17 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Oh, yes, of course, this time will be different - - - - hahahahahahahah Nope; couldn't even get that typed out.

    Happy its wife died Themerrywidower will be creating and 'wallowing' in its filth before noon today, not to mention rolling it into balls, sniffing and blogging about it. The only surprise is that it somehow managed to stop for a few hours - IF it stopped at all.

  2. I got 10 bucks that says he won't show his face in court despite the many times he said how easy it would be for him to get there and how much he was looking forward to it.

  3. What is it with him, and those awful fonts?

    I suspect it reflects his inabilities as regards creativity.

    IOW, if your content sucks rocks, put on a garish coat of paint, and hope the rubes are distracted.

    The Carnival Principle...

    Cousin Bill as a carny freak...yup, that's it.

    "The Bearded Mangina - Half Bullshit, Half Pedo, Three-Quarters Cry-Bully, All Disgusting!"

    1. Primary directive in typographic design: easy on the fonts. Don't get wacky with the fonts.

      It's a sign no skill.

  4. Wait..

    So if he changes his mind and comes back, does that mean he likes wallowing in filth?

    Do we call him Filthy Schnitzel then?


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