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  1. It appears so - here's a good start:


    Hmmm... can't say I'm surprised. Happy its wife died Themerrywidower showed the internet what it meant by "loving and respecting" when it published every humiliating detail of SGotCU's terminal illness; urine up to her armpits, soiling herself, etc., and published photographs of her in her underwear, and took at least one known photo of her looking nearly dead, likely the worst she's every looked, and not just publishing it, but emailed it to several people who either despise the ghoul, or never heard of it.

    It's virtually always one or the other, because to become aware of Bill Schmalfeldt is to loathe Bill Schmalfeldt, and it won't give up until you do.

    So, yeah, I'm not surprised she 'loved and respected' the freak right back, in kind. That fits with what it wrote before she died, that they pretty much led separate lives, with the freak spending all of its time on the internet, and also its description of her mocking the mook when it cried.

    What it doesn't fit is any normal person's understanding of 'love and respect' or any dictionary definition, for that matter.

    1. You left out his offer to email complete strangers he considers his enemies photos of her still-warm corpse. THAT is a sign of respect and mourning. Uh-huh.

      1. Yes, of course, how could I forget that certain sign of "a love for the ages"? hahahaha That was even worse than naming its foul self "the merry widower" almost immediately - another showing of love and respect, no doubt.

      2. Actually, it was initially "The White Widower". Having looked all over to find out what the reference was to, I can find no white widowers, but one white widow, a variety of marijuana.

        "My spouse died just a few hours ago! Let's rebrand after a recreational pharmaceutical!"

      3. Thanks, LG - I suppose when one has no friends, and one's family, former coworkers and even neighbors find one so repulsive they can't put it aside for the length of a courtesy call after a death, such "re-branding" is to be expected. It's not like there was a flood of condolence calls, or people stopping by with food trays, right?

        Yeah, a new twitter handle will fix eeeeeeverything. That's the problem, that's why no one called.

      4. In that respect he treated her just like he did Mom.

        I got the offer for both, unasked. Seems like its his standard response to "I don't believe a thing you say". Kinda looking forward to the day he is trying to email people of his own corpse. don't say it. you know he'll find a way.

    2. dont you know the BEST way to show you love someone is to let them wait on you hand and foot while you're "completely disabled" and they are DYING???

      Gail's Former Abuser is just jealous that Hoge still has a spouse to call in to the room.

      1. Maybe more than that.

        How old is Hoge? Probably close in age to Cabin Boy? More? Less? It's hard for me to judge (I'm not good at it to start with, and I don't have a lot to work with anyways).

        But Hoge's life is clearly better off than Bill's. He has a loving wife, and a son who he clearly gets along with. Bill's wife is dead, and I seriously doubt his son is going to want to go anywhere near him nowadays.

        So yeah, all Bill has is his rage at a universe which (in his eyes) has showered blessings on Hoge and given him nothing.

      2. Uh oh. You're sure to be doxxed for sure this time - giving him your correct age?

        Well, or at least some other 68 year old people. Or 86 year old people...

  2. http://imgur.com/I9ONwGT

    Blob, there's no "W" in DUMBFUCK, let alone 3 of them. How has getting media interested in your butthurt been working out so far? Have you found a single sole that gives even a tiny fraction of a damn?

    1. First thing any real "investigative journalist" will do is research, which will include googling Bill Schmalfeldt .

      I think that might change the tone of the article, but by all means, Bill should push for one.

      1. Exactly. It takes a real special kind of narcissism to think any objective observer will believe a single "witness" who admittedly has dementia, over dozens of others who don't have any mental incapacity, over multiple judges in multiple states, and over their own eyes.

        Pro tip: The internet is forever. Just because something got memory holed* hidden doesn't mean it didn't happen, or that no one can prove it.

        BTW - Does anyone know if journalists are mandatory reporters? Like if they run across child abuse, or someone in need of psychiatric treatment, are they required by law to report it?

      2. Jane:

        No. "Reporters" aren't licensed by the state in any capacity and are not mandated reporters any more than any other person.

        I'm certain his current choice of abode is teeming with them, so if there were such an event, I'd expect them to quickly notice it.

        But "psychiatric treatment" isn't usually something they're looking for or mandated to report, unless it's causing imminent self-harm* or harm to someone else.

        * - This is usually considered to be physical with some mental abuse also mandated.

        Errr, so I understand, anyway ... That's what Ely told me.

      3. So, while not required by law to report, if a journalist were to be accosted by someone clearly unhinged, due diligence would cause them to google, and seeing the demented handwriting scrawled in feces on the wall, for their own safety they may choose to report. Got it.

        That is, if Cindy doesn't do it first. I'd bet one more "incident" and she'll make sure there's a 5150, just to get that demented monkey off of her back.

  3. http://i.imgur.com/MVSVwwa.png

    So, white dumfuck widower: How could Gail have been the love of your life when at her passing into permanent rest, all you could do was fight battles on the internet?

    1. I think you meant "tilt at windmills' when you typed "fight battles" there MJ.

      Ain't been no battle Gail's Former Abuser hasn't run away from yet.

    2. What I read was literally during her last breaths the white (and merry) widower was checking email. And my goodness, was the white (and merry) widower angry at whoever sent that comment that caused it to leave its dying wife to check email. smh

    3. "a deeper grief [than] you or anyone... can ever imagine"

      Good God, Bill, get over yourself. You're far from the first -- or last -- person to have their spouse die. Every one of us has experienced grief -- and we didn't offer strangers pictures of the deceased's corpse.

      YOU DID.

      1. He is always the grieviest griever evar. Such a precious widdle snowflake. So laughable.

    1. You'd think the hero of the Beirut rubble expedition that never ever happened would stop now...

      My county imprisons people who say they were in combat when they were not even while in uniform

      almost a year in jail per instance

      1. Well by the logic of Witless Willie's latest suit, where he is suing a resident of Tennessee in Wisconsin on the basis of Wisconsin's criminal law, you seem to have the right to sue Willie in a federal court in Tennessee for violating that state's criminal law. I learn so much law from Willie.

  4. "but emailed it to several people who either despise the ghoul, or never heard of it.

    It’s virtually always one or the other, because to become aware of Bill Schmalfeldt is to loathe Bill Schmalfeldt, and it won’t give up until you do. "

    And that, right there from Jane, needs to be etched in stone. It is such a basic truth - all that have come to know Bill Schmalfeldt and his actions have come to loathe him. And if you show the slightest bit of indecision in that regard, he will provide, of his own free will, all the information/proof you will need to come to despise him. He is a creepy, filthy, hateful liar.

    Here is a case in point: he admits to sending that dreadful picture of his wife to several people, supposedly with her permission. But a simple glance at that picture would show that that poor woman was in no condition to be granting informed consent about anything. The fact that he took that picture, and then distributed it to strangers is all the proof someone needs to know that he is a heartless, cruel person, not to be trusted in the slightest.

      1. And if she had any awareness at all, she was totally mortified. Does anyone think the ghoulish freak didn't read every single humiliating word to her, bragging on its jerkamalism skills? Her too weak to give any response, even nonverbal, but her mind still working and knowing what the malignant monster was doing not only to her, but to all of those who cared about her, and she was powerless to even say "no."

        No one should have to die like that - humiliated, powerless, and in her last moments again ignored while the freakish ghoul again chose internet raging over her.

      2. Wait a sec, I was wrong in the comment immediately preceding this one: There is most definitely ONE malicious, malignant monster who deserves to die that way, and no doubt will die that way - all alone, humiliated and powerless.

        I hope it gets a personal hell wherein it is thoroughly self-aware and has to realize exactly who and what it is, all it's done and not done; and that its hell is the vicious recreant reliving its entire miserable, bitter life with total self-awareness.


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