17 thoughts on “Three Truths”

  1. Oh his kids speak to him when he calls... but they usually say "What do YOU want?"

    I hear he is having quite the family get together this year at his new digs -- everyone is coming over including Johnny, Jim and Jack... possibly some Russian fellows and an old navy buddy named Captain Morgan.


    1. No family has ever been so grateful for CLI.

      "So solly, you have wong number. You bye-bye now, no call again."

    1. And hilariously, he lacks the self-awareness to notice how hated he is. Remember when he tried to enlist the whole family to troll TMZ? Billy's bugle call had all the power of a wet fart.

  2. I had a nice conversation with a couple of his kids at one point. He was trying to drag them into his tweets. I apologized that other people were including them and got the hoard to make sure to leave off their names when replying to the blobs vile tweets. Why he would want his kids to read the crap he was posting is anyone's guess unless he wanted to try and play victim again by claiming people were dragging his kids into it. What kind of a "Dad" starts @ mentioning his kids in vile tweets just so HE can play the victim? It's a shame really, from my conversations with them they are bright kids. They know the score with Bill and want nothing to do with him.

  3. DumbFuck does tend to swallow gobs of asinine information by throbbing members of Team Kimberlin to spew an abundance of idiotic tales.

      1. It's rumored that he was consistently in the infirmary with a sore throat and that the Navy obtained some rather bizarre and exotic throat cultures from him.

      2. No, I think TOLF won. The joke was there for the discrimating with trann-e-mission fluid.

        Anyway we must take away points from Paul because he got one of the three truths wrong. It is false that everyone knows that Witless Willie is a liar. There are billions of people alive today that are blessed never to have heard of Blthering Bill and so those billions cannot possibly know whether or not Bullshit Billie lies. Only those who have the misfortune to know him know to credit nothing he says.

  4. https://twitter.com/TheMerryWidower/status/668645327029817344

    Here's the thing, DUMBFUCK. You can't walk into court and sue Patrick Grady for purportedly writing mean stuff about you, then turn around and claim that you wrote it all and try to copyright it.

    How many times have you perjured yourself in this process, stupid?

    1. Even Willie hates him. No friend would egg him on to do anything but get out of his room, get involved in the social activities at his apt. complex, get out of himself and try to make a few actual friends.

  5. Wherein DUMBFUCK concedes that he still doesn't know who Krendler is, his psychotic harassment of a completely uninvolved woman notwithstanding:


  6. Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar.

    He lied to a Federal Court about his finances in his in forma pauperis request.
    He lied to a MA District Court about his actions harassing me.
    He lied about who he sent that picture of his wife to.
    He lied about contacting people's employers.
    He lied about contact people's family.
    He lied about writing the latest "book" under discussion.
    He lied about buying a scooter.
    He lied about who he consorts with.
    He lied about his medals from the Navy.
    He lied about his service in the Navy (we don't call him the Lyin' of Lebanon for nothing.)

    Everything he says is a lie.


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