Good Afternoon, Hypocritical, Cowardly, Lying DUMBFUCK!

12-8-2015 3-48-15 PM


It gets the feeling that Dan and I-WANT-IT-ALL-Doug don’t play with moronic, copyright stealing clowns!

Could someone explain to me why they are playing with a moronic, copyright stealing clown like DUMBFUCK?

Say, that reminds me – how are sales of Confessions of I Was An Undercover Teenaged Internet Troll For The LULZ!  doing?  Is DUMBFUCK making big bank on that? What’s the word?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, Hypocritical, Cowardly, Lying DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Did someone say "moronic, copyright stealing clowns"? How about Bill Schmalfeldt violating the following three copyrights:

    VAu 1-225-125
    VAu 1-225-126
    VAu 1-225-127

    All three pictures were published by him on his blog, and in emails he sent to a public mailbox at a business. He did not ask for, or ever receive, permission to use any of those images.

    He also published at least one on Twitter, which according to their TOS, means he is granting them permission to use and distribute the image, something he legally cannot do (copyright theft, anyone?).

    The countersuit is gonna be EPIC!

    1. Bill won't be filing anything. Coward's gotta coward. Name one lawsuit he started that he didn't run screaming in fear from? Well one that wasn't already squashed by a Judge because Bill really is a stupid man and has no idea what the hell he is saying in his pleadings.

  2. If he weren't stalking the Zombie and Lickspittle sites, how would he know he was "found"?

    1. If happy its wife died themerrywidower wasn't harassing and or stalking, you know, as it was repeatedly told by multiple courts in multiple states to stop doing, the repeatedly cuckolded, admittedly dementia addled Bill Schmalfeldt would be a lot harder to find.

      How stooooopid, I mean painfully stupid, would one have to be to believe they'd pulled a disappearing act, but somehow managed to disappear without going away??

      Most toddlers I've known figured out by age 3 that they couldn't really hide by putting their own hands over their faces. But then again, none of the toddlers I've known were drunk. *hic*

  3. Aha! Blob has found yet another savior to vanquish his enemies! This time it'll really work.

    1. Quite a long list of those isn't there? Mommy-judge, the courts generally, SGotCU's family, brothers, facility management (hahahaha), and seems like there's been someone else within the last year or two... hmmm... who is it I'm forgetting?? Oh, yeah, that's right: the recreant worm's "sister."

  4. Happy its wife died themerrywidower may soon find out that Dan and Doug don't wear skirts, and wouldn't let such a reviled, repugnant, sex-involving-cub-scouts-dreaming monster hide in them even if they did.

  5. Hmmmmmmm


    Puerto Rican with 300 Twitter accounts arrested for harassment...

    Gee, how could that happen?

      1. Check this one out, for BS if might bring back fond memories.


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