Time Is Getting Short

If you are having trouble finding the right Christmas gift (take your “Happy Holidays” and shove it, if you please), here’s an option:

The Whiskey of the Month Club.

We could make this an open thread for the Horde to share other interesting gift suggestions.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Time Is Getting Short”

    1. Apparently he's causing some nuns to fear for their safety. That should be enough to warrant an evaluation.

  1. Happy Bill of Rights Day - the Bill of Rights became the law of the land on this day in 1791. Us RWNJs have been happy about it since.

  2. Getting this comment section back on track, a very unusual gift idea, one that would admittedly appeal only to those with a special taste, would be a life-sized, fuck-me doll dressed in a Cub Scout uniform (batteries and Viagra included).

    1. http://wtfbadsciencefictioncovers.tumblr.com/post/134993310439/happy-freaky-robot-love-friday-this-is-the-second

  3. Preparation H for your legal cases of Aggravated Butthurt in the Eleventyth degree?
    A new keyboard made from titanium to help endure your fist-smashing diatribes and JWR spewing binges?
    A "mail forwarding" kit from the USPS in case you find you need to move...quickly?
    A rowboat for late night cruises on Lake Michigan?


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