Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

…strangely silent, eh?

Well, earlier this morning over at the artisan craft blog, a DUMBFUCK said:

“All along I have been advocating the ‘drop your swords and walk away’ solution. But it seems I am the only one who thinks that’s a good idea.”

Only we all know that’s not true.  And once again, I’m going to prove a DUMBFUCK for the liar it is.

Let’s go back to August of 2014, shall we? Right after the settlement of a copyright suit filed by Mr. Hoge and Mr. DUMBFUCK. Mr. DUMBFUCK had tried and failed to involve me in his little butthurt parade, because he’s all about dropping swords and walking away.

Post settlement, Mr. Hoge made this statement:

I recommend that [REDACTED] be given the opportunity to make the changes in his Internet presence that he described to me. He will probably be more successful in doing so if folks don’t jiggle his elbow.

I was a younger and less jaded zombie back then, and I took Mr. Hoge’s advice more often then than I do now.

I detailed how DUMBFUCK dropped his sword and walked away, like he has advocated all along, in this post:

My feeling was very much the same. Up to a point. As a sign of good faith, I changed my Twitter avatar and stopped posting here. A show of good faith is one thing. But I am not a fool. I know the brand of monster we’re dealing with.

I was ready and willing to leave him alone. In fact, I did.

And then this happened:


“…or he can sell his blog.”

That quote was his next tweet, and it didn’t include my handle. He’s taken his account private again. A great way to promote his book, yeah?

Did he think I wasn’t paying attention? “Trust…but verify.”

I’m always watching. But, in good faith, in the interest of “not jostling his elbow,” I stayed my hand. I kept my peace.

On Wednesday. In good faith, I remained quiet. “Nary a peep from the boy,” said the Mooky button pusher. “Looks as though Krendler has gone private at least on Twitter,” said the silver-haired cartoon button pusher.

Yes. For four months now, dim cartoon girl.


Do you understand now, you lonely, twisted old control freak? This is what it means to have friends. You attack one, you attack us all. The enemies you have made (a/k/a the answer to the outstanding question) are EVERYWHERE. When you say “mind your own business & go back to your knitting,” we respond with hearty laugh and an even more hearty “Fuck you.”

And we always will. So get comfortable.

That’s what happens when you drop your sword and walk away from a DUMBFUCK.

And unlike your average DUMBFUCK, I am a quick study. 

Nothing like this will ever happen again.

And if there’s a DUMBFUCK out there who doesn’t like it, perhaps that DUMBFUCK would get more satisfaction by getting itself laid.

Right under the jawline.

With a shotgun.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

24 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Collette, Lauren, Connie, Grace, Asheterah, Nancy, The Stranahan girls, that poor ten year old who's picture of her on her uncles lap he made sexual comments about, Robin Causey, the poor woman who had a stroke he harassed for years, Dee in Houston, my youngest Erica, who he made sexual comments about our relationship.

    I'm sure I left some women out that I cannot remember

    1. Mandy Nagy, Mrs Hinckley Mrs Walker, Mrs Grady, Mrs Heath, Momma Heath, Mrs McCain, The children of Nancy, David Egren, Robin Causey, Mrs Grady

      Note the people in this comment never said a damn thing about the fattawon

      1. please help me remember others who never commented on Bill, yesz Ali's mother is another who suffered the abuse

    2. Oh, but see I *asked for it* BPO. Because I don't like Bill. And started Billy Sez to preserve for posterity that which he deems delete-able. Along with my commentary about it. So that meant he had to say "did your daddy touch you" and post pictures of PEOPLE WHO AREN'T ME in an effort to get me to stop. I mean, what the hell?

  2. Even before TMZ people decided to be silent about the DUMBFUCK for 2 weeks to see what would happen. No one referred to him by name or reference. Result? The predictable one. Within a week he was on the attack again.

    So, it goes around and around. Leave him alone and he attackes. Respond to his attacks and he complains he just wants to be left alone.

    1. The problem is that he doesn't look at silence as "They are leaving me alone." He looks at it as, "I'm winning! Time to double down!"

      1. Therein lies William's quandry. He doesn't want to be left alone, he wants to win! He's squandered fr too many opportunities to believe otherwise.

  3. Let me say that I am relieved that you are still undead and with us. I mean, BS said yet again, that you were strangely silent, and that is always highly suspicious, especially over a long Thanksgiving weekend. Silence in Christmas Day would also be some sort of admission of guilt.

    1. Our zombie overlords, like the horde, have families, friends, hobbies, interests that don't require an internet connection, etc. Things totally alien to happy its wife died themerrywidower, whose own adult children want nothing to do with the malignant monster; who has no friends, having repulsed virtually all who've ever had the misfortune to become aware of its existence; and whose entire existence (can't call it a 'life'), appears to be only on the internet.

      Happy its wife died themerrywidower can't walk rolling nutshuffle away - we're all it has in the world. Without us, it's all alone. And really, does anyone think it a fair punishment for any sin to be all alone* with the vicious freakshow? Oh... wait...

      *Insert rape comment here, preferably one of the many, many rape threats/comments/fantasies posted by happy its wife died themerrywidower.

    1. One of my favorite TMZ series - irrefutably showing the Lyin' of Lebanon is a liar. Maybe those extra medals not shown on the DD-214 were for lying and goldbricking instead of straight up STOLEN VALOR?

  4. "He drinks a whisky drink, he drinks a vodka drink ... "


    These posts are awesome!

  6. At this point, the only option for him is complete, unconditional surrender. He stays away from the zombies and their associates forever. He peruses the internet but never comes to any of the horde sites and never comments about anyone. He makes that happen, he will finally get his peace.

    Or he can do what Hitler did, if that makes it easier.


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