Good Morning,DUMBFUCK!

Let’s start by noting that today’s unmedicated, dementia-addled, Johnnie Walker Red fueled insanity rage is archived forever at (and wouldn’t that URL be PERFECT with an ‘s’ on the end?).

 Take a close look, my friends.  Take very close look.

In the space of just four minutes, from 9:38 PM to 9:41 PM, we have a WORLD CLASS DUMBFUCK condemning bkwatch1, and by extension all the rest of us, for stepping up and defending any and all innocents it has attacked.  And I use that word “innocent” with intention and with purpose, because only in this pudding-brained DUMBFUCK’S imagination has anyone been legally accused, tried or found guilty of 

  • Smearing a dead woman (whom it can no longer stand to refer to as its spouse, apparently – doesn’t that just scream SOULMATE to you?);
  • Getting drunk and “fucking men other than hubby in front of kids” (and wouldn’t it just be easier to say ‘ex-wives?’);
  • Being a “deadbeat grifter who offer their wife’s sexual services” (perhaps because it wasn’t getting a cut of the action going on at the local Traveling J?);

I wonder if a DUMBFUCK JURINALIST would even be capable of favoring its imaginary dedicated fans with the details of charges filed, dates of trials, convictions, and sentences served by these vile and heinous criminals.

Doing so might give the DUMBFUCK   the barest, most fleeting opportunity to actually STAND on the moral high ground it cannot possibly claim. There is absolutely zero chance that will ever happen.  

Because DUMBFUCK is too busy defending the hero BRETT KIMBERLIN, a criminal in EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD, a man who 

  • Was convicted of felony perjury in 1973, according to his own authorized biography;
  • Has admitted to running a large scale illegal drug ring;
  • Remains the prime and only suspect in the murder of Julia Scyphers in 1978, at the time the grandmother of his underage girlfriend;
  • Was convicted in June 1980 of conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute;
  • Was convicted in November 1980 of possession and illegal use of Department of Defense insignia, illegal use of the Seal of the President of the United States, and impersonation of a federal officer;
  • Was convicted of setting a series of bombs in Speedway, Indiana in 1978;
  • Was sentenced to 50+ years in prison, an uncompleted sentence for which he remains on parole;
  • Was found legally responsible for the death of bombing victim Carl DeLong;
  • Was returned to federal prison for failing to satisfy the civil judgment against him in that case;
  • Was legally adjudicated a pedophile as a result of a civil case in 2014.

This is the equivalence that a DUMBFUCK desperately wants to draw.  This is the battleground DUMBFUCK has chosen.  This is the field where the lifeblood of a DUMBFUCK’S microscopic credibility stains the grass, where its rotting carcass lies pinned to the ground by the arrows and swords of the Lickspittle Zombie Horde.

Too bad, so sad, tough luck DUMBFUCK.

Doesn’t it make you wonder, my Zombie friends?  How can a DUMBFUCK make the incredible claim that we hide from it,   

a monstrous beast who says…  

…but constantly runs to hide behind the NINJANUNS, behind The Lovely And Talented Cindy (Who Is Probably Disgusted By It When Its Back Is Turned), behind @wordpresssdotcom and @wp_digest when it finds the butthurt it so desperately seeks, when the people it tries to intimidate and threaten with doxing react not with the cowering and puddles of fear pee with which it is so familiar but rather with the deserved pointage, laughery and mockeration with which it is ALSO SO VERY FAMILIAR?

It makes me wonder my friends, of a question I would surely ask the the homely and friendless sociopath should our paths ever cross (HA!):


But our paths never will cross, so it’s just going to hang there, unasked and unanswered.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

78 thoughts on “Good Morning,DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I'm confident in speaking for the entire horde on this topic: None of us despise happy its wife died themerrywidower because it chose to defend what may be the personification of evil who, from what I've seen, has no intention of ever attempting a different path.

    Those who despise happy its wife died themerrywidower despise it solely due to its own actions, whether its purpose was defense of a convicted felon and adjudicated pedophile, or any other purpose.

    Happy its wife died Themerrywidower likes to touch upon some of its more egregious actions that caused many in the horde to becoming interested activities, such as repeatedly, and continuously through the present time, attacking grieving parents who'd lost their baby girl; calling various government agencies to file bogus reports to punish them for not bowing to the freak's bullying etc. Or another prominent action that attracted many against the malignant monster's cause was at least threatening another mom with similar reports and loss of custody of her children, for the crime of not providing whatever information the repulsive recreant demanded.

    Such behavior attracted many to stand up for those targeted by dementia addled cuckold, but are but two examples of near daily reasons for decent people to stand against the vile worm. It ignores the many times it has contacted people at home, their families, and their employers. It ignores the attacks on its various unread blogs, and numerous suspended twitter accounts. It ignores the daily lies, attacks, smears, and general douchebaggery in which it engages daily.

    I could go on and on, as could anyone else in the horde. There are more than two incidents nearly every single day.

    1. Precisely, Jane. I don't care, in the end, that he chose to defend a convicted felon. What I care about is the *way* he does it. THAT is what is reprehensible. Threats, doxxing, intimidation, demands. He does it over and over and over again. About things that have nothing to do with the diminutive diddler. He was doing it long before he took up with Brett Kimberlin. He will do it long after Brett Kimberlin disassociates with him.

      In the end, it's not about Brett Kimberlin. It's about William Schmalfeldt. And THAT is what he can't stand.

      1. Frankly, Kimberlin bores me. If this were just about him, none of you would ever have heard of me. He's a heavily tranquilized Alex Jones, who only occasionally makes me laugh out loud.

        But a DUMBFUCK is all lulz all the time.

      2. I almost second this.

        I read, and failed to follow, several RS McCain blogs about Brett; it was when he and Ken White both hit on this Schmalfeldt character that I started paying attention and following Hogewash! and now TMZ, BillySez, and the artisan craft blog.

        Not only has Brett Kimberlin done himself a disservice by attempting to silence Hoge, McCain, Walker, and others from reporting his convictions as a drug smuggler and as a domestic terrorist known as the Speedway Bomber, but in so doing he has encouraged them to look into allegations about pedophilia and the prospect he may have hired the murder of the grandmother of his 14 year-old "girlfriend."

        He then attempted to use Bill to intimidate them into silence.

        The Streissand Effect doesn't have anything on the Schmalfeldt Effect.

        I would never have heard of Brett Kimberlin without his attempts to silence Walker, Hoge, et. al. But I would not have started paying attention if he had not brought Bill in to play.

        It is entirely because of the antics of Bill Schmalfeldt that I know and _care_ who Brett Kimberlin is. Well, that and a couple of very brave people who stood up and said "NO FURTHER!"

        The fact that this introduced me to a few people who enjoy mocking the tremulous turd burglar is icing on the cake. And boy is that a mixed metaphor in most households!

        I don't have the quote handy, but if Brett Kimberlin had not sicced Bill Schmalfeldt onto his foes, most of us would never have heard of either of them. And no, that's not the quote, but you know the one I mean.

      3. Duh, Pablo, two posts down... many thanks, BTW...

        "If you morons would just forget #BrettKimberlin exists and go about your lives, you would be happier and no one would be investigating." (typed out for the Google bomb...)

        The Tweet the Twit Twitted to make the Pedo (bear) Bomber truly immortal.

        Good help is hard to find. Bad help has over 150 separate Twitter feeds. And blocking any one of them is simpler than blocking a phone number, but that's not the point....

  2. What rights of The Diddler's were you defending, Dumbfuck? Please explain, and let's keep this lulzy.

  3. Don't forget the tiny pedo is also a self admitted military saboteur. Bill probably finds a kinship due to his exercise of Stolen Valor. They have both spit on our military. One of them may have gotten people killed, the other tried to cheapen others sacrifices by co opting their awards as his own.

  4. So why did he report his own blog*--turdsrfood(dot)wordpress(dot)com**--to wordpress?

    Can we say potemkin village?

    *safe link
    **replaced the . with (dot) no need for wordpress to generate a link.


    Speaking only for myself, I have no interest whatsoever in William's "defenses" or deluded justifications for anything. He is his own big, stupid bowl of joy. Nothing more, nothing less. Nor does he have the self-awareness necessary to make his suffering stop, which delights me to no end.

    He could end it tomorrow if he wanted to. His misguided and inbred pride won't let him. As much as it protests to the contrary, a DUMBFUCK doesn't want to be "left alone." It wants to "win." And those are two different things.

    A DUMBFUCK believes that it has some strategic superiority, which allows it to make ridiculous demands. Of course, this is one of the thing that makes it a DUMBFUCK in the first place. If he past is prologue, it should know that it's escalations are met and raised, time after time. But unlike even the most primal wounded animal, a DUMBFUCK doesn't learn from its own history, thereby guaranteeing that it's doomed to repeat it.

    It truly is the Black Knight, which is why I love it so.

    1. I'm convinced that a DUMBFUCK isn't deliberately upping its own already impressive levels of crazy and stupid as a strategic move. I just believe that it hasn't seen a neurologist in over six months.

      It used to be that it made a public announcement each and every time it had a doctors appointment, often as a justification for a setback in its legal wars. First, his neurologist was the excuse for dumping Lulzsuit I and then he was the reason that it didn't show up to contest one of Hoge's peace orders. At one point, DUMBFUCK actually challenged us to contact Dr. Bombay.

      But you would have to go back to April or May to find any mention.of a neurologist at all. I believe that's because Gail was in no condition to force him to go. Or stopped caring because she knew that she'd be free of a DUMBFUCK soon enough, anyhow.

      However, if it didn't see Dr. Bombay, it went cold turkey from its happy pills, which it promptly replaced with the brownest of all brown liquors. If anyone is interested in seeing how effective that is as a medical regimen, I invite you to visit an inner city street-corner or Greyhound station.

      Or don't. It's much more amusing to watch online.


        I do believe that, according to DUMBFUCK logic, this constitutes "one more threatening or defamatory blog post.."

        Balls in your court, DUMBFUCK.

    2. Put in a more succinct (and mathematical) way, "Parkinson's dementia + stupidity + arrogance + alcohol - treatment = FUN!

    3. " DUMBFUCK doesn’t want to be “left alone.” It wants to “win.”"

      Minor point: it DOES want to be "left alone". Keep in mind he interprets others defending themselves as attacks on him -- look at how enraged he is over people getting peace orders and enforcing them. His ideal of being "left alone" is for others to stop defending themselves.

      And that's how he intends to "win". Against defenseless opponents.

      1. Sure, it wants to be "left alone" in the same way that Germany did in the late 30's and early 40's.

        Their attitudes were forcibly adjusted shortly thereafter.

      1. Love that demand.
        I have in the past logged into one of his sites and left my email (and presumably my IP as well) and he has, as usual, been completely impotent in his doxxing of me.
        What an oxygen waster.

  6. The recurring theme in Bullshit Bill's life is demanding for himself rights that do not exist while trampling on the rights of others.

    Do I support the wives who dumped him? Of course I do. No one should have to endure his daily, physical presence.

    Do I support the Stranahans in their now multi-year pushback against repeated intrusion? Of course I do (despite personally finding some of Lee Stranahan's political positions pretty sketchy). Willie needs to learn the difference between communications to and communications about. Moreover, given some of Willie's friends, his publication of a woman's address may not be criminal, but it is morally execrable.

    And given that accusing other people's wives are whores started with him, I support those who assert that his last wife was a whore (despite continuing personally to believe that she was not because, as demonstrated by the pics posted by the merry widower himself, she was too ugly). Turnabout is a bitch: if he doesn't like the game, he should not have started it in the first place, let alone continue it to the present.

    1. "Moreover, given some of Willie’s friends, his publication of a woman’s address may not be criminal, but it is morally execrable."

      He posted the address in direct response to a call for rapists to note a woman was home alone that weekend.

      1. Interior and exterior. Real estate video, as I recall it. DUMBFUCK said it was just out there, so it was fair game for him.

        But you know who else has a publicly listed address? A DUMBFUCK'S sister.

        Now, I wouldn't dream of using that information in nefarious ways, but a DUMBFUCK has suggested that if you put it out there, you're just asking for it.

        But if families are to be doxxed, then families are to be doxxed.

      2. If I recall correctly, the video a DUMBFUCK put up was titled "Let's All Visit the Stranahans."

      3. I'm getting so forgetful in my dotage! Didn't a DUMBFUCK also say that he was moving to Milwaukee to be closer to his in-laws?

        I wonder how much of their information is posted online?

        I don't think that a DUBFUCK thought things through before issuing his most recent set of sillly threats.

      4. Lest a DUMBFUCK forget his own threat from 14 hours ago.

      5. I've always been for leaving family out of it but now that you jog my memory Neal n Bob, you are correct. Bill did say if it was online it was fair game. I seem to remember him photoshopping an innocent woman onto a large cactus penis. He said it was OK because he found her picture online. His sister's picture is online too.

        What if someone decided to replicate that effort, exchanging the innocent woman for Bill's sister (who, by the way threatened to call and dox people like Bill does so she isn't an innocent by any measure), and turn the artwork into handbills that can be posted all over his sister's neighborhood with a quote from DUMBFUCK explaining why it's OK to do that. I'm sure she would never be mad at her loving brother for opening door.

        Of course Bill would howl like the mewling mangina he is forgetting completely that people just use he own tactics against him.

        1. While I would never condone such tactics, i'd be hard-pressed to condemn them.

          Who am I kidding? It's a cuckoo DUMBFUCK world with cuckoo DUMBFUCK rules. If it says weapons-free on families, who am I to argue?

          I would only suggest that any posting regarding Becks and the Balceraks (which would be a pretty good band name, come to think of it) include a DUMBFUCK'S public declaration that he personally condones it.

      6. I do believe I made an error. It should be Becks and the Rices. My bad.

        There's one reason and only one reason I'm reluctant to include Gail's immediate kin at all in this.

        Are you curious? I bet you are!

        Read that carefully. Balanced, fair, almost as if Mr. Rice knew that a DUMBFUCK was a genetically predisposed shit-disturber. There was not only no defense of a DUMBFUCK, there was nary a single mention of it.

        But I'm sure that how I'm wrong about that in short order. Or not.

        So we definitely shouldn't mention or link to the 2003 Broadway Bill thread where a DUMBFUCK and the Bobber were discussing what good care Hell's Kitchen Kate was taking care of him where Jim Rice can see it.

        That would be wrong.

      7. Neal - I do recall replying to poor Mr. Rice's post. IIRC, I helped him understand the depth of the issues at hand by pointing a link two posts back to where Bill offered photos of Gail's still-warm corpse (but don't talk about her hair, Bill said "Don't mention her mane.") I thought it might be helpful.

        I hope he found some comfort, in his hour of grief, in knowing that someone was willing to cut through the bullshit and demonstrate exactly how great an asshole his late sister's husband was.

        I'm a giver, that's me.

  7. The nastiest smear I've ever heard against Gail is the claim she's responsible for the "man" Bill is today.

      1. Actually, I've always found it frightening that he might be correct.

        His descent after her passing has lead me to believe he was correct. She made him a better man. We were not impressed at the time, but when the wheels came off we saw _exactly_ what kind of man he would have been without her... and don't discount T.J. Smoking a few bowls can mellow anyone's harsh.

        I fear Gail did make him a better man. And now we see the true William Schmalfeldt in all his unholy glory.

        I bet the sisters cross themselves now as he rolly-walks down the halls past them.

        Wouldn't surprise me if the room lights dim.

      1. They have no control over the property around Juniper Court. only the municipality does.

        I wonder how many Knot boys are among the readers here.

      2. If anyone is s inclined to put up posters around Juniper Court - which I in no CONDONE, mind you, may it would be a shame if this picture were used.

      3. Caption contest, me first:

        "Ooops, did _I_ just post the address, and photos both inside and out, of the home of a woman friends of mine just threatened to rape, while pointing out her husband was out of town for the weekend?"

        "Why yes I did, other DumbFuck, yes I did."

  8. As if any of us owe it a thing, or that it has the mental capacity to understand anything that we'd write, or accept any facts that conflict with what it wants to believe. How many times over the last few days did our own TDPZ deny happy its wife died themerrywidower's latest FAILdox? But it went back on her blog, after it had again claimed to abandon it, to demand another denial.

    How many times did LT deny being HZIC? And now that its refusal to accept that simple fact bought it yet another restraining order, the repulsive recreant is back to again claiming PG is HZIC, despite years of denials, and so on, in the freakshow's seemingly never-ending quest to prove to the world its capacity for FAILURE is limitless, and its stupidity boundless.

    1. A DUMBFUCK doesn't get, nor can it ever be expected to. It is, after all, a DUMBFUCK. For every escalation it engages in, we shall meet and surpass it. It created the rules of engagement, not us. But it is far more vulnerable than we are, as it is far more inclined to oversharing than we are.

      To quote Paul Shaffer, "We'll be here for the rest of our lives." So will a DUMBFUCK.

      1. Many hands make light work, but the freakshow has virtually no other life, purpose, or human interaction from what I've seen.

        Plus, all we have is FUN!

    2. The thing demands we tell it why we feel wronged by it, and will then immediately use that communication as a reason to further attack, all the while claiming that the behaviours which upset normal people are perfectly reasonable responses to being attacked, even with irrefutable proof that it started first and the "attacks" it claims to be responding to can be proved to be responses to its own actions. Its provocations are never remembered or admitted to.

      It might want to check out Malebolge and Cocytus since those seem to be the direction in which it is currently heading.

      1. Trying to confuse it with facts, I see. Of course, it's waaaaaay too smart to let the truth get in the way of its fantasy victimhood. haha


    Why would a DUMBFUCK be upset about is own blog, or one created by his confederates?

    If there's one thing that Hogewash, TMZ and Billy Sez (and let's not forget Ukulele Dave, who must feel slighted) have in common, other than a DUMBFUCK theme, it's that we all comment there. Have any of us commented on turdsrfood?

    Is there another DUMBFUCK related blog that we don't go near? I wonder ...

    1. Jesus, I had a DUMBFUCK blog going for less than a week, and several of the horde - including DUMBFUCK itself - commented there.

      But turdsrfood? Nope. Doesn't seem so.

      Wonder why that could be.

      How many comments do DUMBFUCK'S own blogs get again?

      I'll bet if that an expert were to check the coding of that blog, and compare it to the half-zillion DUMBFUCK blogs, they'd be damn near identical.

      1. Not for nothing, but DUMBFUCK better be pretty sure that it or none of its friends put turdrfood up. Nothing would hurt a future IIED case quite like that.

      2. Indeed, Gail's Former Abusers's failure to send a DMCA to that blog (and share the DMCA publically since he can nothing without tweeting/blogging about it) speaks volumes about who runs it...doesn't it?

      3. There is that, isn't there, TJ?

        The Gail Death Porn that a DUMBFUCK so lovingly created and distributed to total strangers is, as it do forcefully reminded us, copyrighted. Who knows how many DMCA notices John Hoge and Krendler received that a DUMBFUCK wasn't shy about sharing. Of the top of my head, it was at least five.

        Billy Sez was threatened over copyright and publicity rights repeatedly over the last 48 hours. But turdsrfood? Crickets.

        I do hope that a DUMBFUCK is enough of a DUMBFUCK to sue over it.

        But it won't because a DUMBFUCK won't sue itself.

      4. Correction: dumbfuck has sued himself. Remember, he claims he was Krendler, and has sued over what Krendler wrote.

        So don't rule it out.

      1. Don't get me wrong, it might be the only intentionally amusing thing a DUMBFUCK has ever created, but let there be no mistake that a DUMBFUCK did create it.

        It's almost as if he raped his own sister and demanded from the rapist the satisfaction of a duel.

        Just for giggles, we should ALL report turdsrfood to WordPress.

    1. I do enjoy the Baghdad Bob costume on a DUMBFUCK, but it doesn't fully express its willingness to gas whole villages and still lose a war.

      This one, however, does

  10. ROTFL I guess he doesn't care for the response he got and that. Time for a new line in the sand.

  11. cyber-stalker, harasser with 6 RO's against him says what??

    Gail's Former Abuser forgets no one (or very few people) is talking TO him, we are all talking (and pointing and laughing at) about him, which is something he can't control, not legally as we are doing NOTHING illegal.

    All his whinging threats to the contrary are just so much hot air (as he knows)

    Gail's Former Abuser's "let's make a deal" propositions are completely meaningless as they are between him and NO ONE ELSE. Besides even if someone did "make a deal" with Gail's Former Abuser, he'd break it within 24 hours (judging from his past behaviour)

    I'd suggest that HZIC make a sticky post listing all of Gail's Former Abuser's attempted victims, faildoxes, threats etc. That way when the schmycle rotates back to the "what have I ever done to anyone??!!??!!1" again ( as it regularly does) all one needs do is link to it.

    Do it for Google.

      1. We only included the results of adversarial hearings where he had the right to defend himself. If out memory is correct, Mr. Bill was represented by a lawyer during Hoge's peace order hearing. While he blew off the Grady hearing, Mr. Bill did try to contest Hinckley's petition ineffectively by email.

        We don't believe that the Arizona orders resulted from a contested hearing.

  12. ...aaaaaanndd we're back to Grady = Krendler.

    Isn't it about time we published a Krendler of The Week roster?

  13. Poor DUMBFUCK, he asks the same questions time and time again. He gets answers but ignores them. Then DUMBFUCK asks the question yet again. Rinse, Repeat..;..

  14. Lets not forget to add abusive conduct towards a young girl, not his charge, to whom he had neither legal nor blood tie. He admittted smacking her in the mouth and confiscating her pet when he thought she made excuses for avoiding his company. BK: "This was like, in early 1977. I just smacked her [in the face. ed.] and said, ‘Don’t lie to me.”

  15. PRWIRE: For Immediate Release:

    Today, scientists with the USBS (U.S. Bullshit System, a division of the US Department of Redundancy Department) issued an alert for an imminent eruption of LULZSuit from Mount Schmalfeldt. Scientists have been tracking increasing rumblings and venting from "The Dome" (locally referred to as "Dick Dent Peak"). and believe an eruption will soon follow. Residents as cautioned to limber up their LULZ muscles, and seek immediate alcohol relief if such an eruption should occur.

    Scientists are attempting to prevent such an eruption with a procedure on 12/22, but they are not sure that it will be in time. Stay tuned for broadcasts from the Emergency Bullshit System.


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