7 thoughts on “The Muse Is Upon Me”

  1. Is that a reference to a real sis that will actually have contact with happy its wife died themerrywidower, or to an Anthony Perkins type sis, which is actually the freak in a wig? On of those is pretty far fetched...

  2. *ahem*
    I'm a little Dumbfuck, hear me spout.
    Tip me over and watch me pout.
    If I try to Doxx you, you'll be screwed.
    Unless I can't find you and then I'll sue.

  3. Here shits Willie Boy way up in a tree, p-i-s-s-i-n-g.
    First come LULZ, then comes pwnage,
    then comes Willie Boy spewing faux outrage.


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