Someone Forgot To Tell Bill Schmalfeldt that WORDS – like rabid pit bulls – ARE MEAN THINGS

…and if you don’t treat them with love, respect and great care, they will bite your face off.

Here’s a for instance:

12-21-2015 1-13-32 PM

For emphasis, let’s highlight a couple sentences:

“If you say something or write something, you try to take care to ensure that your words have meaning, right?”

Yes, you certainly do try.  Because…

“Them there words have meaning.”

Now, in my opinion, I think what this writer is trying to say is that you should always make a point of checking what you write BEFORE YOU PUBLISH, to be precise and certain that your words clearly say EXACTLY what you want them to say, and nothing else.

And that’s very good advice.

It’s also my opinion that we should take this writer at face value, and assume that whatever he publishes has been thoroughly checked and proofread, so that it is precise and clear and means EXACTLY what he want it to say, and nothing else.  Like in this example here:


12-21-2015 1-14-27 PM

It’s probably untrue that Bill Schmalfeldt creates child pornography.

Probably.  He said so himself.  Because

“Them there words have meaning.”

Probably untrue.

But – maybe not untrue.

There’s definitely wiggle room.

Looks like an unforced error to me, all right.



12-21-2015 3-03-15 PM

So the ACTUAL question an intelligent person (especially one who used to be a GS-13 Writer/Editor, which is the equivalent of an Army Major) must ask himself.  “Why didn’t I put a verb in the previous sentence?”

No, no, I’m kidding! (not really)

The ACTUAL actual question an intelligent person (especially one who used to be a GS-13 Writer/Editor, which is the equivalent of an Army Major) must ask himself IS (<— makes it a complete sentence): “Why would a writer of even 3 months experience – to say nothing of 30 years – who knows he suffers from ataxia and is prone to typos NOT PROOFREAD EACH AND EVERY WORD HE WRITES BEFORE HE PUBLISHES IT?”

Could it be he’s just a monkeydancing idiot?



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

26 thoughts on “Someone Forgot To Tell Bill Schmalfeldt that WORDS – like rabid pit bulls – ARE MEAN THINGS”

  1. Can we get him to give us the odds/percentages that it probably untrue he is a child porn guy? It is like 80/20, or 95/5, or maybe 60/40?

  2. Your "Jovial Schnitzelmeister?"

    How come none of his articles are jovial? Could it be we are keeping him from his favorite pastime, child pr0n? Probably untrue, but one can never be too sure.

  3. And when you use WORDS that are READ by a THIRD PARTY, and those words are NOT TRUE and CAST A PERSON into an UNFAVORABLE LIGHT in the community, well, shuckin’s.
    Them there words have meaning.
    What you got there is textbook libel and defamation per se.

    Like when William M. Schmalfeldt stated as fact that I fabricated evidence to a court? Or when he told a policeman that I had committed criminal stalking and criminal harassment? As he said: "What you got there is textbook libel and defamation per se."

    1. I am not sure whether Witless Willie mentioned the monkeys in his most recent suit. If so, it will be fantastic to see him try to prove that statements asserting him to be a dancing monkey are interpreted by reasonable people as statements of fact. If he manages to cross that bridge, presumably by persuading the court that some of his friends are reasonable people when they are not setting off bombs, he will then need to prove that being considered a monkey damages his reputation. Personally, I tend to make allowances for monkeys that I do not extend to adult humans, but that's just me. Of course, I may be old fashioned, but I would not allow a monkey to have Internet access.

      1. I'll say one last time, I recall Dr Dan becoming Fr Dan to mock Paul Lemmen a few weeks back. Pretty sure I'll have to hunt down the original links.

        Dr_Mike: Sued by Bill Schmalfeldt.
        Dr. Dan: Not.

  4. "If you say something or write something, you try to take care..."

    Why? Because "Them there words have meaning."

    Except if your Bill Schmalfeldt. Then you just put out on the internet (and in court complaints and motions) whatever slop you can. Let the world try to figure it out. That's what any good and qualified GS-13 Writer/Editor (which is the equivalent of an Army Major) would do.

    "Class dismissed"? I think class just started.

    1. It is common to have zero named defendants in the claim who are not mentioned in the caption.

      To quote Indiana Jones, "Salaq! I said no camels! That's five camels! Can't you count?"

  5. If he meant “PROVABLY”, he would have “PROVED” it. Since I’ve seen no “PROOF”, I have to go with what he originally freudian-sliptyped; “PROBABLY”.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Perry. Did happy its wife died themerrywidower think no one could prove it to a legal standard but left a bit of wiggle room, just in case? Or was it purely out of habit?

  6. Would've worked better if the turd icon was green. Just saying, WHY IN GOD'S NAME DO WE KNOW THIS ABOUT HIM? WHO PUBLISHES THAT ABOUT HIMSELF? MY GOD!!!seventeen!!!

  7. Does anyone else notice something extra in the quote from BS, in the update, where he's discussing probably/provably?

    Them there are some mad GS13 editing skillz.

    1. Oh. My. God!

      My poor aching sides.

      It's a good thing classes are finished for the semester and I'm just here for a meeting later today or I would have had folks coming out of classrooms asking me to pipe down. That is an impressive bit of complete (but accurate!) idiocy.

      He really is constitutionally unable to proof read or edit his posts, isn't he.

      I could give him some professional tips on posting to his blog, but I see no point in wasting my time trying to educate the complaining plaintiff.


    Safe link.

    He seems to think that by not showing up for the hearing this morning, that will prevent the judge from granting the restraining order.

    1. "I can barely walk around my own apartment."

      It can travel unassisted from Maryland to Wisconsin, it can return anytime the Maryland authorities ask him, on a moment's notice, it takes and posts pictures of itself standing without any assistance (no cane, no walker - and not the JWR kind) in its apartment, but he can "barely" walk around his place.


      " scooter won’t go that far..."




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