Ever Seen One of These?

This is a gyroscope.  Kids get to see them in elementary or middle school science classes, and for kids of that age they make good stocking stuffers at Christmas. 

But really it’s not much more than a glorified top.  You wrap a string around the spinning axis and give it a good strong pull, and the thing will spin for you for minutes on end.

You can balance it on your finger or a piece of string, and that gyro just keeps spinning and spinning.

Until the string breaks, or you drop it and one of the spot-welds holding it together pops, then the center of gravity shifts and it loses its stability. Once that happens it’s trashed.

But if yours holds together, you can make it spin and do tricks for years.

Some, you don’t even need string to get spinning. 


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Ever Seen One of These?”

  1. A rare few don't need string, and continue to spin despite never being properly welded, dropped repeatedly, and never, ever, ever, never centered, even before it started rusting from the inside out. Check St. Francis...

      1. But this one does fall down - you know, in shock (as described in another crank email to LE); or, as described the day before, when mol-- "petting" a dog.

  2. You better run to the patent office and get one for your "Website that makes the monkey blob spin and dance."


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