Here's A Novel Idea…


(no, never mind!)


(calm yourself…I can already tell you’re about to spout nonsense)

Shut up, you.  Listen.  Could it be possible…

(No.  Whatever it is, it can’t be possible.  Put it out of your mind right now.)

No, really.  Give it a chance…

(I swear! You get like this and I just want to kick you right in the shin.)

Dammit, will you quiet down for just one second?

(I will not!  I’ve been around long enough to know when the crazy talk is about to start…)

See, that’s where you’re wrong! This time it’s ANTI-crazy talk!

(I don’t care what it is, you’re just going to make a fo– what?)

I said it’s ANTI-crazy talk.

(Anti-crazy talk?  Well, that’s different…)

Shut up, Vinnie!

(Try and make me!)

I’ve got Lithium and I’m not afraid to use it! 



Thank you.  Now.  As I was saying, could it be possible…maybe…perhaps…if you think about it…that the axis of the world doesn’t pass through the top of a DUMBFUCK’S empty head —

(If it did, is there a chance it could die from the resulting trauma?)

It’s a metaphor, idiot.  Shut up.


and that the rules that govern the world and the Federal Court in the Eastern District of Wisconsin are not what it says they are?

(SEE?  Crazy talk!  What did I tell you?)



And maybe a DUMBFUCK could get with the fucking program and figure how it’s actually supposed to affect service so we could move on to the serious pointage and laughery and mockification and watching it try to pull its metaphorical schlong out of the metaphorical whiskey bottle?

(Hey, you know, that actually sounds like FUN!  I mean the watching part not the dick-in-a-bottle thing.  Definitely not fun.)



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “Here's A Novel Idea…”

  1. *effect

    What was that about people refusing service? If he did what he said he did, then all he did was mail out some packages, at least one of which was a restraining order violation. Service of process is different. That would involve people authorized by law to serve process [marshals, sheriffs, licensed process servers, or just adult non-parties to the litigation, depending on jurisdiction], you know, serving process. Not just some fat stupid bastard mailing out some packages of unknown contents to people who've, at the very least, told him they don't him contacting them.

    Folks who have "good cause" to refuse mail from a DUMBFUCK associate of a convicted terrorist. Apparently, service of process is a necessary expense, not to avoided, when you're so determinedly, repulsively stupid that you collect multiple restraining orders from people who do not want you contacting them.

    1. And let's face it - no sane, or even semi-sane person would want anything from happy its wife died themerrywidower ever, other than the freakish ghoul's absence and silence.


    Because that wouldn't go nearly as well with Yakety Sax as what you're about to do, DUMBFUCK.


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