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  1. He's done it twice, so he's qualified. one supposes.

    Dogs aren't the only things that are a pain in the ass to look after.

      1. Also noteworthy is that the family abandonment is yet something else that isn't William's fault.

        He's almost Christ-like in his faultlessness.

      2. Yes, Roy, even in a wheelchair, days before her suffering finally ended. smh Un-freakin'-believable that poor woman came home from the hospital to die and still had to clean up after that malignant monster.

      3. He turned at least one of his kids into a fruit.

        Oh, is that the one where he was talking about her "twat slime" and her gay lover? Can't imagine why they don't flock to his knee.

  2. I'm sure he'll be yelling soon about how families are off limits. BTW, when you abandon your kids, do they still count as "family"?

    1. His family ceased being off limits the minute he stalked my old online photo album and accused me of abusing my child.

      May he rot in hell for eternity for the way he attacks women for supposedly mistreating their children.

      Which is admittedly just more fodder for the psychology minded folks to wonder if he was abused and/or abandoned (if only emotionally) by Marilyn.

    2. They really shouldn't if no child support was paid. And really, isn't that one of the top reasons for abandonment - too selfish to chip in on support? Or too bitter, and willing to deprive one's own child in the name of 'vengeance' against the ex?

      And isn't it funny how depriving the children only hurts the one parent, you know, the one who actually cares about them; clearly not the one who met them when they turned 21.

      Of course, some children are much better off not knowing where the other half of their dna originated. happy its wife died themerrywidower may have accidentally done them a favor.

    3. Bill isn't suing because we have talked about his abandoning his children and family. He's suing 28 people because his claim is that people are saying bad things about his now deceased wife, and the operators of the websites are encouraging readers to make said statements, even though he used her as a pawn in his battles, sending extortionate emails to his targets and, for some reason, copied law enforcement.

      It's all really amusing. Not for the people being sued of course, but this just adds to the Bill Schmalfeldt anals of butthurt which will be laughed at and then forgotten after he dies.

      1. If it is correct that Witless Willie is primarily basing his latest case on statements about his dead wife (although I have an intuition that he is much more exercised over communications to his new landlord), his case against Ash falls to the ground. She has prohibited comments disparaging his wife. The citations that he claims show her to have defamed him are self-evidently not defamatory but are instead protected opinion. And he has not even alleged that she has communicated with his landlord.

        I am highly amused by Willie's ire over communicating with his landlord. He very recently has explained that reporting that the Stranahans were somehow unfit parents was the moral thing to do because he believed they were unfit. That defense applies to BPO as well.

      2. "Annals of Anal Butthurt", the title for Cousin Bill's unauthorized biography, currently being written by lickspittles and zombies on the Innertubez...


      3. “Annals of Anal Butthurt”, the title for Cousin Bill’s unauthorized biography,

        Featuring no teens, boy scouts, or any other "underaged" "actors". Or "skits" featuring them.

        For some reason, the lawyers think including those skits verbatim might cause ... problems.

  3. Families are just like jobs to BS... every so often you just need to pick up and move on to something else.

    I doubt he got any acrylic parting gifts from the families though.

    1. A.B. - You mean, hide and do as little as possible to skate by until they figure out the freak's not pulling its own (immense) weight, and totally unfit for the job, then they summarily fire it?

  4. What say he takes a scooter ride and ends up in the drink one icy night. Can we expect a memorable ballad?

    Wreck of the Great Big 'Ol DumbFuck

    The legend lives on from Wisconsin on down
    of the big goof they called "Drenched in Fear Pee."
    The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
    when the skies of November turn gloomy.
    With a load tied on hard and scooter filled with lard
    then the DumbFuck went for a sleigh ride
    Down the park walk and right off the dock
    Down he went right to the bottom.


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