The Things You Learn

I think I mentioned recently that I recently took up whittling.

Here’s a picture of an interesting piece I’m thinking of trying soon.


The site where I found it calls it a training knife, but I’ve heard you can whittle a decent piece of hard wood sharp enough to pierce soft tissue, like a kidney, or a throat.

No good at all for cutting.  Excellent stabbing tools.

Some people think I’m crazy.  I prefer…resourceful.

Be careful out there. You never know who’s standing on the street corner.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

28 thoughts on “The Things You Learn”

  1. Very true. I hear a bunch of pissed off Amish were on the street corners of Paris tonight and look what happened.


    If you're to be believed, it began with you filing a failed DMCA copyright takedown request for material from a book you didn't write, DUMBFUCK. Of course, nobody believes you.

  3. That's a Chinese made wood knife.
    The handle and blade are not the same wood grain. It's a glued two-piecer.

    Besides, the fist stabbing dulls the blade.
    Better a whittled pointy stick.

    Like a shank.
    Or a whale harpoon.

  4. The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower 4:12 PM - 13 Nov 2015

    ".@brainsrpitt It only needs to work ONCE, Psychofuck. How long do you think your palsy walsies will let you be the cause of their suffering?"

    The BLOB's life motto: It only needs to work ONCE. IOW, Failure is not a bug - it is a self-admitted and fully planned "feature."

    1. And one of these days, it'll work!!!

      One of these days, the non-honest, non-work-requiring way will WORK!!!

  5. Doesn't even need to be hardwood.

    I was taught six ways, when I was a callow youth, to kill or incapacitate a person with a sharpened #2 pencil, and those are made of softwood...

    You can still get good cedar pencils from Lee Valley, up in Canada. I recommend them for all your scribing needs.

    (Yeah, yeah, DEATHTHREATELEVENTY, I denounce myself, etc.)

    1. You make an interesting point (no pun intended) for discussion. There is so much Zero Tolerance bullshit flying about regarding toy guns, pretend bows-and-arrows, chewing PopTarts into pistols, etc...

      Yet every student is encouraged, nay - REQUIRED! - to carry multiple sharpened pencils.

      Our public school children are being supervised by fools.


    I don't get it....

    What possible reason would one have to approach a person, when one could just stand by and wait for that person to scooter by completely unawares?

  7. Bill has made his information public when he submitted his response to the Harassment Prevention Order hearing. At the end of the submission he sent the court, he included his name, address, and telephone number. And since it was an email, he was providing his email address as well. That was seven weeks ago, on Sept. 26.

    And shall we talk about publishing the photo of a known wrestler's grave, and saying it was just 5 minutes from his home, and posting pictures of the front of the building he lived in? Bill WANTED people to know where he lived, and now is complaining when that information is repeated?

    The best thing to come of all of this latest stupidity on his part is how he has provided the death sentence for any lawsuit claims he may make about defaming him or his wife with his "I'm writing a blog. Not contacting anyone. They don't have to read it." That statement will be front and center of any motion to dismiss. Motion GRANTED!

    1. Didn't the freak also FAIL to redact this info in various memory-holed tweets and memory-holed blog posts? If there were ever a cause to do so, I'm confident we'd find a few examples.

      The abject stupidity in pointing out its goal is harassment and coercion is so entertaining - can't wait to see how this bit of self-destructive narcissism ends!

      1. Yes the asshole lying pervert did.

  8. I learned that BS is dishonest and a functional illiterate.

    What Trump actually said:
    "When you look at Paris, toughest gun laws in the world, nobody had guns but the bad guys,” he said.... And I will tell you what — you can say what you want, if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry, it would have been a much, much different situation.”

    A DIFFERENT SITUATION, not "wouldn't have happened."

    1. Like pretty much most liberals, they need to distort what others say to create faux outrage. Fortunately, more and more people are realizing that siding with liberals is a bad idea.

    2. It wouldn't be Bill if he weren't a liar now would it? Notice how he copied the only news outlet as dishonest as him. PedoHelper Unmasked.

    3. Welcome to gun control circa 2015. Where reducto ad absurdum and strawman battling are practically core concepts.


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