Good Morning, Officer!

If someone reported to you that there was a threat to the apartment building where Bill Schmalfeldt lives, you would find that the first person to mention it was this fellow:

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And the original comment can be found right here:


Author: Paul Krendler

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  1. Hey, William isn't "totally" or "completely" disabled, anymore.

    I've been saying for years that binge-drinking was good for more than just the soul, and now I have proof!

  2. Officer. The people who criticize Bill Schmalfeldt continue to pursue only legal means to get him to stop his activities. He writes crude material online -> We write about it. -> He tries to get us fired. He publishes pictures of children of his critics online. -> Some of us have to get Peace Orders/Restraining Orders.

    This is a First amendment issue. No one on this side has any interest in violence, inciting violence or becoming violent. He faces another Peace Order court date Dec. 22. Judges have already issues PO's in other states because of his harassment.

    Thank you for your time, officer. Have a safe day.

    1. Mr. Alexander makes an excellent point, officers.

      In fact, if you follow the link so helpfully provided above by our most excellent host, you'll find William has been up to all manner of shenanigans that cast some light on "sterling character" and generally peaceable intentions.

      No need to thank me. I'm just a really good citizen of another country.

    2. Stalking no contact and restraining orders too - different states, different judges; same adjudicated cyberstalker and harasser, Bill Schmalfeldt.

  3. Many here have watched Bill Schmalfeldt's online antics over the years and have openly wondered if the freakshow has Munchausen Syndrome in addition to the diagnosed dementia.

    Someone with that much mental instability, no friends or family, all alone in the world, can be very dangerous. There's no telling what Bill Schmalfeldt may do to get attention or to try to implicate others in nefarious activities. I mean, just recently we watched in real time as Bill Schmalfeldt repeatedly edited purported email headers intended to evidence the latest conspiracy theory-esque delusional rant.

    1. More about William's fun with emails headers can be found here

      Please excuse Mr. Krendler's language. He's the ornery sort.

  4. Short version, Bill Schmalfeldt is a nasty man who tries to harass people who point out that he says dumb things online. ;D

  5. Good morning, officers!

    Please note the highlighted portion on page 3 of a fanciful document filed by Mr. Schmalfeldt in a case that did not involve him. He admits he has dementia. You should also be aware that he is not "wheelchair bound," and just last month was going for mile-long walks by himself using only his walker.

    1. Wheelchair bound? I laugh.

      I used to make a point of noting that while Bill exhibits none of the serious effects of Parkinson's (tremor, slowness, rigidity), he has shown signs of gait disturbance (problems with balance/walking).

      Now I'm not so sure even that is very serious. Not just because of the feats he has talked about, but because he either bought or contemplated buying a mobility scooter - with his own money!

      I have Medicare, just like Bill. In my case, gait disturbance is way down my list of problems. Yet I've had a power chair, fully covered by insurance, for seven years now. My doctor was pushing me to get one for several years before that, but I resisted until I realized that it would be convenient around the house.

      If Bill doesn't qualify for a paid scooter, with his diagnosis, he can walk pretty damn well. Considering his lack of other physical symptoms, I now question his use of the term "disabled". It seems that cognitive and emotional irregularities are his only real problems.

    2. As William himself put it on October 26 of this year, it was a "Lovely Day for a Rolly Stroll."

      "Truly magnificent weather today. Sunny and upper 50s. Decided to get off my lazy butt, grab the rolly walker, and head out for a stroll through Bay View Park, right across the street from the nunnery."

      You'll note that he included pictures and a map of his residence. This should give you an idea of the depth and sincerity of his concern for his personal safety and that of his fellow residents and staff and Juniper Court.

  6. Bill is pissed, obviously. What is Bill capable of when he is pissed?

    Let's see what he has said about that...

    Even he doesn't know.

    1. But sometimes William "gets all mad and stuff" in ways that you and I don't.

      Why, it's almost as if he sees this as a game, which he sometimes uses law enforcement and the courts as pawns in.

      I'd be pretty upset if I was ordered to expend valuable taxpayer resources monitoring a blog over something like that. Of course, you mileage may vary, officers.

      1. Officers, I suggest that you contact the police departments in Howard and Carroll counties, Maryland; Paris, Tennessee (who William told that he was "probably not" a child pornographer) and Ayers, Massachusetts, all of whom have received hysterical correspondence that involved delusional conspiracy theories in 2015 alone. No action was taken against anyone as a result of said communications.

        If you'd like to go further back than 2015, the list of law enforcement agencies Schmalfeldt has hectored becomes considerably longer, but the tone and content are remarkably similar.

        How do I know that? Well, William does enjoy posting those emails to his blogs and Twitter accounts (they are many for they are legion.) I'm sure all of them are backed up on his home computer, if you'd like to investigate further.

        1. Clearly we can't provide links to what Bill Schmalfeldt calls 'comedy' because it could be deemed child p.--o.--r.--n. However, a cleaned up version included in a legal pleading by Bill Schmalfeldt would give any interested person a pretty good idea why direct links shouldn't be posted.

          Question: Does anyone think even the legal pleading goes over the line and shouldn't be linked? Or should we go ahead and link to it so anyone curious can read Bill Schmalfeldt's own words describing his own voice in an audio recording acting out a "skit" including cub scouts, a.--n.--a.--l s*x, urine, etc.?

      2. It should also be pointed out that Microsoft terminated William's Outlook account just this past weekend for unspecified prohibited conduct. Instead of being upset, Schmalfeldt used this a means of taunting the petitioner in next week's restraining order hearing in Illinois, suggesting that his harassment of her could not be authenticated now.

        I'm sure that one of my esteemed friends can provide the relevant tweets of that.

      3. And while we're on the topic of directed electronic harassment, officers, may I suggest that you check in with William's own Twitter account, where he's been engaging in it as recently as 58 minutes ago?

        He helpfully included a recent picture, so there's no question that it's him.

      4. I don't want to link the pleading in question, but it can be found easily. Maryland District Court docket # is 1:15-cv-00315, styled Schmalfeldt v. Johnson et al, page 11, beginning at #36. Keep in mind, that's the version written for a judge to read. The audio version is worse.

      5. What Jane is talking about is Bill's tendency to document, in exquisite, loving detail, why all he wrote about was (to pick one example out of many) one Boy Scout attempting to sodomize another, and being ordered by the Scoutmaster to take it "for diversity." In audio, with Bill doing all the voices. But he explains in detail to the court why this is not porn, and near as I understand things he gets pretty much every point of law exactly wrong.

  7. Any law enforcement reading this should also be aware that William (Bill) Schmalfeldt has a history of making false reports of crimes to the police. He sent an email to the Chief of Police in my town, attempting to report me for the crime of criminal stalking (MA law has such a crime). The only problem is that it requires a physical presence and "following", and as I had never been to his state (at the time MD), this was impossible, and a false report.

    This is the man that I had to get a restraining order against. Here in MA we call them Harassment Prevention Orders. The court injunction prohibiting Bill from harassing me has been served on him by your own Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office - see docket # 555806.

    1. A docket number you say?

      Could there possibly be five or six other docket numbers for the nice officers to look into, should they so choose?

      Officers, if you feel it necessary to interview William about any of this, I advise you to approach him caution. He can be ... unpredictable.


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