never buy a vowel, if you know what I mean.

        Be Well.

      8. Feeding off hate and anger is the new Atkins, but more FUN!

        Maintaining my beautiful swimmer's body shouldn't have to feel like work!

    4. Ok, you're a loony, got it.

      BTW, 'miscoding' is one of the easiest and most common ways to commit Medicare fraud, your dissembling notwithstanding.

    5. What does any of that have to do with your defense of Bill Schmalfeldt who has done all of that, with the possible exception of the political angles/voting, and much more? Bill Schmalfeldt put a skull over the face of the baby of a couple who the freak faildoxxed, and who'd never heard of the malignant monster, made pornographic photoshops of those the monster hates and their family, also dead/corpse photoshops, and more. All the freak gets from the horde is a bit of what it's dished out, and mockery of the public spectacle it makes of itself.

      You claim to know how Bill Schmalfeldt tormented the Stranahans over their loss of baby Collette; how Bill Schmalfeldt continues to make the false claim that Lee pimps out his Mrs.; how Bill Schmalfeldt continues to air a piece about Lee's "P***y Palace" indicating Lee's daughters are also on the menu; how Bill Schmalfeldt made complaints to various agencies making false child endangerment claims about their children based on Lee's photography. Had they been unfortunate enough to get an inexperienced over overzealous investigator, their children could have been put into foster care because of Bill Schmalfeldt's bitter rage.

      Do you know what happens to children in foster care? Do you have any idea how scarring that would have been to those children even if they got the very best foster care and weren't harmed other than being ripped from their home and parents for no reason other than Bill Schmalfeldt's sick idea of revenge?

      This isn't a hypothetical - the malignant monster actual did these things, does these things, and tried to do these things.

      And that's who you actually defend??

      1. It appears cyberharassers of a feather flock together. *smh*

        Kathy Scott, very much like Bill Schmalfeldt, has a vast internet footprint -- much of which showcases years worth of personal attacks on others:


        Threats to call on others to join in on her harassment, stalking a blogger for years, threats to contact employers, sharing pictures of spouses and children all in an effort to intimidate, etc., etc., etc.

        I mean really... this unhinged kook created a Facebook page called RETRIBUTION in order to call out and attack her self-created enemies.

        Bill Schmalfeldt's defender needs to seriously clean up her own backyard, and diligently work on that anti-social behavior of hers. Stepping away from the intertoobz would be a very good start.

    6. This sounds like it could be a good story, but it needs a lot of work, years and years of work. maybe decades. Anyway, I like how you tried to weave in the Star Trek salt monster non-sequitur to tie in Bill Schmalfeldt somehow. Valiant effort there. However, I must say, I don't think that works well in this case. In fact, I think you should just take some time off and exit the planet.

      Have a nice trip.

    7. "Your favorite Grace and HER friends decided to terrorize my family because I’m working on a book about Annette Bosworth, M.D."

      Again... NO ONE terrorized your family. #Liar

      And trust me, cupcake -- what has transpired between you, me, and my friends has NOTHING to do with some silly book you may or may not be writing about the convicted felon Annette Bosworth.

      It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact you are an abusive and harassing loon who gets some sick-and-twisted, perverse satisfaction out of threatening folks, and who refuses to leave good-and-decent people alone.

      Just a small, small sampling...



  8. Her current choice of subject for beneficent intervention doesn't do much to bolster the case for any other person she might have championed.

  9. Is Stranahan associated with this woman? If so, I have another reason to disdain him. Of course, if he told her to get lost, then I have gained an iota or two of respect for his common sense.

  10. Meh. I'll stack my Teamster dad -- who delivered to Detroit -- against him.


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