Christmas Shopping Fun

Required tools:

  • One vehicle, fully fueled
  • Two sets of car keys
  • One cinder block or wood plank

Drive to the mall. Cruise parking lot until you find a premium parking space.

Park the car. With the engine running, prop the cinder block or plank so that the brakes are engaged.

Put the car in reverse.  Get out. Lock the car & take spare set of keys.

Go shopping, secure in the knowledge that you will ruin the day of at least a dozen drivers (per hour!) waiting on your empty car to back out of that awesome parking place.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Fun”

  1. Don't forget body armor if you're going to try this one! Even if you're in an area that pretends the second amendment doesn't exist, that kind of thing could get you SHOT. Repeatedly. By multiple people.

    And you'd kind of deserve it! hahaha

  2. I've done that. Buy a new shiny thing at the store. Walk back to the car. Sit in the car and unpack and play with the new shiny thing. Get honked at because I wasn't LEAVING NOW!


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