The Benefits of Long Term Thinking

If you have the ability to think for the long-term, you can make sure that you are following along a path that leads to the outcomes you desire.  Here’s an example of how that could go bad:

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you are disabled DUMBFUCK living in a tincasa somewhere in the wilds of Maryland.  You spend your days ignoring your deteriorating spouse in favor of producing podcasts that no one listens to, hunting various blogs in search of reasons to be BUTTHURT, and shifting the responsibility for all the cosmic shit that you have called down from the universe into your life, such as Late Stage ELEVENTY Porkingscouts Disease, onto others.

Many years ago, you (hypothetically) did what you once referred to as the only decent thing you’ve ever done in your life, which was undergo a brain surgery which had been performed tens of thousands of time before but which you insist was an “experimental, life-saving procedure.”  You have also made arrangements to “donate your brain to science,” which you were probably told meant the Vanderbilt Porkingscouts Disease Center, but actually means the Department of Abnormal Brain Physiology at the O & M Medical School in the Dominican Republic.

Nevertheless (one word) a noble hypothetic gesture.

But then your long-term planning failed you.  You hypothetically filed a really dimwitted lawsuit in Maryland.  Actually five of them, but the last one was the real bastard.

And your hypothetical wife died.

You tried to add multiple parties, including a retired lawyer and a gentleman from Massachusetts, neither of whom were inclined to put up with your lies and fuckery.

So you dismissed that hypothetical lawsuit – WITH PREJUDICE – and moved away from all your doctors, and your wife’s son, who was the only family contact you had.

Now you live near a sister who really doesn’t like you much (who does?), and calls you once or twice a week because she feels obligated.  Hypothetically.

Someday, alone in your little man cave, you’re going to be reading some hypothetical zombie blog and something you read will cause a blood vessel to pop and poof!- that will be the hypothetical end of you.  Hopefully, it will be just a couple of minutes after you hang up the phone with your sister on a Thursday afternoon.  Her obligation fulfilled, she won’t need to hypothetically call you until Monday.  Nobody will think twice about the fact that you haven’t been online all weekend, you do that all the time when you’ve hypothetically monkeydanced yourself into a corner and deleted all your hypothetical blogs and Twitter accounts.

By the time anyone notices, any currently useful portions of your hypothetical brain will be half rotted into something like gray cottage cheese, and even a pig farm wouldn’t slop their hogs with it.  No scientific utility for you.

So, please – don’t make snap decisions. Think it through.  You never know how big your screw-up today could grow to be tomorrow.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

28 thoughts on “The Benefits of Long Term Thinking”

  1. Think of the rugs! You've decorated the space so wonderfully; and those hand knotted ones we bought from that nice Afghani fellow are worth a fortune! If DF pops a vessel, there will be shit-blood all over the place. There's not enough club soda in the lower 48 to clean that up. Much better that he chokes on a footlong lubed up with mayo. That way all the pieces and parts are in-tact and the nice students in the DR can say they worked on Abby's brains.

    yah yah; I know, death threats eleventy...

  2. One: I am not a "gentleman" from Massachusetts, as DUMBFUCK is learning - they call us MASSHOLES for reasons beyond just our driving habits. BTW, I think the next phase of his education will begin after Thanksgiving.

    Two: I don't believe any time will need to lapse for "any currently useful portions of your hypothetical brain will be half rotted into something like gray cottage cheese". His most recent publication/copyright stupidity proves it has already rotted beyond usefulness.

    1. Where I come from, the explicit use of the pronoun "gentleman" or "nice lady" is a veiled pejorative euphemism for mean sum-bitch; so...

      1. Then again, for folks like Bill; we usually just say "Bless his heart" while shaking our heads. On the gripping hand, we shoot rabid dogs in the street.

    2. TBH, speaking as someone from the DC Metro area, while you might be called Massholes for other reasons, your driving is sufficient on its own.

      1. DC metro... Massachusetts drivers bad...

      2. Well, when your roads are just paved cow paths, and your civil engineers still insist on using rotaries (traffic circles, or roundabouts for you feriners) on divided highways, is it any wonder we drive like this?

      3. Sure, they drive like jackasses, but they also started the whole Kennedy thing and just elected Elizabeth Warren. Fuckers.

  3. Hypothetical obligation fulfilled, hypothetical sister sees no reason to attend hypothetical funeral of which she would be the only attendee.


  4. If some people were capable of long term thinking they wouldn't have been convicted of multiple felonies, thrown away hundreds of thousands in language training to live in mama's basement and write lies for a pedo, deluded themselves into thinking their music was good and a green card wasn't the goal all along, and last, but not least, wouldn't be a colossal DUMBFUCK whose own kids hate him.

    1. ...goal all along, and or lastly, but not and definitely least, wouldn’t ...


  5. John C. Wright on Barbarians, Troglodytes, and Morlocks:

    "It is for this reason Morlocks never apologize, never retract a false statement, never correct themselves. Morlocks always double-down on a bad bet. To apologize or to admit wrong would be to grant power to the truth, their enemy, and to admit that a lie is powerless — yet lies (according to their sick thinking) are their friends and saviors.

    But the Morlocks for whatever reason cannot imagine any sins other than their own. And so they accuse a snow man of being scalding hot and dark, when his true sin is his hueless whiteness and his coldness.

    It is for this reason the Morlock always projects his flaws and his motives on all other men.

    Nor is the fight ever fair, ever straightforward, masculine, direct. Sadism does not work that way. The approach is always en mass, a sneak attack, under the color of negotiation or friendship, always elliptical, cowardly, craven. This is because self-righteousness based on falsehood seeks the maximum self-congratulation for the minimal effort.

    If you are fighting a devil, lies are not only permitted, they are meritorious. All becomes fair. Everything is permitted. And so the Morlock turns the rest of humanity into Eloi, merely food animals, whom he can torment for his amusement, but also for the humorless rush of self-righteous indignation which is the most addictive of all possible human and posthuman emotions: the invincible belief of one’s own total purity, total rightness, and total justification, at the same time linked to a total abandonment of all scruples, fairness, wholesomeness, courage, and honor.

    At this point, all virtue is gone. The man goes from subhuman to troglodyte to Morlock, and there is no way he can climb out of the trap under his own power."

    1. Excellent link! I liked this line:

      They can no longer call things by their right names, and what names they use for things are mere jabberwocky, squawking noise signifying nothing.


    Yeah you thought I was kidding about filing false charges and committing Perjury. we have a new DA, the guy and the woman in this case already got life sized prison sentences for attempted murder in a trial a month or two ago

    But this DA and this county don't like their citizens being false accused and people filing suits full of perjury and larceny

    From Todays local Paper

    A man who lied about his military service when he was being tried on murder charges during a March trial in Henry County Circuit Court was indicted Monday on perjury charges by a grand jury.

    Guy Len Biggs, 38, was found guilty of the attempt to commit second-degree murder during a trial in March.

    The new indictments against Biggs charge him with aggravated perjury and tampering with evidence.

    During that trial, Biggs testified that he was a decorated war veteran with specialized training, when in reality he only served about 19 months with no overseas deployments.

    The new indictments against Biggs charge him with aggravated perjury and tampering with evidence.

    Also indicted into Circuit Court was Joyce Anne Biggs, 25, of 100 Swan Bay Estates, Buchanan.

    Joyce Biggs was indicted Monday for filing false reports for her part in the incident in which Guy Biggs was found guilty of attempted murder.

    The incident was a swatting that was upgraded.....

    I have 730 some odd days to press a criminal complaint - you see in Tennessee Court documents have no protection, it doesn't matter what out of state court they are filed in as long as a Tennessee resident is directly involved it becomes a Matter for the county, in Tennessee where they reside

    Yeah you and the Gods own thunder bullshit

    Its all archived "the Jovial Blogtard"

    1. I may have to establish residency!

      Sweet prosecution, most DAs would call it a day after a clean murder conviction, and let the perjury slide.

      Not this guy...I may send flowers! 😉

      Hey, everyone! Been lurkin', as life has been busy and full!

      1. Yeah Bill doesn't remember in his drunken phase the lies he told in his suit against me and John. In Henry county and many other counties in Rural Tennessee they don't recognize privilege in legal filings. I had a suit against my neighbors for trespassing and in one of the hearings before were abunch of no fault divorce cases, several went to jail right there for lying in their court documents, 11 months and 29 days, (course they let them out after a week or two ) but you'd better not tell the scale of lies Bill did.

  7. Bill Schmalfeldt just called me, pretending to be William Crossley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or someone pretending to be Bill Schmalfeldt pretending to be William Crossley.

    the conversation

    Hi, I’m William Crossley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is this eric Johnson?

    we are doing a piece about the harassment and your contacts with bill Schmalfeldt

    I said I never ever have directly contacted Bill Schmalfeldt – now he has called me including this phone call – Hi Bill (then I started laughing – pretend Bill or real Bill didn’t like the laughter)

    Then Real or pretend Bill said “are you always this paranoid?”

    repeated by me, hey I recognize you Bill (more laughter)

    “Oh are you always this paranoid wow, look at the call back number this is William Crossley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wow are you ever paranoid” ( or words to that effect)

    I replied – sure its you Bill, look have someone else call me and verify that this is indeed the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    then I laughed and hung up

    15 minutes no other phone call (he must still be begging his sister or Peter to call….)

    Oh BTW now that you called my land line, the record of the call can be traced and if you were clever to have purchased a burner phone, they record the credit card or its on camera at the location so you are screwed, real or pretend Bill

    I never filed charges against you Bill because I thought you were a source of joy for your gravely ill wife and I thought I saw signs that despite everything that you were deep down there was a shred a hope that you would stop and go forward with your life. But then you started in on people only because you could identify them and they really didn’t bother you.

    Do you really want me too? Don’t think it won’t happen. I lived in the middle east for six years and more on and off in Jakarta, I have faced much bigger enemies than you with my indirect association with the military and the military academies and the dreaded oil industry so if you really want my attention……………………?

    Do you?

    1. I'm still looking for whiskey or bourbon flavored popcorn... but this will do for now:

      1. Like I said he's more of a brown pants than brown shirt kind of guy

        Oh the Newspaper wants the phone record - when my bill gets posted I will email it to them

        I'm sure it was a forgery that sounded just like Bill so it must be a pretend Bill, pretending to be a pretend bill from the Milwaukee Sentinel.

        Milwaukee is a city under siege, I'm sure between the shooting, car crashes, corruption, they took time to investigate butthurt in St Francis

        Of course..

    2. Of course it's entirely likely that he's representing himself to the MJS as "William Crossley", much as he did to The Examiner in the guise of "Bill Matthews" or "Lester Klemper".

      With a resume like his, fake IDs are your only hope for employment.

      1. I wonder if the MJS is going to google Bill, and if they do I do think they are going to be having "conversations" with me for sure..........

        Yes a "Gold Prius Moment" brought to you bye the Bottom of the Amazon author list....


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