Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

Yes.  In this country.  In the court of public opinion.  

I get to “investigate,” and reach my own conclusions, and if the person being investigated doesn’t prove me wrong, well, I get to assume my story is true and correct.

At least, that’s how the members of the Society of Professional Journalists that I know of do it.

But maybe they’re just a bunch of DUMBFUCKS.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

27 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. Howard, that's bullshit. One to the temple might careen off his skull. Budd Dwyer shows the way.

  1. And we have the newest Twitter handle... Any over/under bets on how many hours this one will survive?

  2. Please God, tell me Krendler photoshopped that avatar. No member of Homo sapiens can possibly have a brain case that small, can they? If that is a true likeness, then much that has previously been mysterious is suddenly revealed.

  3. Monkey Dance tonight.. in summation:

    "You're all STUPID!! HAAHAHAAHA!"

    Can't wait until he shows up the US Marshal's office...

  4. Bill spews: "Any investigator who prints as TRUE something that cannot be PROVEN is a hack and a disgrace to the writtten word. Like you, Shitstain."

    Just like when he wrote as fact that I fabricated evidence in a court hearing? And on a site where he can't delete it this time. Guess he is the hack and disgrace.

    I wonder if that is the reason he didn't include me in his latest LULZsuit, or if it is because he is a coward, and I pushed back last time?

    1. Of COURSE that's why he's afraid of you and why he has neglected to include you in his "Godfather settling of accounts end scene suit". Looking at who is not included tells so much about how little likelihood he knows he has of winning. He's in the "bluster and threaten" stage, begging for settlements. This will be followed by hints that "someone has flipped on the rest of you, ho ho ho" and then...either the judge tosses it out, he goes to "Above It All Bill" ("Why should I waste my precious time on these awful people? They must live with the knowledge that I am a better man than they!"), he claims a flair-up of chronic butthurt makes it impossible to continue, or maybe he has a flash of insight (it happens!) and he once again admits he's Hoges (and 7-27 other people's) bitch!

      Somewhere in there an episode where he says he WAS gonna drop the suit but something that somebody NOT in the suit wrote made him change his mind so BLAME THAT GUY!

      Old Faithful is a regular Agent of Chaos compared to Bill Schmalfeldt.


    After Twitter threw you out 3 times in a week? LOL!

      1. Get them involved in harassment legal action.

        So, any day now. I've got suspicions about his current protection despite the repeated TOS violations, but especially if his latest starts making actual news...

      2. Didn't Deb Frisch get banhammered by her ISP? A judge's order just might be what the doctor ordered...

    1. Old?

      How "old" is that?


      Why are there so -many- "old" accounts out there ? (And how many?)
      Might this have bearing in some court proceedings soon?

      I'm wondering if some of the victims are going to toss some subpoenas/letters Twitter's way.

      I don't know why they haven't bounced him fit good and all.... But when they do, it'll be "unfair" and "dishonest".


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