44 thoughts on “Aaaaand That's Enough of That”

  1. ITYM "write only". Why waste time reading it's drivel? And once you've stopped reading it... why write anything?

      1. The approach I would take is: random reinforcement. By letting a totally random number of comments through, the subject DUMBFUCK posts even more in an attempt to get one of its pearls of wisdom through.

        Don't you love operant conditioning?

      2. I still think a separate website or even a "flush" post of all the moderation trapped comments at once would be hilarious, surreal and disorienting, but hilarious.

    1. Of course! She admits already that she deletes tweets. In other words, she fires her shots, and then tries to hide the evidence. She isn't deranged and neither is Bill. Both are quite aware of their faculties - they just adhere to the evil playbook.

  2. You may have write-holed her, but she's had a taste of the horde and now she's hooked. She'll never be able to get over the idea that there's a pool of zombies having some LULZ and

    there's got to be a catchy phrase that encompasses that idea but all I can come up with right now is "Once a zombie, vote for Romney" but only makes a little sense and only if you have a time machine.

  3. Wow! Hard to believe how much better the place smells already!

    Seriously though, I have to wonder if she does that in real life. You know, goes to a party, or to someone else's home, calls them foul names, insults her hosts and her hosts' family and friends, expects the entire room to cater to her, and maybe even change their voter affiliation or something.

    hahahaha Silly me - as if someone like that ever gets invited anywhere. And that certainly explains having seemingly endless hours to spend on the internet, doesn't it?

  4. She's also republished the police report which proves that she wasn't SWATted, and which has the police both where she lives, and the police where the woman who made the wellness check report live admitting that there was no there there. I note that it says very clearly that the information below, the information which includes the woman who made the police report's name, is "confidential" and for use by "authorized personnel only" which would imply that KS should not have it, nor should she be publishing it.

    I guess she's as into publishing sealed documents (or the equivalent) as certain other serial harassers we know.

    1. The same official police report that clearly stated the responding officer looked at documentation KATHY SCOTT provided to him and clearly stated she had received NO online threats from anyone.

      The same official police report (confidential/for use by authorized personnel only) that KATHY SCOTT and FOX5Atlanta allowed to be splashed all over a news segment.

      The same official police report that contains the name of a rape victim that KATHY SCOTT repeatedly posts to her Twitter timeline.

      KATHY SCOTT has a very, very black soul.

  5. The cheese has definitely left the cracker, the 1000feminist chick is out there! Now we have two Dumbfucks...did not know that was possible!

    1. Doublebint scum:
      Double the pleasure,
      Double the FUN...
      Doublebint, doublebint, doublebint scum

  6. Congratulations to the "Krendler this week" for obtaining a stalking no contact order from the Illinois courts. This is Bill's 6th restraining order from his 4th state.

    I can't quite figure out why some people can't look at the situation and determine who the staker/harasser is.

    Horde = 0 restraining orders
    Bill = 6 restraining order from 4 states

    Does that help clear thing up?

    Morning officer.

    1. What is the common denominator in six no contact orders??

      Why Derpasaurous Rex, of course....

    2. Minor correction there...this is his SEVENTH. He's had 2 in Maryland, 2 in Arizona, 1 in Massachusetts, and now 2 in Illinois. So, there's SEVEN. SEVEN restraining orders. You know, like the movie SEVEN.

  7. Good morning, Officer!

    Today, William M. Schmalfeldt Sr. of St. Francis, WI got his second restraining order against him in less than four months. Both of them happened while he was living in YOUR jurisdiction - what are you going to do about that? On information and belief, I think a third one is going to happen VERY shortly. Tell us: Do the new residents of your fine community normally get three restraining orders, from three different people in three different states, against them in the first four months of residency?

    1. You know, the entire narrative of "I moved to Wisconsin to be left alone" seems to require that he leave others alone. All he had to do was give up the internet, or, at the very least, just not visit and engage in the sites he says are "harassing" him.

      Grow some skin, and some courage, and walk away. Enjoy what's left of your life in peace. Or not and keep seeing the Sheriff deliver more restraining orders and complaints.

      1. Senior residential facilities, including Juniper Court, have lots of social activities, both on site, and off, such as trips to museums, etc. He would be able to be very busy offline if he so desired.

        And since it is a senior community these activities all are designed to cater to people who have various degrees of mobility issues.

        I guess that interacting with real people in real time is just not as fun as attacking people online whom he's never actually met and collecting restraining orders.

        1. Hahaha - Oh, I think it wouldn't take very many interactions with a malignant monster for the powers that be, or other residents, to strongly suggest such a repugnant freak decline to participate.

      2. That narrative matches well with his "I'm a victim of the NEW cyber-bullying method" because people are getting restraining orders against him. How can I be bullying him when I don't: see him in person (ever!), call him, mail him, send him email, send him twitter messages, comment on his blog, or contact him in any way, shape or form? I don't contact his family or friends either, yet I am bullying him? He, on the other hand, did call my house. He sent me email, even after I sent him a cease and desist notice. He sent me email days after he sent the court his request to dismiss his lawsuit against me and others, but claimed he was doing so as a pro se to pro se communications. He repeatedly claims I distributed some horrible photo of his wife, but he has no proof that I ever even had it (he didn't send it to me. He did send it to others.)

        I have often thought he was incredibly stupid. Now I realize he is just dumb and evil.

      3. Going on trips with the other resident would mean getting along with the other residents. We have all seen that Bill cannot contain himself when people dare disagree with his superior intellect.

        Can't you just picture some nice old lady correcting him on some minor point and him starting to yell about how the "twat is about to lose her house" to him?

    2. Is this the same William M. Schmalfeldt who resides at the Canticle and Juniper Courts, managed by Cardinal Capital Management? Will they be receiving a CC of the RO?


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