52 thoughts on “Good Night, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Funny, that...

    happy its wife died themerrywidower was so sure this time... just as sure as the other times, and other Krendlers.

    Yup, funny, that.

      1. I'd stand and say "I am Spartacus"... except I'm in a wheelchair.

        (So Bill can suck it with his "totally disabled" bullshit.)

    1. Russ, does that mean that you're also "hobbled to a degree?"

      I might need an expert opinion on this.

      1. Pretty much, yeah. Though there is hope that I'll be able to recover to the rolly-walker stage... eventually. Maybe. Depends on how the neurology issues go.

    1. What's amusing is Cousin Bill doesn't seem to realize...

      The rest of us watched how Professor Hoge dealt with him, and we all have access to his playbook.

      If he thinks I won't put up a website, and lay out everything I know about him, should he succeed in serving me with his bogus LOLsuit, he's got another think coming.

      My pockets are deep enough to keep him tied up in court until he passes away, orand I take what little he has left.

      I have sufficient motivation to take the battle to him, and his disgusting "friends", should he open the door.

      Deb Frisch is now homeless. Bill Schmalfeldt will be.

    2. Who can say that he hasn't? He refers to you TWICE as a defendant in Lulzsuit VI.

      And as a retired GS-13 writer-editor (which is like an Army Major, you know.) it's hard to see that as being a typo.

    1. I think I'm in love!

      *I won't be silenced by bullying stalkers no matter how they try to frighten or threaten me.*

  2. Heh.

    How many more times is he going to claim PG is PK in a court filing?

    I forget--is there anyone else who he's claimed in a court filing was PK?

      1. Why yes! Yes there is.

        And what a helpful exhibit it will make to show not only a most recent Federal lawsuit claiming someone else is "Paul Krendler" but several different ones as well as a host of other tweets and blog posts naming a half dozen different people as "Paul Krendler."

        Oh and then there is the little matter of filing a copyright claim to the works of "Paul Krendler" in your own name. I'm sure that will make an amusing exhibit as well.

        Oops... ;D

      2. I do believe that the "totally disabled and retired Federal employee, hobbled to a degree by his 16-years with Parkinson's disease" released noises from his booze hole last week about boarding a choo-choo to Illinois and taking any number of taxis, trains and buses in the December cold to argue the exact opposite of his lulzsuit assertions. All of it on the public record.

        Of course, William will do no such thing because he's a coward of stunning proportions. He only likes picking on a girl until she fights back and he gets a-scared.

  3. Honestly, based on the contents of the complaint, I doubt Schmalfeldt knows who he's suing.

    1. Very nice.

      "A man's ingress into the world is naked and bare,His progress through the world is trouble and care;And lastly, his egress out of the world, is nobody knows where." - John Edwin

      1. Pablo

        You have NOT been paying attention. The state of Wisconsin has overturned the Falwell case by criminalizing any communication created electronically if there is any reasonable likelihood that a person insulted in that communication will see the insult and feel abused by it. It's all laid out in Witless Willie's complaint. And although the complaint does not make it explicit, Willie learned from Acme Law that Wisconsin's criminal law applies both nationally and internationally.

        You must keep up, Pablo.

      2. If what is posted about him is defamatory, what he posts is also defamatory. If he believes he has a winnable case, dozens of people have stronger cases against him.

        1. If calling someone a drunk in public is defamatory, I believe that William should be waiting for an action from Robert Stacy McCain with bated breath.

      3. Rob and Neal

        It is clear that I for one have numerous counter-claims. For example, Witless Willie has accused me of having an alligator mouth and a canary ass. Because I have a phobia about birds, that insulting and therefore abusive comparison caused me intense emotional distress. Moreover, the abuse was published from Wisconsin to a public site where he knew, or should have known, me to be an almost daily visitor. Wisconsin criminalizes such utterances.

    2. One thing that's true of all the Does is that, even if a DUMBFUCK magically got its subpoena for WordPress, it would only get IP addresses, and most of those would be TOR proxies.

      But some of the actual ones would be for foreign Internet providers, who William would have to challenge in their respective countries, under their laws and in their native languages.

      And didn't William retire specifically because a little hard work might kill him?

  4. https://twitter.com/waroftheweasels/status/678605274941415424

    The one in which you're an utter failure, Dumbfuck. This one. So, she's not a failed political candidate, but you are. See how that works, Dumbfuck?

    Say, isn't harassing elected officials (via their children) how Deb Frisch's crazy train to homelessness (with stops in jail, jail, jail and jail) started picking up steam?

    1. You know, for a self described "investigative journalist" he sure doesn't investigate very well does he?

      By the way, anyone ever see any of the articles he was paid to write as an investigative journalist?


      Show of hands?

      Is this thing on??

      1. You can bet there aren't any on STOLEN VALOR - or at least none taking an anti- position. Oh, wait... I almost forgot... HYPOCRITE.

      2. "You know, for a self described “investigative journalist” he sure doesn’t investigate very well does he?"

        If the answers aren't at the bottom of a bottle he doesn't care about them.

      3. Not sure how much investigating and reporting the guys down on the paper's loading dock and driving the delivery trucks generally do. I don't think it's a lot, but that's not my line of work.

    2. Yet ANOTHER error of fact in Lulzsuit VI.

      Of course, nothing is funnier than the retired GS-13 writer/editor's inclusion of two phantom defendants in it. I wonder if either of them is spending the weekend drafting a reply and a counterclaim. I have no knowledge that they are, but I can dream, right?

      How great would it be if the Diminished Capacity Kid got ruined by a couple of folks he sued by accident?

      1. I think he was writing the suit to include them, then decided he'd be clever and go after commenters. But he's not thinking that well, and didn't remove the references. The one place he did, he ended up submitting an altered document under oath.

        And the alteration is material and obvious -- I recall there's a word for lying to the court about a material face, but I'm sure it's hypertechnical and won't be invoked by any of his targets.

    3. I guess he thinks that having lost one election, no others, before or after, count.

      Does he consider the only valid descriptor for Al Gore to be "Failed Political Candidate"?

      😀 😀

      1. I don't know about The Big BM™, But I do.

        Oh, wait, Al also gets the Lousy Weatherman moniker as well, doesn't he?

  5. Does life get any better than this? No, I don't believe that it does.


    Perhaps William's next Twitter handle should @RestrainingOrderAficionado Who wants to bet that it's free?


      So Magnanimous his ass is..

    2. I have not called William M Schmalfeldt Sr. an adjudicated stalker - I have called him (and am one of the people who made him such) an adjudicated harasser.

      He is also an asshole and a liar. His current actions of harassing some woman in NC in the days before a hearing on another restraining order/injunction proves that his mental state is degrading rapidly, or that he is completely fucking stupid.

    3. Out of state restraining orders are 'toilet paper'? First, his ass must have taken some rough trade in order to use that as TP. Second, I can think of a few people who may want to know about Bill's opinions on restraining orders.

      1. "First, his ass must have taken some rough trade in order to use that as TP."

        Sometimes, Grasshopper, the Tranny fucks you!"


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