27 thoughts on “What It Doesn't Say Speaks So Much Louder Than What It Does Say”

  1. And not the first time for such a glaring omission, either. Isn't that tantamount to a confession to professional jerkamalists?

      1. Indeed
        burden of proof
        n. the most important rule of evidence in the trial of civil (not criminal) cases. The burden of proof is on the plaintiff (the party bringing the lawsuit) to show by a "preponderance of evidence" or "weight of evidence" that all the facts necessary to win a judgment are probably true.

  2. "and accept the fact that I will have you in a court of law"

    Ha Ha Ha!


    He can't get a freaking lawsuit past the MTD stage - he thinks he's making it to TRIAL?

    Ha Ha Ha! Must. Remember. To. Breath. Ha Ha Ha!

      1. LOL, good luck with that! Pretty easy to dodge process-servers if you go on a little vacation...

  3. So he raped Gail before murdering her because she discovered his stolen valor lies.


  4. I wouldn't presume to act as William's barrister, but perhaps he wants some clarification of which rape is being referred to?

    I'm not aware of anyone saying that there was just one.

  5. Where's all that dirt you have on Lee, dumbfuck? Where are the charges? Where is the evidence?

    Why are you suddenly admitting to wearing medals you didn't earn?

  6. http://imgur.com/1VR0hvv

    You've already had that opportunity and you ran from it like the weeping vagina that you are, Dumbfuck. Save the tough guy shit for someone who doesn't know what a sack of fear pee soaked cowardly blubber you are.

  7. Every time Bill tries to be a legal scholar all I hear is


      1. Except he took his left side, right side, front side and ass side and ran all the way to Wisconsin while telling the judge, "I give up. With prejudice."

        Don't let that res judicata smack you on the ass before you're out the door!


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